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Rural Home Cemetery, Town of Big Flats, Chemung County, NY

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Photos  by Joyce M. Tice
Pages Formatted by Joyce M. Tice
Name of Cemetery:    Rural Home Cemetery
Read By:  Teresa Dean and E. R. Van Etten
Date Read:  From Cemetery Records to 2000 
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  Big Flats NY
Other comments: Death Dates added by Bim VanEtten from Obituaries
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Rural Home Cemetery (Big Flats Burial Association) was organized 13 Feb. 1886. It is the largest and only active cemetery (except for the small cemetery at Mt. Saviour Monastery) of seven in the town. It is well maintained by the Association.

It is located on the south side and almost adjacent to Route 17/Interstate 86. It is bounded on the east by Hibbard Rd and on the west by the Big Flats Elementary School.

The 2000 listing was copied by Town Clerk Teresa Dean and Historian E.R. Van Etten from records courteously loaned  by the Association President, Mr. Duane Hills.

File # Lot Description Last Name First Name Death Date Burial Date
E638 E-A-22-2 Berglie Armulf Jan.3.1993 Jan.6.1993
E638 E-A-22-1 Berglie Edna 1986 Apr.15.1986
A268 A-F-25-3 Berry Eugene Aug.6.1918  
A268 A-F-25-1 Berry Harry L. Oct.25.1909  
A268 A-F-25-2 Berry Minnie H. 1943 Jul.7.1943
A224 A-D-33-3 Bertie      
D121 D-A-17-6 Bess Geneva V. Aug.2.1996 Aug.5.1996
D121 D-A-17-5 Bess Merele R. 1968 1968
D2A D-B-37-5 Betzer Clarissa 1976 May 8.1976
D2A C-B-37-4 Betzer John Jeffrey Jan.9.1992 Jan.12.1992
A287 A-A-23-1 Bevier Helen Aug.5.1996 1996
A287 A-A-23-2 Bevier Ralph     
D103 D-A-20-3 Bias Iris L. Aug.6.1992 Aug.8.1992
C753 C-C-5-2 Bierwiler Alice Trask 1935 May28.1935
C737 C-A-8-5 Bierwiler Anna A. 1971 Jan.7.1971
C753 C-C-5-6 Bierwiler Betty J. 1968 May 6.1968
B602 B-F-1-1 Bierwiler Charles M. May30.1952  
D90 D-F-21-3 Bierwiler Edward W. 1963 May 4.1963
C753 C-C-5-3 Bierwiler George  1940 May 1940
B602 B-F-1-3 Bierwiler Jacob W. 1979 Aug.6.1979
C737 C-A-8-6 Bierwiler John 1971 Jul.16.1971
C753 C-C-5-5 Bierwiler John H. 1980  
B602 B-F-1-2 Bierwiler Laura S. 1970  
B602 B-F-1-4 Bierwiler Louise S. 1958  
D90 D-F-21-4 Bierwiler Margaret I. 1989 Jan.21.1989
C737 C-A-8-1 Bierwiler Mary 1934 May26.1934
C753 C-C-5-4 Bierwiler Mary E. 1954  
C753 C-C-5-1 Bierwiler Betty M. (Child) 1946 Nov.6.1946
C753 C-C-5-1 Bierwiler John (Infant)    
C753 C-C-5-1 Bierwiler Karen (Infant) Oct.30.1957  
D123 D-C-16-3 Bills David P. 1961 1961
D123 D-C-16-2 Bills Mary D. Feb.17.1995 Feb.20.1995
D123 D-C-16-1 Bills Montgomery "Monty" Feb.7.1979 Apr.11.1979
D198 D-F-3-5 Bingham Mary E. 1955 Jan.24.1955
D198 D-F-3-4 Bingham Thomas H. 1948 Nov.12.1948
D198 D-F-3-6 Bingham, Jr. Thomas H. Jun.22.1996 Jun.24.1996
A274 A-F-24-4 Bishop Vinton Jan.22.1901  
D71 D-E-24-6 Black Esther W. 1985 Apr.16.1985
D71 D-E-24-5 Black Jerry W. 1984 Dec.4.1984
E694 E-A-14-1 Black Ruth E. 1988 Nov.28.1988
A366 A-B-9-3 Blackman A. J. May 4.1906  
D32 D-B-31-6 Blackwell Minnie M. 1977 Aug.23.1977
A343 A-C-13-5 Blair Sarah Webber 1952  
C784 C-F-1-1 Blunt Majorie M. May 6.1993 May10.1993
C777 C-F-2-1 Blunt, Jr. Robert S. Feb.11.1988 Apr. 1988
A362 A-D-10-3 Boland Gertrude 1946 Feb.13.1946
C644 C-F-21-1 Bollinger Leroy  1990 Nov.5.1990
B496 B-B-19-1 Borton Charles May22.1906  
B448 B-B-27-3 Bottcher August 1957 Dec.21.1957
B448 B-B-27-2 Bottcher Clara A. Voight Apr.30.1919  
B448 B-B-27-5 Bottcher Elizabeth J. Nov.11.1995 Nov.27.1995
B448 B-B-27-1 Bottcher Henry J. 1909  
B448 B-B-27-4 Bottcher Louise R. 1976 Oct.31.1976
B448 B-B-27-6 Bottcher Rena 1970 Sep.14.1970
C656 C-D-19-6 Bottcher Rhea E. (Infant) 1940 Sep.27.1940
C196 D-D-3-3 Bowers Corraine M. Apr.22.1998 Apr.24.1998
D166 D-D-8-1 Bowles Durward A. 1952 Jan.18.1952
D166 D-D-8-2 Bowles Vera M. 1987 Aug.13.1987
  A-E-14-6 Bowman Emil Sep.29.1961  
A223 A-C-33-3 Bowman Emma 1925 Sep. 1925
A223 A-C-33-1 Bowman Frederick David 1948 Mar.9.1948
  A-E-14-5 Bowman Lillian Dec.6.1963  
A223 A-C-33-6 Bowman S. N. Nov.1.1890  
A221 A-A-34-4 Branch John David 1957 Sep.18.1957
A228 A-B-32-3 Branch Nora M. 1967 Jan. 1967
A221 A-A-34-6 Branch Ralph E. Dec.12.1999 Dec.15.1999
A221 A-A-34-4 Branch Robyn Lynn 1957 Sep.18.1957
B465 B-A-25-4 Brandt Helen 1902  
B465 B-A-25-6 Brandt John D. Nov.16.1925  
B465 B-A-25-5 Brandt Mary 1931 Jan.9.1931
B465 B-A-25-3 Brandt, Jr. John D. 1886  
D32 D-C-36-3 Brant Clarence W. 1980 Jun.7.1980
A359 A-A-11-2 Brant Cora B. Feb.19.1910  
B512 B-F-16-2 Brant Delia O. May 7.1913  
A364 A-F-9-2 Brant Elizabeth  Dec.12.1892  
A364 A-F-9-1 Brant George W. May 4.1903  
B512 B-F-16-1 Brant Luther S. 1933 Dec.3.1933
A364 A-F-9-3 Brant Lyman C.    
B488 B-F-29-2 Brant Melissa A. Smalley 1925 Mar.21.1925
D32 D-C-36-5 Brant Merlyn L. 1985 Nov.20.1985
A249 A-E-28-4 Brant Nora  1928 Oct.24.1928
D32 D-C-36-4 Brant Pauline M. Dec.14.1992 Dec.18.1992
B488 B-F-20-1 Brant William H. Sep.27.1915  
A359 A-A-11-1 Brant, Jr. William Henry Mar.27.1959  
B483 B-A-22-5 Breed Arthur Oct.3.1919  
B483 B-A-22-6 Breed Ella May12.1937  
B483 B-A-22-2 Breed Hannoh Sep.24.1899  
B477 B-A-23-3 Breed Irwina Don Dec.15.1985 Dec.17.1985
B483 B-A-22-1 Breed J. Monroe Nov.1.1904  
B477 B-A-23-1 Breed Monroe 1955 Apr.19.1955
B477 B-A-23-2 Breed Paul T. Jul.7.1955 Jul.11.1955
D185 D-E-5-6 Brennan Edward  Apr.4.1992 Apr.16.1992
D185 D-E-5-1 Brennan Erwin 1960 May30.1960
D185 D-E-5-2 Brennan Lorena 1954 Apr.8.1954
B466 B-B-24-6 Brewer Anna  1925 Apr.30.1925
B466 B-B-24-4 Brewer Leon G. 1946 May18.1946
B466 B-B-24-5 Brewer Lester M. 1927 Nov.18.1927
A271 A-C-25-2 Brieve Fannie M. 1988 May25.1988
C626 C-B-23-1 Brink Beulah F. 1985 Jul.11.1985
C626 C-B-23-3 Brink, Jr. Harold 1934 Mar.26.1934
C626 C-B-23-2 Brink, Sr. Harold 1964  
D141 D-C.13.2 Bronson Clayton H. Owner ONLY  
D141 D-C-13-3 Bronson Daniel Owner ONLY  
A260 A-D-27-5 Bronson Frank 1949  
D162 D-F-9-1 Bronson La Vern E. Oct.23.1975 Oct.25.1975
A260 A-D-27-4 Bronson Mabel 1959 Jul.3.1959
D162 D-F-9-2 Bronson Mazie Lavina Edger Feb.5.1952 Feb.8.1952
D141 D-C-13-2 Bronson Miriam R.   Jul.21.1997
D141 D-C-13-1 Bronson Phyllis I. 1957 Oct.24.1957
D153 D-C-11-2 Bronson William Marcus Jun.22.1956 Jun.25.1956

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 09/02/2001
By Joyce M. Tice