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Elk Run School District # 12, Sullivan Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania
Sullivan Township
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Elk Run School District from 1875 Atlas
School: Elk Run School - District No. 12
Township: Sullivan Township, Tioga County PA
Year: 1913
Submitted by Joyce M. Tice 
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The Elk Run School District borders Rutland Township on the North and Columbia Township in Bradford County on the east.  The school is near the top of a very steep hill. Later than 1875, one of the Smith women marrried a Richmond, so the place labeled C. G. Smith on the map was under the name of Richmond, and the hill is now called Richmond Hill.
Scanned from photocopy
James A, McConnell, Teacher (2236)
Herbert Borg (2783)
Burdette Edgerton (75140)
Gustin Edgerton (75141)
Harold Mudge (167)
William Smith (11393)
Fred Stone (11368)
Leonard Wood (1831)
Warren York (6708)
Ralph York (6710)
Gus Welch (3622)
Edgar Welch
Marie Garrison (2691)
Ferne Hulslander (3085)
Dorothy Hulslander (39442)
Mary Osgood (35760)
L:ydia Stevens
Emma Wood (19733)
Nellie York (5986)
Inez Hulslander (11028)
Rex Garrison (2567)
Roy Garrison (2690)
Theron Hulslander (3084)
Laurence Smith
Colie Stone (8584)
Harry Wood (19734)
Ernest Wood (19732)
Willard York (4141)
Louis Tears (4274)
William Symington (75142)
Anna Decker
Eva Hulslander (11383)
Maysel Hulslander (11382)
Helen Mudge (165)
Irene Smith (11392)
Olive Tears (14812)
Milly Wood (19735)
Julia York (6709)

Map is from the 1875 Tioga County Atlas 
How Elk Run became Bungy

Legend has it that the name Bungy came about when "old" Arch Robbins" (Then Young Arch Robbins and now long deceased) used to hang out at the store in Elk Run with his friends. His family, not quite approving, said, "Why do you want to hang out at that old bung hole?" and that became the name Bungy. 

My own theory, which probably is not worth two hoots, but it is an interesting coincidence, is this. The Smiths (one of the four major and previously unrelated Smith lines of Sullivan) and Woods, and several other name lines came from Ridgefield Connecticut in the 1820s. During the Revolutionary War, in the Battle of Ridgefield, barrels of flour at the mill in Ridgefield exploded from the heat and made a terrible noise. It was thereafter called Bungtown and that name is very similar to Bungy. 

How Chandlersburg Became Elk Run

Elk Run took its name from this little creek that runs through it. The earliest known name of the area was Chandlersburg for the Chandler family that settled here early, and some of whose descendants (though none of the name Chandler) still live here.The Chandlers are all in the cemetery behind the school, though some of their tombstones were lost when they were used as base markers for softball games in my father's era - the 1920s-30s. When the post office was established here, it was given the name Elk Run and that is how the name was changed, although in the nineteenth century, either name might be used. Early in the twentieth century, the name Bungy was applied as the result of a joke and it has come into common use and has gradually displaced the Elk Run name which was more common until twenty or thirty years ago. To my horror, the Zip code directory defines the area as Bungy rather than Elk Run. 

This photo was taken by Joyce M.Tice in June 1998 from the bridge in Elk Run looking north. I used to play in this stream when I was a child, as did countless others, and this is where my father threw his arithmetic book in the water when his older brother and his friend bet he didn't dare while they were on the way home from school one day. He sure showed them - but suffered consequences when his father found out. On the map, this location is right where the stream crosses the road in the center of the school district where so many buildings were once clustered.

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