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Elk Run School District # 12, Sullivan Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania
Sullivan Township
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Elk Run School
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Scouten Hill School
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Elk Run School District from 1875 Atlas
School: Elk Run School 
Township: Sullivan Township, Tioga County
Teacher: Annabel Krise
Year: 1926
Booklet Submitted by: Joyce M. Tice
originally Homer Tice (uncle)
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I am asking the help of my fellow Elk Run folks to help me identify these
kids now that we have the list to go with the picture. Nellie Williams is in
the front row, but I can't recognize the rest, not even my own uncle.

Annabel Krise
Delbert Smith
John Strange
Mary Connelly
Arch Robbins
Irene Bradford
John Borg
Milford Purvis
Lyla Hulslander
Robert Smith
Lucile Soper
Fred Hulslander
Frank Beardslee
Edgar Tongue
Eloise Smith
Elva Giles
Winfield Hulslander
Nellie Williams
Florence Purvis
Maurice Smith
Eldon Giles
Earl Van Ness
Inez Bartron
Elvena Giles
Malcolm Watkins
Leonard Bradford
Osburn Whittemore
Harry Bartron
Ronald Welch
Robert Watkins
Homer Tice
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