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Rural Home Cemetery, Town of Big Flats, Chemung County, NY 

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Photos  by Joyce M. Tice
Pages Formatted by Joyce M. Tice
Name of Cemetery:    Rural Home Cemetery
Read By:  Teresa Dean and E. R. Van Etten
Date Read:  From Cemetery Records to 2000 
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  Big Flats NY
Other comments: Death Dates added by Bim VanEtten from Obituaries
Rural Home Cemetery (Big Flats Burial Association) was organized 13 Feb. 1886. It is the largest and only active cemetery (except for the small cemetery at Mt. Saviour Monastery) of seven in the town. It is well maintained by the Association.

It is located on the south side and almost adjacent to Route 17/Interstate 86. It is bounded on the east by Hibbard Rd and on the west by the Big Flats Elementary School.

The 2000 listing was copied by Town Clerk Teresa Dean and Historian E.R. Van Etten from records courteously loaned  by the Association President, Mr. Duane Hills.

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File # Lot Description Last Name First Name Death Date Burial Date
D27 D-C-32-1 Damoth Floyd E. 1981 Sep.7.1981
D27 D-C-32-2 Damoth Marian Z. Dec.13.1979 Apr.18.1980
A317 A-A-18-4 Dann Anson 1972 Feb.5.1972
A317 A-A-18-3 Dann Rose Clark 1959  
D74 D-B-24-3 Dapp Mathias E. Feb.2.1994 Apr.27.1994
D74 D-B-24-4 Dapp Minnie  1976 Mar.26.1976
A245 A-A-30-5 Darrow Leon E. Jul.22.1920  
B420 B-D-32-5 Dates James 1926 April 1926
C754 C-D-5-1 Dates James M. 1960 Jan.6.1960
D127 D-A-16-6 Dates Marvin, Mrs. 1961 Aug.23.1961
C754 C-D-5-2 Dates Nellie M. 1943 Nov.17.1943
A347 A-A-13-5 Davenport Anna M. Apr.23.1937  
A353 A-A-12-5 Davenport Bertha 1941 Aug.24.1941
A373 A-C-8-1 (Aisle) Davenport Charles M. Feb.15.1972  
A373 A-C-8-2 Davenport Judith Mar.18.1924  
A373 A-C-8-3 Davenport Kyse 1926  
A351 A-E-11-5 Davenport Luella C. 1967 Mar. 1967
A373 A-C-8-1  Davenport Myron Feb.5.1909  
A347 A-A-13-4 Davenport Roy  1946 Apr.9.1946
A353 A-A-12-4 Davenport William Aug. 1944  
E680 E-A-16-1 Davies Ann  Dec.3.1996 1997
D126 D-F-15-4 Davis Bernice M. Jan.19.1969 1969
A324 A-B-16-6 Davis David L. Dec.11.1911  
A324 A-B-16-5 Davis Eliza Bookman Feb.8.1835  
D126 D-F-15-3 Davis Ernest W. Jan.31.1958 Feb.3.1958
A351 A-E-11-4 Davis Leora B. 1912  
D109 D-A-19-4 Davis Martha P. 1976 Apr.15.1976
C669 C-C-17-1 Davis Nellie Burgess Oct.21.1960  
D109 D-A-19-4 Davis, Jr. (Infant) Dennis A. 1965  
B467 B-D-24-6 DeGroat Bessie 1908  
B467 B-C-24-1 DeGroat Charles 1949 Jun.19.1949
B467 B-C-24-2 DeGroat Mary  1949 Feb.18.1949
D60 D-F-26-3 DeGroen George J. Apr.24.1994 Apr.28.1994
D60 D-F-26-4 DeGroen Jane Virginia 1962 Jun.27.1962
D40 D-D-29-1 Decker Blanche M. Jun.16.1973 Jun.20.1973
B490 B-B-20-5 Decker Charles 1942 Sep.5.1942
D164 D-B-9-4 Decker Ethel Gleason May 29.1974 Jun.1.1974
C786 C-A-1-1 Decker George H.  21 May 1937  
B418 B-B-32-4 Decker Harry  1948 Dec.31.1948
B418 B-B-32-1 Decker Jacob L. 1927 Dec.7.1927
B418 B-B-32-2 Decker Rebecca 1948 Sep.11.1948
E673 E-A-17-4 (Head) Decker Richard   Jul.26.1998
A223 A-C-33-4 Deer Della L. 1915  
B497 B-C-19-1 Denning  D.    
B497 B-C-19-5 Denning  Payson D. Jan.8.1916  
C668 C-B-17-1 Devenport Arthur 1930 Nov.13.1930
C668 C-B-17-5 Devenport Dudley R. Jul.4.1992 Jul.8.1992
C668 C-B-17-2 Devenport Edna 1962 Jan.28.1962
B520 B-B-15-5 Dibble Emory Sep.11.1895  
B520 B-B-15-4 Dibble Flora J. 1962 Nov.14.1962
C716 C-A-11-1 Dibble Harlow 1988 May 16.1988
C716 C-A-11-2 Dibble Myrtle M. Jan.10.1992 Jan.14.1992
B520 B-B-15-3 Dibble Samuel O. 1963 Feb.15.1963
  C-A-11-1 (Foot) Dibble Infant Jun.4.1926  
C716 C-A-11-3 Dibble (Infant) Edna May 1924 Jun.4.1924
C748 C-E-6-3 Dickinson Allen James 1944 Mar.28.1944
C748 C-E-6-1 Dickinson Edwin L. 1951 Apr.13.1951
D21 D-C-33-4 Dickinson Edwin L. 1978 Sep.12.1978
C748 C-E-6-2 Dickinson Minnie F. 1986 Jul.7.1986
B576 B-D-6-1 Dickinson Rebecca 1927 Apr.8.1927
E708 E-A-12-5 Dignen Hannah Shea Sep.8.1996 Sep.11.1996
B440 B-F-28-5 Dildine Charles 1946 Feb.11.1946
B443 B-C-28-3 Dildine Jennie 1949 Dec.3.1949
B440 B-F-28-6 Dildine Two Infants    
D164 D-B-9-3 (Head) Dillon Mark 1957 Nov.6.1957
C728 C-F-9-4 Dilmore Joyce Jan.8.2000 2000
D23 D-E-32-1 Dimmick George L. 1970 1970
D23 D-E-32-2 Dimmick Ruth C. 1973 Feb.2.1974
A405 A-E-2-4 Dixon Clara Mae 1989 Mar.2.1989
D129 D-C-15-5 Dixon Clayton D. 1988 Nov.23.1988
A405 A-E-2-1 Dixon David H. 1942 Apr.6.1942
D129 D-C-15-6 Dixon Irene H. 1967 1967
A405 A-E-2-3 Dixon Joseph E. Aug.29.1948 Aug.31.1948
B587 B-C-4-6 Dixon Joseph E. Jan.9.1955  
B587 B-C-4-5 Dixon Minnie J. 1930 Dec.23.1930
D120 D-F-16-2 Doane Mary E. 1975 Feb.6.1975
D120 D-F-16-1 Doane Nelson W. 1955 Sep.30.1955
A380 A-D-7-2 Dobney Clara  Jul.3.1924  
A380 A-D-7-1 Dobney John 1946 Nov.3.1946
D22 D-D-32-3 Donovan Daniel B. 1978 Jul.24.1978
  C-E-26-26 Doud Corinne, Mrs. Apr.11.1946  
D160 D-D-9-5 Doud Eva Belle Jun.16.1960 1960
D160 D-D-9-6 Doud Joseph Lynn May12.1959 1959
D184 D-D-5-6 Downing Elizabeth 1948 May 23.1948
D184 D-D-5-5- Downing Ida 1948 Mar.22.1948
D184 D-D-5-4 Downing Jess  1961 Jul.25.1961
A416 A-D-1-4 Du Vall Elsie Mar.29.1992 Apr.16.1992
A416 A-D-1-3 Du Vall Harold A. 1966  
E673 E-A-17-5 Dykes Michael Jul.4.1999 Jul.7.1999
B428 B-F-30-6 Eacher Emily 1922  
B428 B-F-30-5 Eacher William R. 1914  
B505 B-E-17-2 Eames Clara P. Nov.2.1963  
B505 B-E-17-1 Eames Edwin W. Aug.22.1964  
B505 B-E-17-4 Eames Harriett C. Jan.8.1938  
C698 C-D-13-2 Eames Loretta 1929 Apr.11.1929
B505 B-E-17-5 Eames Morris W. May15.1971  
B505 B-E-17-3 Eames Warren J. May19.1935  
C698 C-D-13-1 Eames Two Infants    
C706 C-E-12-6 Easterbrook Addie C. 1941  
E624 E-A-24-4 Easterbrook David M. Jun.30.1996 Jul.3.1996
A233 A-A-32-4 Easterbrook Elsie Marie 1986 Oct.20.1986
B468 B-D-24-2 Easterbrook Eunice 1937 May 8.1937
A234 A-B-31-1 Easterbrook Francis Eugene    
A234 A-B-31-5 Easterbrook Harriet A.    
A233 A-A-32-1 Easterbrook Harriet J. 1972 Sep.23.1972
A234 A-B-31-4 Easterbrook Isaac, Rev.    
A233 A-A-32-5 Easterbrook Leslie 1965 Nov.19.1965
A234 A-B-31-3 Easterbrook Luel     
D11 D-E-34-2 Easterbrook Maude W. May 4.1997 May 6.1997
B468 B-D-24-1 Easterbrook Philander 1911  
D11 D-E-34-1 Easterbrook Raymond L. 1973 Oct.17.1973
D13 D-A-35-3 Easton Elmer J. Sep.2.1998 Sep.4.1998
D13 D-A-35-4 Easton Lillian N. Oct.11.1993 Oct.13.1993
D40 D-D-29-3 Echternach John C. 1974 Apr.13.1974
D40 D-D-29-3 Echternach Victoria H. Dec.29.1996 1997
D40 D-D-29-3 Echternach Victoria H. Aug.24.1997  

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 09/02/2001
By Joyce M. Tice