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Lawrenceville High School Alumni 1891-1948
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1949 Williamson High School - Keystone Yearbook
Scanned pages submitted by Samuel Leonard
Alumni Directory
In 1948/49 three small high schools, Tioga, Lawrenceville and Millerton,  merged into Williamson. This is now part of the Northern Tioga School District.
Editor of Lawrenceville alumni list - Arlene Patterson, Lawrenceville, PA
Lawrenceville High School Graduates 1891-1948
Photo of Lawrenceville High School Needed for this Space. If you have one, send in in HIGH resolution .jpg format. 
1949 Williamson High School YearBook
Tioga High School  1886-1926 1927-1935 1936-1948
Lawrenceville High School 1891-1910 1911-1919 1920-1928
1929-1935 1936-1941 1942-1948
Millerton High School 1914-1923 1924-1931 1932-1936
1937-1943 1944-1948
Williamson High School 1949 1950
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High Schools in general
Surname First Name Year Spouse Deceased by 1949 Residence
Lawrenceville - Class of 1911          
Baker Harry 1911     Lawrenceville, PA
Green Arland W. 1911     Coffeeville, Kansas
Jackson Evelyn A. 1911 Elmer Brigham yes  
Moody Francis K. 1911   yes  
Smith Kenneth W. 1911   yes  
Lawrenceville - Class of 1912          
Brundage Mary Orton 1912 Charles Hunter   Elmira Heights, NY
March Emily L. 1912 Edwin W. Daley   Texas
McConnell Walter J. 1912      
Preston Florence M. 1912 Harry D. Price   Penn Yan, NY
Price Ethel L. 1912     Penn Yan, NY
Quackenbush Blanche M. 1912 William Dingleberry   127 N. Wakefield St., Arlington, VA
Quackenbush Margaret D. 1912 H.B. Woodford   11 Gaylard St., Binghamton, NY
Quackenbush Charles E. 1912   yes  
Rockwell Dorothy O. 1912 Harry Baker   Lawrenceville, PA
Ryon Norman H. 1912     253 Radcliffe St., Bristol, PA
Lawrenceville - Class of 1913          
Calkins Marion Valeria 1913 George Robinson   Corning, NY
Cherry Mildred Verda 1913 ?? Palmer   Wellsboro, PA
DeGroff Jennie Crowell 1913 Victor Barber   Lawrenceville, PA
DeGroff Edgar Lansing 1913   yes  
Eaton Gertrude Alida 1913 A. Blind yes  
Knapp Grace Elizabeth 1913     Knoxville, PA
Seeley Hazel Louise 1913 A. Baker   Knoxville, PA
Staddard Lewis Leroy 1913     Lawrenceville, PA
Lawrenceville - Class of 1914          
Davis Cecil 1914 Marcene L. Losey   Lawrenceville, PA
Doud Frances M. 1914 Michael Vnguarsky   Pauline St., Pine City, NY
Hamlin Harry S. 1914     Elmira, NY
Hamlin Ira J. 1914     Elmira, NY
Hutchinson George L. 1914     Olean, NY
Knapp Fred L. 1914      
Patchin Atta M. 1914 F. Swanson   3475 Balfour Road, Detroit, Mich.
Rockwell Hazel M. 1914 John Hackett   Lawrenceville, PA; RD1
Schumann Marian A. 1914     3475 Balfour Road, Detroit, Mich.
Swanson Frank L. 1914     Detroit, Mich.
Vosburg Kathryn W. 1914   yes  
Lawrenceville - Class of 1915          
Baker Buell W. 1915     Lawrenceville, PA
Doud Walter A. 1915     Lawrenceville, PA
Grover Lillian P. 1915 Levi Parker    
Jackson Frank W. 1915     Elmira, NY
Knapp Florence G. 1915 Sheldon Rae   Elmira, NY
Kuhl Ivan W. 1915   yes  
Pritchard Agnes I. 1915 Max Morhess yes  
Lawrenceville - Class of 1916          
Close Ernest V. 1916     Lawrenceville, PA
March Anna W. 1916 Melville B. Dickinson   Wellsboro, PA
Brown Elwin R. 1916     Elmira, NY
Camp J. Vera 1916 Charles Bierweiler   Corning, NY
Darling Carlos Mason 1916   yes  
Hotchkiss Mary L. 1916 B.W. Baker   Lawrenceville, PA
Friends Harriet C. 1916   yes  
Raplee Helen L. 1916      
Satterlee C. Marjorie 1916      
Stoddard Ernest E. 1916     Lawrenceville, PA
Swanson Anna E. 1916 R. Howe   Lawrenceville, PA
Lawrenceville - Class of 1917          
Andrews Ruth 1917 F. Hartman    
Butler Sherman 1917     Elmira, NY
Davis Richard 1917     Bath, NY
Doud Fern 1917 M. Bartholomew   Athens, PA
Doud Clara 1917 R.A. Brown    
Kuhl Ellen 1917 R.C. Fisher   Columbus, Ohio
Perry Irene 1917 C. Merritt   Lawrenceville, PA
Shellman Nida 1917 R. Davis   Bath, NY
Stage Florence 1917 R. Van Order    
Lawrenceville - Class of 1918          
Allen Arthur 1918      
Barnes Bernice 1918 S. Butler   Elmira, NY
Fletcher Clara 1918     Elmira, NY
Grover Dorothy 1918 [married]   Elmira, NY
Pritchard Clyde 1918   yes  
Seelye John 1918     Cleveland, Ohio
Lawrenceville - Class of 1919          
Bravo Ethyl 1919 ?? Powell    
Cook Erma 1919 H.E. Severn    
Heckart Perry 1919     Nelson, PA
Inman Kenneth 1919      
Kuhl Arthur 1919     Lawrenceville, PA; RD2
Preston Newell 1919     Athens, PA
Weaver Mary 1919 C.F. Gardner    
Wilcox Dorothy 1919 Richard Hughes   Tioga, PA

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By Joyce M. Tice