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Rural Home Cemetery, Town of Big Flats, Chemung County, NY

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Photos  by Joyce M. Tice
Pages Formatted by Joyce M. Tice
Name of Cemetery:    Rural Home Cemetery
Read By:  Teresa Dean and E. R. Van Etten
Date Read:  From Cemetery Records to 2000 
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  Big Flats NY
Other comments: Death Dates added by Bim VanEtten from Obituaries
Rural Home Cemetery (Big Flats Burial Association) was organized 13 Feb. 1886. It is the largest and only active cemetery (except for the small cemetery at Mt. Saviour Monastery) of seven in the town. It is well maintained by the Association.

It is located on the south side and almost adjacent to Route 17/Interstate 86. It is bounded on the east by Hibbard Rd and on the west by the Big Flats Elementary School.

The 2000 listing was copied by Town Clerk Teresa Dean and Historian E.R. Van Etten from records courteously loaned  by the Association President, Mr. Duane Hills.

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File # Lot Description Last Name First Name Death Date Burial Date
C678 C-E-16-4 Taylor Alena 1945 Mar.2.1945
B599 B-C-2-2 Taylor Catherine Turner Mar.26.1968  
E615 E-A-26-2 Taylor Rev. Charles B. 1989 Nov.28.1989
C698 C-D-13-4 Taylor Dorothy 1981 Jun.20.1981
D51 D-C-28-2 Taylor Genevieve Watts 1976 Sep.7.1976
A250 A-F-28-4 Taylor Harriett Carpenter Jul.10.1960  
A250 A-F-28-3 Taylor Harry Hoffman 1957 Oct.24.1957
D51 D-C-28-1 Taylor Herbert P. 1976 Sep.7.1976
  B-C-2-2 Taylor Katherine 1958  
B599 B-C-2-3 Taylor Lena 1931 Jun.17.1931
C678 C-E-16-3 Taylor Orson 1962 Oct.22.1962
C616 C-F-25-4 Taylor Russell Apr.17.2000 Apr.20.2000
C698 C-D-13-3 Taylor Theodore C. 1976 Aug.3.1976
B599 B-C-2-4 Taylor William Feb.7.1961  
C678 C-E-16-5 Taylor William Peter 1945 Jan.22.1945
B422 B-F-31-6 Teachman Elizabeth 1940 Dec.11.1940
B422 B-F-31-6 Teachman Ina Vosburg 1930 Feb.19.1930
B422 B-F-31-1 Teachman L. Orland 1932 Jun.13.1932
B422 B-F-31-5 Teachman Sidney D. Apr.10.1924  
C768 C-D-3-2 Teeters Mabel Nov.2.1980 Nov.6.1980
C768 C-D-3-1 Teeters William 1967 Dec.14.1967
D61 D-A-27-4 Terwilliger Harris J. 1970 1970
B547 B-E-10-5 Thayer Lawrence 1935 Feb.26.1935
B547 B-E-10-1 Thayer O. G. 1937 Mar.3.1937
D127 D-A-16-1 Theetge Harold K. 1984 Apr.19.1984
B464 B-F-24-5 Theurer Anna K. 1963 Dec.26.1963
B464 B-F-24-3 Theurer August W. 1938 May25.1938
B464 B-F-24-4 Theurer Charles G. 1964 Jan.25.1964
A406 A-F-2-6 Thomas Addie B. 1972 Feb.14.1972
A237 A-E-30-2 Thomas Bessie Mae Oct.18.1913  
A231 A-E-31-1 Thomas Charles Nov.13.1936 Nov.18.1936
A237 A-E-30-3 Thomas Charles Lewis Apr.24.1918  
D165 D-C-9-4 Thomas Cora B. 1981 Apr.15.1981
B525 B-A-15-4 Thomas Dewey E. Aug.5.1996 Aug.8.1996
A410 A-D-2-2 Thomas Edith M. 1981 Oct.5.1981
E666 E-A-18-1 Thomas Edward L. 1981 Apr.3.1981
B525 B-A-15-3 Thomas Elizabeth M. Apr.21.1996 Apr.24.1996
A406 A-F-2-4 Thomas Emma 1979 Jun.9.1979
A411 A-E-1-6 Thomas Emma J. 1955  
A410 A-D-2-1 Thomas Eugene R. 1954 Nov.29.1954
B458 B-F-25-4 Thomas Frank E. L. 1967  
A231 A-E-31-4 Thomas George W. 1972 Oct.18.1972
C618 C-A-25-6 Thomas George W. 1956 Jul.21.1956
A412 A-F-1-5 Thomas Harold A. Dec.2.1991dEC.5.1991  
  C-D-24-26 Thomas Hattie Jan.27.1949  
A237 A-E-30-4 Thomas Hiram B. 1941 Feb.2.1941
A237 A-E-30-1 Thomas Hiram George Aug.28.1905  
B525 B-A-15-5 Thomas Laura 1956 Oct.31.1956
D165 D-C-9-6 Thomas Louise 1983 Apr.6.1983
A237 A-E-30-3 Thomas Lucy 1968 Jun.12.1968
E666 E-A-18-2 Thomas Margaret May 25.1992 May29.1992
A231 A-E-31-2 Thomas Melinda Apr.21.1899  
B458 B-F-25-3 Thomas Mildred 1983 May 3.1983
B525 B-A-15-6 Thomas Ralph M. 1942 May31.1942
A406 A-F-2-1 Thomas Raymond J. 1968 Feb.14.1968
D165 D-C-9-3 Thomas Walter A. 1973 Oct.9.1973
A406 A-F-2-5 Thomas William H. Dec.16.1961  
A411 A-E-1-5 Thomas William J. 1954 Sep.3.1954
  C-D-24-27 (FOOT) Thomas (Infant) Alfred Mar.31.1945  
D211 D-A-2-2 Thompson Anna Jul.25.1997 Jul.29.1997
D57 D-C-27-3 Thompson Frank Feb.10.1999 May 1.1999
E638 E-A-22-4 Thorborg Robert George 1991 Feb.4.1991
E638 E-A-22-3 Thorborg Signe M. May30.1996 Jun.3.1996
D210 D-F-1-3 (HEAD) Thresher Lorraine   Mar.31.1989
D210 D-F-1-3 (HEAD) Thresher Robert G. Sep.17.1962 Sep.20.1962
A278 A-D-24-1 Ticconi Lula Hoyt 1941 May13.1941
C681 C-A-16-4 Tice Annette V. Sep.17.1992 Sep.21.1992
C681 C-A-16-5 Tice Herbert Lee 1987 Sep.17.1987
C681 C-A-16-3 Tice James 1937 May 6.1937
A324 A-B-16-1 Tifft Frank R. May29.1902  
D165 D-C-9-2 Tiger Emma 1953 Jun.4.1953
D165 D-C-9-1 Tiger John 1955 Aug.3.1955
B588 B-D-4-6 Timerson Curtis 1932 Dec.28.1932
B420 B-D-32-1 Tommola Vaine Dec.23.1923  
D95 D-E-20-4 Torpy Dean R. 1978 May 6.1978
D197 D-E-3-1 Totten Daniel H. 1949 Feb.2.1949
D197 D-E-3-2 Totten Myrtle Leon Adger Jun.15.1967 Jun.19.1967
C642 C-D-21-3 Tracy Bessie V. 1984 Sep.10.1984
  C-C-5-2 Trask Mrs. May28.1935  
B457 B-E-25-3 Travis Dorothy 1930 Jun.8.1930
B457 B-E-25-5 Travis Floyd  1970  
B457 B-E-25-6 Travis Leona V. 1972 Jul.10.1972
D205 D-A-3-1 Travis Victor 1958  
D591 B-A-4-3 Travis Victor Henry Sr. Apr.9.1994 Apr.26.1994
A219 A-E-33-4 Troxel Charlotte E. Dodge    
A219 A-E-33-6 Troxel Edward Ray Jan.12.1881  
A219 A-E-33-3 Troxel Rev. H. B.  Nov.15.1897  
A219 A-E-33-5 Troxel Henry Guy Mar.9.1875  
A219 A-E-33-2 Troxel John Dow    
A219 A-E-33-1 Troxel Roy H.    
B599 B-C-2-1 Turner Kitty 1968 Mar.26.1968
A290 A-D-22-6 Turvey Eleanor May28.1904  
A290 A-D-22-4 Turvey George  1942 Dec.3.1942
A290 A-D-22-5 Turvey Harry Hoffman 1933 Jan.2.1933
D42 D-F-29-6 Tuthill Ada 1981 May22.1981
E757 E-A-5-5 Tuthill Donald W.   Dec.20.1985
D42 D-F-29-5 Tuthill Wesley E. 1967 1967
B447 B-A-28-1 Tuttle John B. Oct.17.1952  
B441 B-A-29-2 Tuttle Louise 1957 Mar.12.1957
B441 B-A-29-4 Tuttle Lucius Feb.16.1906  
B441 B-A-29-5 Tuttle Sarah E. Aug.1.1923  
B441 B-A-29-1 Tuttle Stanley L. 1966  
B441 B-A-29-3 Tuttle William A. 1886  
D204 D-F-2-6 Tymeson Lucy 1946 Mar.26.1946
D204 D-F-2-3 Tymeson Matthias B. Jr. 1980 Apr.12.1980
D204 D-F-2-5 Tymeson Matthias B. Sr. 1977 Mar.25.1977
D49 D-A-29-3 Van Etten Andrew W. Jul.8.1992 Jul.13.1992
C49 D-A-29-4 Van Etten Marion E. Jun.11.2000 Jun.14.2000

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 09/02/2001
By Joyce M. Tice