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Smithfield Township in Bradford County, Pennsyvania
Smithfield Township Histories
Named for David Smith who claimed the township under connecticut title, but never lived there
Created 1804 - 1810 from Ulster, Split in 1813 to form Springfield and Columbia
1884 Bradford Reporter Articles
Smithfield History by D. C. Craft
Smithfield History by H. C. Bradsby
Smithfield History by C. F. Heverly
Smithfield History from Seven Counties Outline ...
Smithfield Township Articles
Berwick Turnpike History
Clippings from Hazel FRANKLIN "Potter" Scrapbook
Page 301 - Clippings fromRiggs 1891-1895
An Analysis of Caesar Barnes, perhaps Smithfield’s first pioneering black and only black Revolutionary soldier of Bradford County
Township Postcards & Photos
Post Offices
Smithfield Summit PO
North Smithfield PO
East Smithfield PO
Villages Past & Present
Smithfield Township Census Records
1800 Ulster, Luzerne County
1810 Smithfield, Lycoming County PA
1820 Smithfield Census
1830 Smithfield Census
1840 Smithfield Census 
1850 Smithfield Census
1860 Smithfield Census
1870 Smithfield Census
1880 Smithfield Census
1900 Smithfield Census
1910 Smithfield Census South
1910 Smithfield Census North
1920 Smithfield Census
1930 Smithfield Census (PSR)
An 1875 Postmark
Township Directories
1900 Smithfield Directory 1907 Smithfield Directory
Smithfield Township Tax Records
1802 Ulster Township, Luzerne County
1812 Taxables at County Formation
1813 Smithfield Taxables
1814 Smithfield Taxables
1815 Smithfield Taxables
1816 Smithfield Taxables
1817 Smithfield Taxables
1818 Smithfield Tax List
1819 Smithfield Tax List
1820 Smithfield Tax List
1820 Tax & Census Comparison
1821 Smithfield Tax List
1822 Smithfield Tax List
1823 Smithfield Tax List
1824 Smithfield Tax List
1825 Smithfield Tax List
1826 Smithfield Tax List
1827 Smithfield Tax List
1828 Smithfield Tax List
1829 Smithfield Tax List
1830 Smithfield Tax List
Smithfield Township Cemetery Records
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Allen Burial Ground (on Chas.Nichols farm) Burials on Asa Allen Farm
Old Congregational/ East Smithfield Mitchell Cemetery
Phillips farm William & S. Pierce
Thomas/ Christian Church Cemetery 1917 Rice Family Burials
Thomas// Christian Church Cemetery 1999 Thomas Cemetery Obituaries
Turnpike Cemetery
Union Cemetery 1999 Union Cemetery Obituaries
Faithful Companions Cemetery
Smithfield Township Schools
Very Early Schools in Smithfield by Fannie Andrus "Bailey" 1894 Smithfield Graduation
1906 Sunny Side School 1906 Riggs School
1907 (prob.) Cranmer School 1908 Cranmer School
1910 Cranmer School
1910 Smithfield Graduates
1911 Cranmer School
1912 Schills School
1914 Cranmer School
1913-14 Yearbook Smithfield Public Schools
1915 Bullock School
1915 Durfey School
1916 Cranmer School
1918 East Smithfield Commencement
1919 Schills School
1922 Sunny Side School
Smithfield Alumni 1915-1925
1927 East Smithfield Commencement
1928 & 1929 East Smithfield High School
1934 Graduation - Smithfield
1936 Riggs School
1940 Smithfield High School Yearbook
1943 Smithfield Graduates
1944 Smithfield Graduates
1945 Smithfield Graduates
1946 Smithfield graduates
1961 Smithfield School History
Harriet Child, 49 years a teacher at Smithfield includes class lists 1915 to 1964
School Districts 1869 (Including Alternate Names)
1. East Smithfield (Smithfield Centre) 1936
2. Seward School
3. Cranmer School 1934
4.  Bacon School (Phillips) 1920
5.  Bullock School  1926
6. North Smithfield (Jones School)
7. Smithfield Summit (Sodom School) 1934
8. Trask School
9. Birds Corners (Gerould, Floss) 1928
10.  Quick School (Sunny Side)(Africa School) 1927
11. Keeler District
12. Smith District (Arnold School) 1928
13.  Tracy School (Willams) 1924
14.  French School (Riggs) 1936
15.  Williams School (Schills) (Mack) 1924
16.  Durfey School (White) (Thomas) 1928
17.  Campbell School (Pleasant Hill) 1926
Smithfield Township Business Histories & Photos
1907 Smithfield Businesses
Hotels in Township
Smithfield Township Organizations
Smithfield Township Churches
Histories, Records, Photos
Federated Church 100th Anniversary 1901 Old Turnpike Church Photo
Federated Church 200th Anniversary 2001 1912 Burned Shell of E. Smithfield Baptist Church
1908 Sunday School - Old Congregational Church History of the Sunday Schools of East Smithfield
Congregational Church of Smithfield  
The Churches In Our Midst, Burnham  Grace Baptist Church Notes 
Smithfield Township Family Bible Records
Forrest - Morse Bible Records Raymond - Lampman Family Bible
Pierce - Perkins Bible Records Loomis - McAfeee Bible Records
Smith-Jacoby Family Bible Records
Smithfield Township Families & Individuals,
Genealogies, Photos
1836 Sampler by Frances Orion Wilcox
The Pioneering Pierces of Smithfield
The Woods of Smithfield 1882
Mima McAfee & Erastus Loomis
1909 Wood Reunion
Gerould Family Reunion Notes
1865 Marriage of Betsey Dibble / John Dubert
1857 Margaret Carpenter & Joab Kenyon
1890 Marriage of Bertha Killey & Lantie Oliphant
Damaris Bennett & Jabez Gerould
Fannie Helen HARRIS, Smithfield Teacher
Smithfield's Elder Folks 1925
Smithfield Township Marriage Clippings
Township Resident Photo Album
Smithfield  Township Emigrants
Charles E. Wilcox -Smithfield to South Dakota
Smithfield Township Diaries & Letters 
Anna Phillips Autograph Book 1854 Diary of Emmeline Tracy
1855 Diary of Emeline Tracy 1857-58 Diary of Emeline Tracy
1860 Diary of George D. Bourne 1861 Diary of George D. Bourne
1862 Diary of George D. Bourne 1863 Diary of George D. Bourne
1864 Diary of George D. Bourne
1865 Diary of George D. Bourne
1876-1882 Ida MOODY "Tracy"
1878 Diary of Fannie Gerould
1879 George Bourne Diary Extracts
1881 Diary of Fannie Gerould
1889-91 Mary's Autograph Book
1933 Diary of Bessie ACKERMAN Gates
1956 Diary of Bessie ACKERMAN Gates
Memories of Ida TRACY "Ford" 
Smithfield Township Wills, Deeds, Legal Documents 
1837 William Scott Pension Papers
William A. Gavett Pension Papers
Smithfield Township Military Records
Charles Hoose Military Papers
Loron Forrest, Civil War Soldier
Township Sports 
Population Statistics
1840 Smithfield Township = 1427
1887 Smithfield Township 
including Smithfield Village = 1826
1887 Smithfield Village = 263