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Rural Home Cemetery, Town of Big Flats, Chemung County, NY

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Photos  by Joyce M. Tice
Pages Formatted by Joyce M. Tice
Name of Cemetery:    Rural Home Cemetery
Read By:  Teresa Dean and E. R. Van Etten
Date Read:  From Cemetery Records to 2000 
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  Big Flats NY
Other comments: Death Dates added by Bim VanEtten from Obituaries
Rural Home Cemetery (Big Flats Burial Association) was organized 13 Feb. 1886. It is the largest and only active cemetery (except for the small cemetery at Mt. Saviour Monastery) of seven in the town. It is well maintained by the Association.

It is located on the south side and almost adjacent to Route 17/Interstate 86. It is bounded on the east by Hibbard Rd and on the west by the Big Flats Elementary School.

The 2000 listing was copied by Town Clerk Teresa Dean and Historian E.R. Van Etten from records courteously loaned  by the Association President, Mr. Duane Hills.

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File # Lot Description Last Name First Name Death Date Burial Date
B598 B-B-2-6 Foshay Carrie 1937 Aug.5.1937
C739 C-C-7-5 Foshay Lyda Q. 1972 May24.1972
B523 B-E-14-2 Foster Anne C. 1923  
A265 A-C-26-1 Foster Charles B. 1934 May15.1934
B523 B-E-14-1 Foster Daniel J. 1919  
A265 A-C-26-4 Foster Hazel Reba Nov.26.1939  
A265 A-C-26-3 Foster Herman 1957 Dec.8.1957
A265 A-C-26-2 Foster Laura E. 1937 Oct.26.1937
B523 B-E-14-3 Foster William F. Nov.16.1941  
A378 A-B-7-6 Frankfather Harry A. 1978 Apr.26.1978
D126 D-F-15-6 Franzen Ruth I. Benedict 1987 1987
A263 A-A-27-3 Fratarcangelo Michael Jul.21.2000 Jul.24.2000
E638 E-A-22-5 Frazer Emolene B. Apr.20.1997 Apr.24.1997
E638 E-A-22-6 Frazer Orville Dec.25.1998 Dec.29.1998
D171 D-C-8-1 Freeman Earl L. 1965 Dec.15.1965
A282 A-B-23-1 French Arthur 1991 Aug.20.1991
C674 C-A-17-6 French John Edward 1982 Apr.21.1982
C674 C-A-17-2 French Louela 1973 May 2.1973
C674 C-A-17-5 French Mary  1978 Nov.7.1978
C674 C-A-17-1 French Raymond 1934 Oct.18.1934
C623 C-F-24-2 French Revah S. May 7.1991 May 10.1991
C623 C-F-24-1 French Willard R. Nov.3.1992 Nov.7.1992
D53 D-E-27-2 Fridie Mary L. 1965 Jun.5.1965
D53 D-E-27-1 Fridie William J. 1973 Feb.2.1974
D78 D-F-23-3 Friebis Joseph P. Apr.15.1961 Apr.16.1961
E757 E-A-5-1 Friend Johnnye B. Nov.20.1992 Nov.25.1992
A369 A-E-8-6 Fulkerson Aaron Mar.30.1888  
C705 C-D-12-4 Fulkerson Alice 1963 Dec.17.1963
C704 C-C-12-4 Fulkerson Chester 1981 Apr.3.1981
C704 C-C-12-1 Fulkerson Fremont 1918  
C705 C-D-12-5 Fulkerson Joseph  Nov.2.1965  
C704 C-C-12-2 Fulkerson Mary Bradshaw 1914  
C705 C-D-12-3 Fulkerson Robert R. 1946 Jul.21.1946
C704 C-C-12-5 Fulkerson Rosa J. 1977 Mar.25.1977
A369 A-E-8-1 Fulkerson Ruth Jul.2.1891  
A369 A-E-8-5 Fulkerson Sarah J. Booth 1896  
A369 A-E-8-4 Fulkerson Wayland Sep.29.1888  
B521 B-C-15-2 Fuller Alice Feb.2.1897  
B481 B-E-21-2 Fuller Ellen   May 1965
B520 B-B-15-1 Fuller George     
B520 B-B-15-2 Fuller Katie Dibble 1896  
B521 B-C-15-1 Fuller William Jun.14.1929 Jun.17.1929
D4A D-D-36-5 Fuller, Sr. William Mar.13.1999 May13.1999
D145 D-A-13-1 Fultz Viola Mae Dec.15.1957  
B598 B-B-2-2- Furdun Lizzie F. 1930 Jan.21.1930
B598 B-B-2-1 Furdun William H.  Jun.28.1939  
A378 A-B-7-2 Furman Edna Rhinehart A992 Oct.17.1992
A378 A-B-7-1 Furman, Jr. Walter  1961  
  -20 Gallaher William F. Jul.12.1954  
A340 A-F-13-1 Gardner E. W. 1897  
A340 A-F-13-2 Gardner Martha M. 1891  
C739 C-C-7-6 Gardner Stacie M. Jan.2.1969  
D189 D-C-5-2 Gardner Walter F. Feb.19.1964 Feb.22.1964
E743 E-A-7-1 Gardner, Sr. Gordon Sep.24.1978 Sep.28.1978
D68 D-B-25-5 Gay Amanda J. Apr.20.1992 Apr.28.1992
D68 D-B-25-6 Gay Wilbert E. 1973 Nov.28.1973
D55 D-A-28-5 Gaylord, Sr. Gordon W. Jan.14.1993 Jan.18.1993
D205 D-A-3-AISLE Gee Celia 1996 Apr.1.1996
C671 C-E-17-3 Geiser Marie E. 1964  
D153 D-C-11-4 George A. O. 1957 May 1957
D153 D-C-11-5 George Mrs. A. O. 1957 Nov.22.1957
D153 D-C-34-1 George, Jr. Brian K. May 6.1994 May 9.1994
D10 D-D-34-3 Gerow Betty Lou 1977 Mar.25.1977
  C-A-26-1 Gerow Beverly Jean Dec.31.1934 Jan. 3.1935
E764 E-A-4-1 Gerow Bruce A. 1987 Feb.6.1987
C632 C-A-23-1 Gerow Claude R. 1948 Sep.9.1948
A253 A-C-28-5 Gerow Clayton D. 1932 Nov.12.1932
C632 C-A-23-4 Gerow Clyde 1964 Apr.23.1964
D5 D-E-35-1 Gerow Denton J. 1972 Jun.14.1972
D190 D-D-4-5 Gerow Dora 1950 Nov.16.1950
E764 E-A-4-2 Gerow Gladys 1982 Apr.27.1982
D190 D-D-4-6 Gerow Leonard R. Oct.28.1950 Nov. 1950
A253 A-C-28-4 Gerow Nellie B. 1978 Apr.14.1978
C632 C-A-23-3 Gerow Raymond 1943 Mar.6.1943
D5 D-E-35-2 Gerow Ruth 2000 Sep.20.2000
C632 C-A-23-2 Gerow Sophia 1938 Apr.11.1938
A253 A-C-28-6 Gerow (Baby) Earnest    
A267 A-E-25-1 Gilbert Elmer Oct.10.1917  
A267 A-E-25-2 Gilbert Erminda Silsbee Oct.28.1899  
A313 A-C-18-5 Gildea Frank  1946 May 1946
A313 A-C-18-1 Gildea George 1932 Dec.30.1932
A313 A-C-18-3 Gildea John 1979 Aug.6.1979
A313 A-C-18-4 Gildea Mildred 1990 Jun.26.1990
C767 C-C-3-6 Gillis Harold 1981 Apr.4.1981
C767 C-C-3-5 Gillis Nettie 1985 Sep.21.1985
D3 D-C-36-2 Ginnan Deborah Brant 1978 Jul.12.1978
D164 D-B-9-3 Gleason Andrew J. 1955 Jul.16.1955
B524 B-F-14-5 Goff Abram S. Aug.9.1923  
B524 B-F-14-4 Goff Emma Rockwell 1948 Nov.11.1948
B524 B-F-14-6 Goff Judson M. Jan.1.1917  
D105 D-C-19-5 Golden Earl  1969 Apr.15.1969
D105 D-C-19-6 Golden Margaret 1988 Apr.30.1988
A410 A-D-2-4 Golden Richard Aug.22.1996 Aug.26.1996
A410 A-D-2-3 Golden Wilma 1955 Jun.22.1955
D203 D-E-2-6 Good Anna May 1958 Feb.8.1958
D203 D-E-2-4 Good Doris J. Jul.11.1994 Jul.13.1994
D203 D-E-2-5 Good Ralph F. 1967 1967
B488 B-F-20-6 Goodwin Emma B. 1963  
B488 B-F-20-5 Goodwin John M. 1956 May17.1956
C677 C-D-16-5 Gorton Benjamin 1950 Sep.5.1950
B556 B-B-9-6 Gorton Cassius M. 1927 Jan.29.1927
A363 A-E-9-1 Gorton Charles B. Sep.4.1887  
B556 B-B-9-4 Gorton Effie    
B556 B-B-9-3 Gorton Lewie E. Sep.19.1894  
C677 C-C-16-1 Gorton Mazie 1970  
C677 C-D-16-4 Gorton Paul 1950 Sep.5.1950
C677 C-D-16-3 Gorton Robert  1939  
C677 C-D-16-2 Gorton Robert B. 1970  
B556 B-B-9-5 Gorton Sarah L. 1927 Jan.20.1927
A363 A-E-9-2 Gorton Sarah M. Nov.9.1923  
B478 B-B-22-4 Goss Banks Almond 1980 Jul.9.1980
B478 B-B-22-3 Goss Eva Groome 1963 Apr.18.1963

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 09/02/2001
By Joyce M. Tice