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Eleanor Krebs and Larewe Miller 
were aunt and uncle of Joyce M. Tice
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Name of Cemetery:    Rural Home Cemetery
Read By:  Teresa Dean and E. R. Van Etten
Date Read:  From Cemetery Records to 2000 
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  Big Flats NY
Other comments: Death Dates added by Bim VanEtten from Obituaries
Rural Home Cemetery (Big Flats Burial Association) was organized 13 Feb. 1886. It is the largest and only active cemetery (except for the small cemetery at Mt. Saviour Monastery) of seven in the town. It is well maintained by the Association.

It is located on the south side and almost adjacent to Route 17/Interstate 86. It is bounded on the east by Hibbard Rd and on the west by the Big Flats Elementary School.

The 2000 listing was copied by Town Clerk Teresa Dean and Historian E.R. Van Etten from records courteously loaned  by the Association President, Mr. Duane Hills.

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File # Lot Description Last Name First Name Death Date Burial Date
A225 A-E-32-3 McConnell Emma Mae 1946 Jan.19.1946
A225 A-E-32-5 McConnell Mary Feb.15.1899  
B506 B-F-17-2 McCorn Clara Welch Jun.28.1939  
B506 B-F-17-1 McCorn LaRay 1932 May 19.1932
E680 E-A-16-7 McDonald Carlos Seth 1988 Jul.8.1988
E680 E-A-16-5 McDonald Lawrence A. 1987 Sep.26.1987
B447 B-A-28-5 McGredy Frederick 1931 Jul.21.1931
B447 B-A-28-4 McGredy Sarah Tuttle 1937 Mar.13.1937
D101 D-E-19-3 McIntyre Archer 1961 Mar.25.1961
D28 D-D-31-3 McIntyre James L. 1973 Aug.21.1973
D14  D-B-34-1 McKay Robert J. Sep.30.1979 Oct.3.1979
C706 C-E-12-5 McKenna Kathryn H. Aug.17.1963  
C706 C-E-12-4 McKenna William Jul.25.1996 Jul.29.1996
D34 D-D-30-5 McNaney Kimberly F. Jul.22.1999 Jul.27.1999
A243 A-E-29-3 McNeil Della Jayne May 22.1939  
A243 A-E-29-4 McNeil Ithiel 1936 Nov.15.1936
A382 A-F-6-2 McNulty Fannie Farr 1940 Jul.1.1940
A382 A-F-6-1 McNulty John B. Jul.11.1921  
D21 D-C-33-5 McUmber Arthur J. 1978 Apr.20.1978
  C-D-25-27 McUmber Jay B. Jan.11.1946  
D154 D-C-34-5 McUmber Thomas Nov.10.1995 Nov.13.1995
A267 A-E-25-4 Mead Harriet Silsbee Sep.9.1902  
A366 A-B-9-4 Mead Rebecca H. Jun.7.1910  
A216 A-B-34-2 Mega      
B541 B-E-11-4 Meisner Lewis K. Jul.5.1994 Jul.9.1994
C619 C-B-24-4 Merrill Cora M. 1977 May 27.1977
C619 C-B-24-2 Merrill Dora B. 1943 May 14.1943
C619 C-B-24-1 Merrill E. Clarence 1936 Jul.26.1936
C619 C-B-24-3 Merrill Flo S. 1973 Feb.4.1974
C783 C-E-1-4 Merrill William K. 1989 Apr.20.1989
C678 C-E-16-2 Meyer Olive Besley 1979 Mar.29.1979
C690 C-C-14-1 Middaugh Charles B. 1973 May 19.1973
C690 C-C-14-4 Middaugh Dorothy 1964 Sep.14.1964
C690 C-C-14-2 Middaugh Nellie A. 1975 Sep.29.1975
C690 C-C-14-3 Middaugh Oscar C. Apr.13.1971 Apr.16.1971
C690 C-C-14-5 Middaugh Phillip E. 1985 Aug.12.1985
C690 C-C-14-6 Middaugh (Child) Lois J. 1936  
A221 A-A-34-2 Middleton Esther Pearl 1947 Jul.11.1947
E778 E-A-2-1 Miles Emma A. 1987 Jan.30.1987
C756 C-F-5-1 Miles Ethel Rose Jan.16.1994 Apr.26.1994
  C-E-13-4 Miles Flora P. Jul.8.1941  
E778 E-A-2-2 Miles William B. 1985 Apr.29.1985
D73 D-A-25-2 Miller Adrian V. Apr.1.1997 Apr.5.1997
B578 B-F-5-2 Miller Anna E. 1926 Apr.13.1926
B585 B-A-5-2 Miller Anna S. 1927 Apr.4.1927
D70 D-D-24-2 Miller Bessie K. 1971 Feb.1.1971
B467 B-C-24-2 Miller Carlyle C. Oct.9.1994 Oct.13.1994
B578 B-F-5-1 Miller Edward R. 1931 Jan.19.1931
D19 D-A-34-2 Miller Eleanor Mae 1986 Nov.11.1986
  C-C-25-14 Miller Elva Jul.11.19141  
A270 A-B-25-5 Miller Flo H. May 8.1979 May 12.1979
A258 A-B-27-1 Miller Frank  1929 Dec.15.1929
B432 B-D-30-6 Miller Frank 1903  
C724 C-B-9-1 Miller Frank L. May 17.1923
D70 D-D-24-3 Miller Frank K. 1973 Nov.21.1973
B578 B-F-5-3 Miller Freda A. 1977 Nov.18.1977
A270 A-B-25-4 Miller Henry A. 1934 Nov.10.1934
B432 B-D-30-4 Miller Hiram 1928 May 19.1928
A258 A-B-27-5 Miller John J. 1977 Apr.29.1977
D19 D-A-34-1 Miller Larewe D. 1978 Apr.24.1978
A376 A-F-7-2 Miller Lizzie Carpenter  
B432 B-D-30-5 Miller Louise 1928 Feb.22.1928
  C-C-25-15 Miller Mack Sep.15.1947  
B484 B-B-21-4 Miller Melvin W. Nov.25.1905  
A376 A-F-7-1 Miller Nathan O. Nov.9.1916
D70 D-D-24-1 Miller Nathaniel D. 1966 Feb.21.1966
B484 B-B-21-5 Miller Rebecca J. 1922  
A258 A-B-27-2 Miller Susie 1964
B609 B-A-1-4 Miller Virginia A. 1975 Aug.9.1975
A258 A-B-27-4 Miller (Infant) Lillian 1919
B541 B-E-11-6 Miller Robert F. Sr. 1949 Jan.18.1949
B552 B-D-10-2 Mills Elizabeth 1896  
B552 B-D-10-6 Mills Elizabeth 1908  
B552 B-D-10-1 Mills Linus 1906  
B554 B-F-9-6 Mills Mary Julia 1958  
B554 B-F-9-5 Mills Silas Dempster 1945 May 13.1945
  C-D-24-19 Millspaugh Mabel Dec.11.1953  
C-D-24-20 Millspaugh William Jan.29.1943  
A320 A-D-17-4 Miner Bertha Caroline 1929 Sep.19.1929
A320 A-D-17-5 Miner Gertrude 1935 Jun.8.1935
A315 A-E-17-5 (HEAD) Miner Beverly F. 1986 Apr.16.1986
A316 A-F-17-2 Miner Clara Carpenter Dec.23.1939  
A321 A-E-16-1 Miner Edward E. 1959  
A321 A-E-16-AISLE Miner Elizabeth Owen Aug.30.1938  
A321 A-E-16-AISLE Miner Emily May 19.1977  
A321 A-E-16-2 Miner Emily H. 1976  
A316 A-F-17-4 Miner Henry B. Jr. 1949 Apr.30.1949
A322 A-F-16-1 Miner John R. Aug.16.1911  
A322 A-F-16-2 Miner J. R. Mrs.  
A316 A-F-17-5 Miner Jane H. 1958 Jul.7.1958
A316 A-F-17-1 Miner Samuel A. 1932 Aug.22.1932
A322 A-F-16-3 Miner Thomas R.  
A316 A-F-17-3 Miner William C. 1940 Jan.3.1941
A316 A-F-17-4 (HEAD) Miner Henry B. Jr. Jul.8.1975  
D75 D-C-24-3 Mitchell George C. 1969 1969
E743 E-A-7-7 Mochrie Robert G. 1987 Jul.13.1987
A266 A-D-26-2 Monks Clara 1931 Jun.19.1931
A266 A-D-26-3 Monks Harriett J. Mar.5.1923  
A266 A-D-26-1 Monks John W. 1936 Apr.19.1936
A266 A-D-26-4 Monks Lillian L. 1968 Jun.15.1968
B429 B-A-31-3 Monroe Edward    
C619 C-B-24-6 Monroe Elsie M. 1977 Mar.31.1977
C619 C-B-24-5 Monroe Grayden E. 1966  
C684 C-D-15-3 Montgomery Geraldine M. 1981 Apr.27.1981
A319 A-C-17-3/4 MONUMENT      
E743 E-A-7-4 Moore Farnham B. 1990 Jun.1.1990
E743 E-A-7-3 Moore Virginia A. Oct.10.1997 Oct.13.1997
A312 A-B-18-6 Moore (Baby) Harold Dec. 1943  
A238 A-F-30-2 Morrison Elizabeth A. Jun.18.1911  
A238 A-F-30-5 Morrison Ira A. 1939 Apr.4.1939
A238 A-F-30-6 Morrison Mary B. Jun.2.1958  
A238 A-F-30-1 Morrison Nicholas M. Jan.1.1908  
A238 A-F-30-1 (HEAD) Morrison (Infant)      
A238 A-F-30-1 (FOOT) Morrison (Infant) Jacobus Sep.15.1942  
A238 A-F-30-2 (HEAD) Morrison (Infant) John Jacobus Oct.29.1946  
 Subj:  Rural Home Cemetery listings
Date:  3/25/2003 10:41:48 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Al Minier)

Ms. Tice,
I chanced upon your remarkable web site when, in a spare moment, I happened to think of Big Flats and did a Google search.  Since several of my ancestors are buried in Rural Home Cemetery, including both of my parents (Henry B., Jr., d. 1975 and Eleanor d. 2001) and my uncle (Sam d. 2002), I was naturally drawn to that link.  It is very pleasant to see your many photographs, taken in good weather.  However, I notice that the family name is consistently misspelled as "Miner", that is, missing the second "i".  This is a small thing in comparison to the service you provide, but I thought you might want to know.
Alan Minier
Cheyenne, WY

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 09/02/2001
By Joyce M. Tice