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Tioga High School Alumni 1886-1948
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1949 Williamson High School - Keystone Yearbook
Scanned pages submitted by Samuel Leonard
Alumni Directory
In 1948/49 three small high schools, Tioga, Lawrenceville and Millerton,  merged into Williamson. This is now part of the Northern Tioga School District.
Editor of Tioga alumni list - Betty Hughes, Tioga, PA
Tioga High School - 1886 - 1948

Photo of Tioga School sent in by Mr. Marion Smith


1949 Williamson High School YearBook
Tioga High School  1886-1926 1927-1935 1936-1948
Lawrenceville High School 1891-1910 1911-1919 1920-1928
1929-1935 1936-1941 1942-1948
Millerton High School 1914-1923 1924-1931 1932-1936
1937-1943 1944-1948
Williamson High School 1949 1950
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Troy High School Graduates 1873-1941
Elkland High School Graduates 1880-1963
Ulster High School Graduates 1902-1953
Mansfield High School Graduates 1913-2010
Liberty High School Graduates 1913-1983
High Schools in general
Surname First Name Year Spouse Deceased by 1949 Residence [in 1949]
Tioga - Class of 1936          
Bachert John 1936     706 Carpenter St., Elmira, NY
Cummings Edward 1936     Tioga, PA
Cummings Madelyn 1936 Gordon Henniger   Tioga, PA
Cummings Rosalean 1936 Paul Kemp   Nelson, PA
Cummings Ruby 1936 Richard Jones   Jackson Summit, PA
Dailey Robert 1936     Tioga, PA
Engler Pauline 1936     Tioga, PA
Graves Margaret 1936     912 West Avalon Drive, Phoenix, Ariz.
Goodrich Melvin 1936     Mansfield, PA
Hager Margaret 1936 J.J. McMillan   Mansfield, PA
Hall Edna 1936 Raymond Wood   Tioga, PA
Heck Ernest 1936     186 Canisteo St., Corning, NY
Henniger Lola 1936 Howard Hughes   Tioga, PA, RD#2
Holleran Madelyn 1936 Martin Phillips   Oswego, NY
Howe Henry 1936     Tioga, PA
Hurlbutt Donald 1936     Tioga, PA
Hymes Clara Belle 1936 Kline Plotts   Huntersville, PA
Krieger Jean 1936 Milford Paris   Tioga, PA
Rathbun Richard 1936     Tioga, PA
Reynolds Elvira 1936 Harry Shutter   Tioga, PA
Reynolds Mary 1936     60 Hamilton Terrace, New York 31, NY
Swimelar Florence 1936 Robert Stevens   266 Charles St., Painted Post, NY
Worthington Theresa 1936 Effinger Reichley   Selinsgrove, PA, RD#2
Tioga - Class of 1937          
Beach Elizabeth 1937 George Harter   3532 N. Mervine St., Philadelphia, PA
Blanchard Francis 1937     426 W. Fourth St., Elmira, NY
Carleton Leo 1937     New York Telephone Co., 158 State St., Albany, NY, c/o Chief Engineer
Hunsinger Clinton 1937     Elmira, NY
Cummings Eleanor 1937 Joseph LaVancher   Tioga, PA
Cummings William 1937     Mansfield, PA
Hager Clement 1937     3522 Sherwood Ave., Niagara Falls, NY
Hager Clinton 1937     Tioga, PA
Krieger Eleanor 1937     600 W. Gray St., Elmira, NY
Swanson Esther 1937 Russell Camp   Canton, PA
Thomas Jesse 1937     Tioga, PA
Whitney Norman 1937     Tioga, PA
Tioga - Class of 1938          
Baker Esther Alice 1938 ?? Scrimshaw   Philadelphia, PA
Bartlett Dee 1938     Tioga, PA, RD#2
Crippen Phyllis 1938 Rex Faulkner   Tioga, PA
Cummings Warren 1938     370 E. Thurston St., Elmira, NY
Decker Victor 1938     120254830, Fort Belvoir, VA
Hughes Erma 1938 Charles Button   Lawrenceville, PA
English Ellen 1938   yes  
Graves Thomas 1938   yes Killed in Action - WW II
Hughes Jean 1938 Torvo Aukee   3663 Fortieth St., San Diego, Calif.
Johnson Ross 1938     Tioga, PA
Johnson Ruth 1938     Tioga, PA
Jones Marjorie 1938 Lawrence Russell   Lawrenceville, PA
Niles Phyllis 1938 Ernest Heck   186 Canisteo St., Corning, NY
Wood Dorothy 1938 Raymond Sumner   Mansfield, PA, RD
Rowley Helen 1938 Zane Conklin   164 W. William St., Corning, NY
Tremaine Pauline 1938 Edward Stanley   Lawrenceville, PA
Tioga, Class of 1939          
Bachert Warren 1939     302 Grand Ave., Las Vegas, New Mexico
Buckbee Ednamae 1939 Courtney B. Phillips, Jr.   Rochester, NY
Burrows Wayne 1939     Tioga, PA
Burrows William 1939     Tioga, PA
Butler Iona 1939 Fred Shutter   Tioga, PA
Button Norma 1939 Arthur George   Tioga, PA, RD#2
Button Richard 1939     Tioga, PA
Clarendon Galva 1939 Howard Merrill   Lockport, NY, RD#4
Croft Helen 1939 Truman Gigee   Nelson, PA, RD#2
Cuneo Orianna 1939     Tioga, PA
Glenwright Clarice 1939 Herman Bauman   Wellsboro, PA
Graves Raymon J. 1939     Tioga, PA
Green Eloise 1939 Raymond Hall   Millerton, PA
Hager Regina 1939 James Milner   117 W. Seventieth St., New York, NY
Heck Freda 1939 Ralph Weller   Wellsboro, PA
Hughes Jephtha, Jr. 1939     Tioga, PA
Hughes Orlee 1939     Tioga, PA
Hughes Richard L., Jr. 1939     Manchester, Ohio
Jones Hazel 1939 Foster Combs   Watkins Glen, NY, RD#1
Niles Robert, Dr. 1939     3209 Brunswick Ave., Philadelphia, PA
Phillips Courtney B., Jr. 1939     c/o Eastman Kodak, Rochester, NY
Reynolds Maurice 1939      
Smith Marion 1939 Robert Gee   Mansfield, PA
Whitney Ruth 1939 Wayne Smith   224 Oakwood Ave., Elmira Heights, NY
Wood Harriet 1939 Jack Heath   614 Madison St., Lapeer, Mich.
Tioga - Class of 1940          
Adriance Harry, Jr. 1940     Tioga, PA, RD#2
Bachert Norman 1940     2044 Ashland Ave., Elkhart, Ind.
Bradshaw Paul 1940     11 1/2 N. Main St., Rutland, VT
Carleton Robert 1940     Tioga, PA
Cummings Cecil 1940     Towanda, PA, RD#6
Cummings Harry, Jr. 1940      
Glenwright Margaret 1940 Gordon Jones   Tioga, PA
Greene Ruth 1940 Morgan Colegrove   Whitmans Trailer Court, 1170 Sherman Ave., Elmira, NY
Hall James 1940     Mansfield, PA
Holleran Roger 1940     Tioga, PA
Hughes Adelaide 1940 Herbert Bates   Tioga, PA, RD#2
Hughes Loreen 1940 Roger Holleran   Tioga, PA
Hughes Vernon 1940   yes Killed in Naval Action in WW II
Johns Ruby 1940 Harold Rumsey   Tioga, PA
Johnson Arthur 1940     88 West Fourth St., Corning, NY
McCann Laura 1940 Richard Hopkins   Painted Post, NY
Rathbun Shirley 1940 Elon Simmons   Tioga, PA
West Jack 1940     Tioga, PA
Wood Leona 1940 Sayre Treat   330 Irvine Place, Elmira, NY
Tioga - Class of 1941          
Allen Wilma 1941 Kenneth Cole   Mansfield, PA
Bachert Kingston 1941      
Baker Robert 1941     Mansfield, PA
Bartlett Harold 1941     Tioga, PA
Burt Betty 1941 Ernest Bolt   Tioga, PA, RD#2
Burt Sidney Jack 1941     Tioga, PA
Clarendon Dorotha 1941 Robert Lundy   Tioga, PA
Cummings Lloyd 1941     657 Southern Ave., Fayetteville, NC
Cuneo William 1941     Tioga, PA
Graves Charlotte 1941     Tioga, PA
Hughes Thomas 1941     Box 282, East Lansing, Mich.; attending Michigan State
Miller Crandall 1941     Box 721, North Miami, Florida
Minier Ruth 1941 Willie Simms   Tioga, PA
Mitchell Richard 1941     3600 5th Ave., Sioux City, Iowa
Phillips Isabella 1941 Paul Cuneo   Tioga, PA
Prugh Thomas 1941     Tioga, PA
Reynolds Mary Jane 1941     Tioga, PA
Russell Gladys 1941 Blair Hardenburg   Tioga, PA
Seeley William 1941     Tioga, PA, RD#2
Walter Roland 1941     Marshallton, Delaware
Weaver William 1941     6003 Snow Road, Parma 9, Ohio
Whitney Lawrence [Jack] 1941     Tioga, PA
Wood James 1941     Tioga, PA
Wood Joseph 1941     Tioga, PA
Worthington Donna 1941 Harry Cummings Jr.   Binghamton, NY
Tioga - Class of 1942          
Audinwood Harry, Jr. 1942     Corning, NY; c/o John Jordon
Clark Margaret 1942 Robert Carleton   Tioga, PA
Clark Marjorie 1942 Arthur Swanson   Tioga, PA
Cummings Reva Mae 1942 Grant Caster   Corning, NY
Greene Edna Mae 1942     758 S. Main St., Elmira, NY
Holleran John Leslie 1942      
Jones John Perry 1942     Tioga, PA, RD#2
Metarko Alice 1942     Wellsboro, PA
Thornton Jean 1942 Richard Wilcox   Riverside Drive, Wellsville, NY
Tioga - Class of 1943          
Bachert Anna 1943 Francis Clark   Horseheads, NY
Button Eleanor 1943     533 W. Water St., Elmira, NY
Button Elwin 1943     Tioga, PA
Button Herbert 1943     Tioga, PA, RD#1
Cuneo Paul 1943     Tioga, PA
Dixon Margaret 1943 Kenneth Howe   Tioga, PA, RD#2
Faulkner Ruth 1943 Thomas Prugh   Tioga, PA
Hager Doris Arlene 1943 Bruce Cole   Tioga, PA
Hall Walter 1943     Tioga, PA
Hughes Betty Elaine 1943 William Cuneo   Tioga, PA
Hughes Greta 1943     Alfred I. Dupont Institute, Wilmington, Delaware
Howe Kenneth 1943     Tioga, PA
Stone Cleda 1943 William Inscho   Mansfield, PA
Weaver John Robert 1943     1145 Allegheny St., Jersey Shore, PA
Wood Betty Jane 1943 Robert Colony   208 Birch St., Elmira, NY
Tioga - Class of 1944          
Adriance Phyllis 1944 Rex Parker   Tioga, PA
Close Mary Ann 1944 Frank Timm, Jr.   91 West Sixth St., Corning, NY
Jones Clifford 1944     Tioga, PA, RD#2
Leslie Herbert 1944     169 West Third St., Corning, NY
Miller Winifred Jean 1944 Roland Losey   Lawrenceville, PA
VanDyke Patricia 1944     Tioga, PA
Tioga - Class of 1945          
Audinwood Merle 1945     Corning, NY
Bergh Mason 1945     2129 Pine St., Philadelphia 3, PA
Chamberlain Wendell 1945     Elmira, NY
Close Alice Rosalie 1945 Loren Doan   Galeton, PA
Cummings Lola 1945     Dunham House, Robert Packer Hospital, Sayre, PA
Cuneo Jean 1945 Curtis Seely   8066 Manila, Detroit 13, Michigan
Doud Richard 1945     Tioga, PA
Dutcher Shirley 1945     Tioga, PA; attending Mansfield State Teachers College
Enderle Theodore 1945     Tioga, PA
George Thomas 1945     Tioga, PA, RD#2
Weaver Marilyn 1945     Nurses' Residence, Fordham Hospital, Bronx 58, NY
Hager Harry 1945     Tioga, PA
Holleran June Rose 1945 Leslie Hoover   419 South Edith St., Albuquerque, New Mexico
Miller Patricia 1945 Melvin Howe   Lawrenceville, PA
Shutter Reuben 1945     Tioga, PA, RD#2
Tioga - Class of 1946          
Bachert Evelyn 1946 Edwin Carson   405 West Second St., Elmira, NY
Burt June 1946     Tioga, PA; attending Mansfield State Teachers College
Button Sylvia 1946 Charles Deming, Jr.   Lawrenceville, PA
Cummings Wanda 1946 Jack Wilbur   Queen St., Wellsboro, PA
Hatfield Jean 1946     110 N. Aurora St., Ithaca, NY
Holleran Theresa 1946     Pennsylvania Hospital Nurses' Home, Eighth & Spruce Sts., Philadelphia, PA
Hunt Agnes 1946 William R. Shellman   Big Flats, NY
Metarko Kathryn 1946     Box 55, Bay Head, NJ
Simmons Alice Jean 1946 Elwin Wood   Tioga, PA, RD#2
Swimelar Joyce 1946     YWCA, Elmira, NY
Walter Charles 1946     Tioga, PA; attending Lock Haven State Teachers College
Weaver Arthur 1946     Tioga, PA
Tioga - Class of 1947          
Bartlett Betty 1947     Tioga, PA, RD#2
Burtch Charles 1947     Tioga, PA; attending Mansfield State Teachers College
Carlson Elaine 1947     Tioga, PA; attending Mansfield State Teachers College
Casbeer Robert 1947     Tioga, PA; attending Millersville State Teachers College
Deats Donald 1947     759 Hazel St., Elmira, NY
Glenwright James 1947     Tioga, PA
Hager Carl 1947     Tioga, PA
Hall Edna 1947 Elwim Adriance   Tioga, PA
Hughes Bess 1947     913 Pennsylvania Ave., Elmira, NY
Mays David 1947     Tioga, PA; attending Pennsylvania State College
Walter Fred 1947     Tioga, PA; attending Pennsylvania State College
Weaver Donna 1947     Box 5, Union City, PA
Wood Paul 1947     Tioga, PA
Tioga - Class of 1948          
Cummings Eldon 1948     Tioga, PA; attending University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
Cummings Waneta 1948      
Hotelling Wanda 1948 Clarence Whitney   Corning, NY
Hunt Madeline 1948     Tioga, PA, RD#2
Hunt Teresa 1948     Tioga, PA, RD#2
Miller Peggy 1948     Tioga, PA; attending Pennsylvania University, Philadelphia, PA
Musto Anne 1948     Robert Packer Hospital, Sayre, PA
Purvis Virginia 1948     Tioga, PA
Swimelar Doris 1948     YWCA, Elmira, NY
Wood Ann 1948     330 Irvine Place, Elmira, NY

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