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Elk Run School District # 12, Sullivan Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania
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Elk Run School District from 1875 Atlas
School: Elk Run School
Township: Sullivan Township, Tioga County PA
Teacher -  James Blanchard
Year: 1909
Submitted by: Dave Smith
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The long series of events and technologies by which this photo traveled through time to this site is a story in itself. This photo originally belonged to someone in the family of Tommy Smith and Ella Ryan, possibly through Ella since James Blanchard  was related to her. The oldest son of Ella and Tommy, Edward Smith 1902-1980,  developed an interest in family history, and using the best technology he had available in the 1970s, he visited all his relatives and photographed their photos on slides. In fact, Edward himself may be among these small children in the photo. Edward's son, David Smith, loaned me all these slides, two full boxes from both  the Smith and Brace families, a few years ago. I have been fiddling with them ever since. I think the first thing I did with them was project them on a screen and photograph them with my then best digital camera - results fair.. Then I bought a low cost slide scanner - poor results- actually worse than poor. Eventually I got a very expensive slide scanner. The results were better, but not as good as I wanted. Now, I am back to projecting them on a screen and photographing with a  higher resolution digital camera. My, I am persistent. . The slides themselves have deteriorated with time and some were poor quality photos to start with, BUT we are making some  progress with them. SEE photo of the older kids below which I found among my own things. 
IDc can be found on the bottom photo of the whole school the same day.

Also present, but can;t tell exactly which:, Lillian Smith, Bert Richmond,
Eva(n) Jackson, Edna Wood, Arch (pr. Andrew) York, , Galusha
York , Mildred Gray.
1. Gus Welch
4 Mildred Mudge
6 Grant Fethers
7 Galusha York
9 Harry Smith
10 Ruhl Dann
11 Nellie Smith *
12 Minnie York
14. Edna Williams
15 Fay Kilgore
16 Pearl Wood
17 Eva Hulslander
18 Fern Hulslander
19 James Blanchard
20 Daisy York
On the above photo we can determine that this is the same year as the other 
photo by its oval shape and by the young man in the suit in the center, who for 
some reason. I believe to be James Blanchard. This photo is of the older children 
of the school. Believe it or not, I found this lurking among my own stuff about
a day after I put up the other online. This is a newspaper copy, so clarity is
lacking. Some of the names have been written in, but I can't tell in all cases
who they point to. Also I believe that whoever identified them made a few 
mistakes based on who I know to have been there at the time. 
* Nellie Smith 
taught here in the
1930s under the
alias of Nellie
Although labelled 1911, we can date this to the 1908-09 school year. Nellie Smith was already teaching by 1910.. Bert Richmond was hired in Sullivan in September 1908, and other clues.  This was taken the same day as the photos above. All are wearing the same clothes. 
Row One: William Smith, ??, Harold Mudge, ??, Helen Mudge, Dora Stevens, Fern Hulslander, Nellie York, Maysel Hulslander, Irene Smith, Edna Kilgore, Eva Hulslander, Lydia Stevens, Edward Smith.
Second Row: Elmer Smith, ??, ??, Faye Kilgore, Pearl Wood, Lillian Smith, Daisy York, Mildred Mudge, ??, ??, Gus Welch.
Back Row, Edna Willilams, Archie Wood, Minnie York, Nellie Smith, Ruhl Dann, Harry Smith, Grant Fethers, Galusha York. Bert Richmond [teacher]  
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