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Lawrenceville High School Alumni 1891-1948
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1949 Williamson High School - Keystone Yearbook
Scanned pages submitted by Samuel Leonard
Alumni Directory
In 1948/49 three small high schools, Tioga, Lawrenceville and Millerton,  merged into Williamson. This is now part of the Northern Tioga School District.
Editor of Lawrenceville alumni list - Arlene Patterson, Lawrenceville, PA
Lawrenceville High School Graduates 1891-1948
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1949 Williamson High School YearBook
Tioga High School  1886-1926 1927-1935 1936-1948
Lawrenceville High School 1891-1910 1911-1919 1920-1928
1929-1935 1936-1941 1942-1948
Millerton High School 1914-1923 1924-1931 1932-1936
1937-1943 1944-1948
Williamson High School 1949 1950
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High Schools in general
Surname First Name Year Spouse Deceased by 1949 Residence
Lawrenceville - Class of 1929          
Briggs Edna 1929 Alva CinqMars   Waterbury, Conn.
Ellison Claude 1929     Lindley, NY
Holley Ernest 1929     Elkland, PA
Hurd Kenneth 1929     Addison, NY
Kaley Charles 1929     Williamsport, PA
Lundgren John 1929     Richmond Hills, L.I., NY
Riffle Alice 1929 Kenneth Harrison   Lawrenceville, PA
Russell Frances 1929 V. Robbins   Potter Brook, PA
Ryder Dorothy B. 1929 ?? Scarlet yes  
Stage Adeline 1929     Lawrenceville, PA
Lawrenceville - Class of 1930          
Bell Carlton 1930     Lawrenceville, PA
Bravo Kenneth 1930     Elmira, NY
Brown Martha 1930 ?? McLaughlin   Cowanesque, PA
Bump Howard 1930     Cogan Station, PA
Holley Sarah 1930     Elmira, NY
King Maratha 1930     4601 Hawthorne Lane, N.W., Washington 16, D.C.
Quackenbush Morris 1930     Wellsville, NY
Seamans Robert 1930     Lawrenceville, PA
Swan Emily 1930 G.R. Wilson   129 Southard Ave., Rockville Center, NY
Lawrenceville - Class of 1931          
Colegrove Hazel M. 1931 L. Barrett   Bath, NY
Fisher Verna E. 1931     Glassport, PA
Harrison Kathryn D. 1931 M.L. Guilds   Lawrenceville, PA
Howland Emma D. 1931 O. Smith   Elmira, NY
Kuhl Cleo Brainard 1931     Lawrenceville, PA
Lundgren Ruth 1931     Lindley, NY
Manley Harold 1931     Nelson, PA
Manley Gordon 1931     Nelson, PA
Middaugh Thomas 1931     Corning, NY
Pruyne Ida Mae 1931 Christopher Granger   710 John St., Elmira, NY
Richardson Mary 1931 L. Holton   Lawrenceville, PA
Weaver Evelena 1931 Hugh Harrison   Lawrenceville, PA
West Emma 1931 R. Nichols   Wellsboro, PA
Lawrenceville - Class of 1932          
Bravo Elsie 1932 F. Sackrider   Westfield, PA
Cary Thorold J. 1932     Lawrenceville, PA
Colley Velma 1932     Montoursville, PA
Deming Edward R. 1932     Lawrenceville, PA
Howell Lloyd B. 1932     Lawrenceville, PA
Lundgren Hugh F. 1932     Ithaca, NY
Quackenbush Robert 1932     Washington, D.C.
Marshall Charles L. 1932     Rochester, NY
Reep Margaret E. 1932 L. Butler   Lawrenceville, PA; RD
Ryder Charles 1932     Elmira, NY
Shoemaker Edward S. 1932     Lawrenceville, PA
Terwilliger Raymond R. 1932     Caton, NY
Tilford Bernice M. 1932 R. Adams   East Jeffrey, N.H.
Tilford Hudson W. 1932     Lawrenceville, PA
Lawrenceville - Class of 1933          
Beiver Eloise E. 1933 W.H. VanDusen   613 Warren Ave., Topeka, Kansas
Brown Bessie H. 1933     Corning, NY
Hill Frances Riffle 1933     Painted Post, NY
Hotchkiss Gertrude 1933     Lawrenceville, PA
Howe Ellsworth L. 1933     1247 Park St., Alameda, California
Howe Willard A. 1933     Corning, NY
Howland Wilma 1933 I. Gleason   Nelson, PA
Kittel Erville 1933     Presho, NY
Miller Emma Lena 1933     Lawrenceville, PA
Seamans Blanche E. 1933 D. Harvey   Gang Mills, NY
Wood Lawrence B. 1933     Corning, NY
Wood Susie E. 1933 H. Fritz   Lawrenceville, PA
Zdanowski Thaddeus 1933     Elkland, PA
Lawrenceville - Class of 1934          
Bravo Evelyn J. 1934     New Albany, PA
Brockway Esther E. 1934 R. Osgood   Lindley, NY
Bump Carl L. 1934     U.S. Navy
Button Oswald W. 1934     Elmira, NY
Corwin Ernest L., Jr. 1934     Lindley, NY
Eaton Alwyn E. 1934 F. Wood   Lawrenceville, PA
Hammond Marion J. 1934     Lindley, NY
Howell Elwyn J. 1934     Lawrenceville, PA
Kemp Dorothy 1934     Canton, PA
Kittle Elaine K. 1934     Lindley, NY
Long James R. 1934     Indiantown Gap, PA
Lundgren Gertrude E. 1934     Ithaca, NY
Middaugh Henry D. 1934     Corning, NY
Mitchell Marion M. 1934 R.O. Quackenbush   Washington, D.C.
Passmore Rutty W. 1934     Lindley, NY
Shoemaker Sarah D. 1934     Wilkinsburg, PA
Riffle Richard H. 1934     Binghamton, NY
Rumbergen Violet L. 1934 H. Butler   Nelson, PA
Lawrenceville - Class of 1935          
Andrews Doris T. 1935     Lawrenceville, PA; RD1
Bump Dewitt Preston 1935   yes Died in World War II
Croft Helen June 1935 L. Bowers   Nelson, PA
Croft James C. 1935     422 Erie Ave., Waverly, PA
Howland Dorothy Faye 1935 A. Rice   Elmira, NY
Hackett John F., Jr. 1935     Lawrenceville, PA
Russell Lawrence Paul 1935     Lawrenceville, PA
Seamans Clerice Ann 1935 G.E. Altman   Lawrenceville, PA
Swan Martha Wells 1935 John Hamilton   Lawrenceville, PA
Swan Mary V. 1935 A. Sutton   Lawrenceville, PA
Swimlar Lois Rae 1935 H. Tilford   Lawrenceville, PA; RD1
Tilford Mary Louise 1935     Lawrenceville, PA
Wood Sarah Annabel 1935 Mulliken Dalton   Nundy, NY

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