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Rural Home Cemetery, Town of Big Flats, Chemung County, NY

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Photos  by Joyce M. Tice
Pages Formatted by Joyce M. Tice
Name of Cemetery:    Rural Home Cemetery
Read By:  Teresa Dean and E. R. Van Etten
Date Read:  From Cemetery Records to 2000 
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  Big Flats NY
Other comments: Death Dates added by Bim VanEtten from Obituaries
Rural Home Cemetery (Big Flats Burial Association) was organized 13 Feb. 1886. It is the largest and only active cemetery (except for the small cemetery at Mt. Saviour Monastery) of seven in the town. It is well maintained by the Association.

It is located on the south side and almost adjacent to Route 17/Interstate 86. It is bounded on the east by Hibbard Rd and on the west by the Big Flats Elementary School.

The 2000 listing was copied by Town Clerk Teresa Dean and Historian E.R. Van Etten from records courteously loaned  by the Association President, Mr. Duane Hills.

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File # Lot Description Last Name First Name Death Date Burial Date
A408 A-B-2-2 Jackson Bertha D. Fero 1939 Feb.22.1939
C738 C-B-7-6 Jackson Carlton J. Dec.26.1992 Dec.29.1992
C738 C-B-7-1 Jackson Esther Louise Mar.8.1996 Mar.12.1996
A408 A-B-2-3 Jackson Miles M. 1976 Oct.20.1976
A408 A-B-2-4 Jackson Ross A. May 15.1996  
A408 A-B-2-1 Jackson Roy H. Nov.5.1964  
A350 A-D-12-1 Jacobs Judson Dec.2.1931  
A350 A-D-12-2 Jacobs Lucretia Aug.19.1902  
D71 D-E-24-4 Jacobs Mary A. 1972 Mar.27.1972
A350 A-D-12-3 Jacobs Sammy Dec.12.1887  
D175 D-A-8-1 Janowski John H. Nov.13.1963  
D175 D-A-8-2 Janowski Mollie G. 1951 Apr.13.1951
B515 B-C-16-2 Jennings Charlotte 1898  
B515 B-C-16-1 Jennings Cornelius Nov.19.1906  
C726 C-D-9-5 Jennings Deborah Dec.28.1994 Dec.31.1994
C726 C-D-9-5 Jennings Deborah 1994  
D144 D-F-12-3 Jennings Earl 1977 Nov.25.1977
D144 D-F-12-1 Jennings Edward R. 1954 Jul.19.1954
B515 B-C-16-4 Jennings Ermina Webber 1967 Mar.4.1967
C726 C-D-9-4 Jennings Grover 1940  
B515 B-C-16-3 Jennings Ira 1957 Mar.27.1957
C726 C-D-9-2 Jennings Mildred Stamp 1933 Oct.30.1933
C726 C-D-9-1 Jennings Uri Dec.28.1993 Dec.31.1993
  -24 Jennings William Dec. 1952  
C760 C-C-4-1 Jessup DeForest    
C760 C-C-4-2 Jessup Flora M. 1941 Jan.27.1941
D26 D-B-32-2 Johns Dale Jul.3.1998 Jul.7.1998
D38 D-B-30-6 Johns Laura M. Mar.20.1999 Apr.26.1999
D38 D-B-30-5 Johns, Jr. Earl 1976 Mar.17.1976
E708 E-A-12-7 Johns, Sr. Earl 1982 Sep.27.1982
B481 B-E-21-2 Johnson Adelia E. 1911  
D162 D-F-9-4 Johnson Alice 1953 Feb.16.1953
A252 A-B-28-4 Johnson Allen Bruce 1971 Aug.27.1971
D3A D-C-37-5 Johnson Alva O. Aug.12.1976 Aug.14.1976
B518 B-F-15-6 Johnson Andrew 1961 Dec. 1961
  C-D-26-19 Johnson Anna Jul.21.1953  
C713 C-E-11-6 Johnson Anna Hooey 1992 Oct.10.1992
D3A D-C-37-4 Johnson Anna T. Jan.29.1996 Apr.24.1996
B481 B-E-21-3 Johnson Beatrice 1975 Jan.6.1975
A349 A-C-12-6 Johnson Brant 1947 Apr.21.1947
  B-E-21-2 Johnson Delia Mar-65  
B504 B-D-18-1 Johnson George W. Feb.1.1904  
A252 A-B-28-5 Johnson Grace Rozell 1957 Jun.27.1957
  C-D-26-20 Johnson John Sep.10.1936  
B481 B-E-21-1 Johnson John E. 1954 Aug.20.1954
D38 D-B-30-2 Johnson Julia 1969 Dec.22.1969
D39 D-C-30-2 Johnson Julia E. Dec.17.1966 1966
C773 C-B-2-3 Johnson Louise Kneale 1946 Nov.10.1946
C784 C-F-1-4 Johnson Martha  Sep.3.1995 Sep.8.1995
A302 A-D-20-2 Johnson Mary Holden Aug.21.1890  
B504 B-D-18-2 Johnson Melvina 1937 Nov.10.1937
D114 D-F-17-3 Johnson Nancy Kay 1952 Feb.28.1952
A302 A-D-20-1 Johnson Oliver Sep.8.1910  
  C-D-25-19 Johnson Rudolf Aug.24.1940  
A302 A-D-20-5 Johnson Sophia 1938 Jul.17.1938
D38 D-B-30-1 Johnson Vernon 1971 Apr.30.1971
D39 D-B-30-1 Johnson Vernon 1971 Apr.30.1971
A252 A-B-28-6 Johnson William Apr.26.1923  
C742 C-F-7-1 Johnson William E. Oct.1992 Oct.26.1992
B541 B-E-11-4 Johnson (Baby) Beatrice 1936 Nov.25.1936
B541 B-E-11-4 Johnson (Baby) Carl Ross   Oct.27.1938
C691 C-D-14-1 Jones Clyde  1937  
C780 C-B-1-5 Jones Dorothy E. McCracken Jun.13.1980 Jun.16.1980
B461 B-C-25-6 Jones Ellsworth Wesley 1927 Mar.8.1927
C780 C-B-1-4 Jones Flora Gladys Dec.30.1996 1997
C780 C-B-1-1 Jones Fred H. Dec.20.1943 Dec.23.1943
C-780 C-B-1-3 Jones Jesse M. 1975  
D170 D-B-8-2 Jones John P. 1985 Jul.11.1985
C780 C-B-1-6 Jones Joseph E. Jul.14.1993 Jul.17.1993
D159 D-C-10-5 Jones Kimberleigh    
C780 C-B-1-2 Jones Lena 1959  
B461 B-C-25-5 Jones Meridith M. 1946 Jul.13.1946
D159 D-C-10-6 Jones Paul R Jun.19.1999 Jun.122.1999
C648 C-C-20-5 Jones Sarah Long 1943 Jan.5.1943
C766 C-B-3-6 Jordon Eva 1980 Nov.18.1980
C766 C-B-3-5 Jordon William 1991 Jun.6.1991
  C-A-26-3 Judson Albium Mar.26.1937  
  C-A-26-2 Judson Lutie Dec.1.1941  
D136 D-D-13-3 Jughulian E. Louise Ober Jun.1.1959 1959
A309 A-E-18-6 Kahler Ann P. Jul.18.1998 Jul.22.1998
A385 A-C-6-6 Kahler Edith Quick 1934 Mar.27.1934
D40 D-D-29-5 Kahler Eloise C. 1977 Mar.29.1977
A303 A-E-19-5 Kahler Florence M. 1977 Apr.14.1977
A385 A-C-6-1 Kahler George  1977 May 20.1927
A303 A-E-19-3 Kahler George J. Oct.24.1918  
A303 A-E-19-4 Kahler Harry L. Sr. May 14.1967  
A272 A-D-25-4 Kahler Helen 1980 Apr.18.1980
D40 D-D-29-6 Kahler Herbert W. 1991 Feb.4.1991
A385 A-C-6-5 Kahler John H. 1958 Feb.12.1958
E701 E-A-13-6 Kahler Martin 1983 Jun.24.1983
A303 A-E-19-2 Kahler Mary B. Lowe Feb.26.1966  
A303 A-E-19-1 Kahler Oscar 1953 Mar.14.1954
A385 A-C-6-2 Kahler Sena M. 1923  
C748 C-E-6-6 Kakritz   1972 Sep.25.1972
A320 A-D-17-2 Kakritz Anna Jan.5.1901  
A320 A-D-17-3 Kakritz Anna B. 1893  
A320 A-D-17-1 Kakritz Carl  1943 Jul.17.1943
A320 A-D-17-6 Kakritz Clara 1947 Apr.17.1947
A314 A-D-18-2 Kakritz Lena 1894  
A314 A-D-18-1 Kakritz, Jr. Herman 1894  
A391 A-C-5-2 Kearns Edith G. 1926 Dec.18.1926
A391 A-C-5-1 Kearns Joseph  1958  
D120 D-F-16-4 Keeler Helen D. 1987 May.5.1988
D120 D-F-16-3 Keeler James H. 1984 Apr.27.1984
C734 C-E-8-1 Keiffer William 1929 Mar.18.1929
C647 C-B-20-3 Kelemen Mary Judith Smith 1973 Mar.14.1973
B499 B-E-18-2 Keller Augusta A. 1929 Jan.5.1929
B499 B-E-18-3 Keller Ferdinand E. 1952  
B499 B-E-18-1 Keller Frederick A. 1975 May 28.1975
B499 B-E-18-5 Keller Fredericka 1913  
D95 D-E-20-2 Kelley Flora L. 1979 Jun.19.1979
D95 D-E-20-1 Kelley Roy R. 1964 Nov.23.1964
B588 B-D-4-4 Kellogg Earl 1961 Nov.16.1961
B588 B-D-4-5 Kellogg Helen May.10.1959  
B587 B-C-4-3 Kellogg (Child) James W. 1935 May 9.1935

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 09/02/2001
By Joyce M. Tice