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Rural Home Cemetery, Town of Big Flats, Chemung County, NY

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Photos  by Joyce M. Tice
Pages Formatted by Joyce M. Tice
Name of Cemetery:    Rural Home Cemetery
Read By:  Teresa Dean and E. R. Van Etten
Date Read:  From Cemetery Records to 2000 
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  Big Flats NY
Other comments: Death Dates added by Bim VanEtten from Obituaries
Rural Home Cemetery (Big Flats Burial Association) was organized 13 Feb. 1886. It is the largest and only active cemetery (except for the small cemetery at Mt. Saviour Monastery) of seven in the town. It is well maintained by the Association.

It is located on the south side and almost adjacent to Route 17/Interstate 86. It is bounded on the east by Hibbard Rd and on the west by the Big Flats Elementary School.

The 2000 listing was copied by Town Clerk Teresa Dean and Historian E.R. Van Etten from records courteously loaned  by the Association President, Mr. Duane Hills.

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File # Lot Description Last Name First Name Death Date Burial Date
C616 C-F-15-1 Himmelreich John  Apr.12.1995 Apr.17.1995
C616 C-F-25-2 Himmelreich Lurlene Aug.18.1998 Aug.21.1998
C639 C-A-22-2 Hines Catherine 1931 Dec.30.1931
C639 C-A-22-1 Hines Jason 1932 Apr.28.1932
C787 C-B-1-5 Hoaglin Sarah  1945 May19.1945
B492 B-D-20-5 Hoaglin Stella 1941 Jul.10.1941
D146 D-B-12-1 Hodencamp Virginia 1957 Dec.15.1957
D135 D-C-14-6 Hofsommer Arthur W. 1958 Nov.8.1958
D135 D-C-14-5 Hofsommer Lucetta 1986 Apr.25.1986
D135 D-C-14-4 Hofsommer William 1983 Apr.11.1983
C751 C-A-6-4 Hogencamp Alice 1930 Jul.4.1930
C751 C-A-6-3 Hogencamp Arthur Bert 1990 Aug.9.1990
A236 A-D-31-1 Hogencamp Barney 1910  
C751 C-A-6-1 Hogencamp Charles B. 1952 Jan.3.1953
C751 C-A-6-5 Hogencamp Edward C. 1940 May 1940
A230 A-D-32-4 Hogencamp Eleaser 1924  
A230 A-D-32-5 Hogencamp Emma 1936 Dec.28.1936
A236 A-D-31-5 Hogencamp George 1915  
A236 A-D-31-4 Hogencamp George E. 1973 Dec.17.1973
A230 A-D-32-6 Hogencamp Ida 1947 Mar.14.1947
A230 A-D-32-2 Hogencamp Jane 1901  
A230 A-D-32-1 Hogencamp Lezar 1924  
A236 A-D-31-2 Hogencamp Lydia 1916  
A230 A-D-32-3 Hogencamp Lydia 1925 Mar.14.1925
A230 A-D-32-3 Hogencamp Nathaniel 1943 Dec.29.1943
C751 C-A-6-6 Hogencamp Rose 1963 Jan.30.1963
D169 D-D-33-2 Hogue Joyce M. Webster Mar.30.1999 Apr.6.1999
B562 B-B-8-1 Holmes Emmett Jul.8.1883  
B562 B-B-8-3 Holmes Fred C. Jun.30.1890  
B562 B-B-8-6 Holmes Hattiet M. 1927 Jul.11.1927
B538 B-B-12-5 Holmes Mabel L. 1953 Nov.2.1953
B562 B-B-8-2 Holmes Sarahett 1889  
B538 B-B-12-6 Holmes Teddy R. 1928  
B537 B-A-13-7 Holmes Theo R. Aug.1.1928  
B538 B-B-12-4 Holmes, Sr. Theodore L. 1952 May 3.1952
B517 B-E-15-6 Honeywell Jessie 1925  
D34 D-D-30-3 Hood Rutherford B. Jun.17.1999 Jun.28.1999
C713 C-E-11-5 Hooey Charles 1942 Dec.13.1942
C747 C-D-6-5 Hooey Della Rose 1941 Dec.4.1941
D148 D-D-11-2 Hooey Diana 1954 Oct.25.1954
C713 C-E-11-1 Hooey Frank 1927 Jul.14.1927
B515 B-C-16-6 Hooey Hattie  Sep.29.1995 Oct.2.1995
A375 A-E-7-1 Hooey James A. Oct.10.1909  
A375 A-E-7-2 Hooey Rose A. Feb.22.1917  
B515 B-C-16-5 Hooey Stanley E. Mar.15.1970  
B431 B-C-30-1 Hooey William Jun.3.1902  
B432 B-E-30-2 Hooey William 1902  
C747 C-D-6-6- Hooey William 1950 Dec.15.1950
B431 B-C-30-2 Hooey William, Mrs.    
A305 A-A-20-1 Hooker Charles D. Dec.3.1918  
A344 A-D-13-1 Hooker Clarisa Jul.2.1886  
A305 A-A-20-2 Hooker Emma Cowan Jul. 1939  
A344 A-D-13-3 Hooker Fred D. 1914  
A305 A-A-20-5 Hooker Nellie 1921  
A344 A-D-13-2 Hooker Thomas  1893  
C777 C-F-2-2 Hoos, Jr. John W. 1991 Jul.31.1991
A332 A-D-15-4 Hopkins Clara B. 1930 Jan.14.1930
A332 A-D-15-5 Hopkins George    
A398 A-D-4-3 Hopkins Harold Leo 1968 Jun.7.1968
A404 A-D-3-6 Hopkins Helen 1937 Sep.26.1937
A398 A-D-4-2 Hopkins Jennie 1945 Mar.25.1945
A398 A-D-4-1 Hopkins Pearl E. 1944 May 26.1944
A270 A-B-25-1 Horitt Cammel 1918  
A270 A-B-25-2 Horitt Juliett 1924  
B489 B-A-21-5 Hornby Martha 1930 Mar.7.1930
B489 B-A-21-2 Hornby William H. Sep.22.1916  
D58 D-D-26-1 Horton Arnold L. 1968 Mar.29.1968
D58 D-D-26-2 Horton Wilson D. 1991 Apr.9.1991
E715 E-A-11-6 Hostrander Betty Jean Feb.17.1995  
D98 D-B-20-1 Hostrander Charles G. 1969 1969
E715 E-A-11-6 Hostrander John L. Jun.22.1996  
C684 C-D-15-1 Howard Anna Sep.26.1998  
C684 C-D-15-2 Howard Clyde R. Jun.18.2000 Jun.26.2000
C684 C-D-15-1 Howard Walter 1938 Dec.12.1938
C684 C-D-15-5 Howard Infant 1948 Oct.12.1948
C684 C-D-15-5 Howard David -Infant 1954 Sep.10.1954
D46 D-D-28-2 Howe Edith M. 1969 Dec.24.1969
  C-B-25-11 Howe Frank E. May 13.1939  
  C-B-25-10 Howe Jeannette Feb.11.1946  
D46 D-D-28-1 Howe Merlin J. 1968 May 25.1968
D210 D-F-1-4 Howe (Baby) Lyman 1962 May 17.1962
A368 A-D-9-4 Howey Lillian W. 1972 Aug.28.1972
  A-D-24-1 Hoyt Lula May 13.1941  
A258 A-B-27-3 Hubbard Harriett B. 1976 Dec.6.1976
B498 B-D-19-4 Hubbard Lute Nov.23.1957  
E645 E-A-21-3 Hufford Harry Emerson 1989 Nov.17.1989
B527 B-C-14-1 Humphrey George 1919  
B527 B-C-14-4 Humphrey Mattie S. 1894  
B527 B-C-14-3 Humphrey Warren F. 1897  
B596 B-F-2-5 Hunter Carolyn 1991 Mar.14.1991
D53 D-E-27-6 Hurd Ella M. 1986 Apr.10.1986
D174 D-F-7-1 Hurd Eugene 1947 Mar.3.1947
D174 D-F-7-3 Hurd Murrel E. 1978 Apr.14.1978
D174 D-F-7-2 Hurd Nettie 1960 1960
D174 D-F-7-4 Hurd Shirley M. Jun.14.1994 Jun.17.1994
D174 D-F-7-6 (HEAD) Hurd (Infant) Janette 1946 Aug.1.1946
C640 C-B-21-1 Hussey Albert H. 1934 Feb.10.1934
C640 C-B-21-2 Hussey Mary A. 1962 Mar.1.1962
A275 A-A-25-1 Huston William E. Apr.25.1994 Apr.28.1994
C625 C-A-24-6 Huy Abram W. 1944  
C625 C-A-24-3 Huy Hester Apr.24.1964 Apr.29.1964
C625 C-A-24-2 Huy Susan Burgess Jan.27.1940  
C625 C-A-24-1 Huy William F. 1951  
  -26 Hyde Leon Dec.6.1952  
B427 B-E-30-6 Impson (Infant) Sharon Lee Mar.9.1946  
D47 D-E-28-5 Ines, Sr. Clarence E. Mar.27.1998 Mar.31.1998
A241 A-C-30-2 Inman Stella V. Aug.10.1939  
A312 A-B-18-5 Inscho Erle J. Jul.31.1910  
A312 A-B-18-2 Inscho Lucy A. 1929 May 11.1929
A312 A-B-18-1 Inscho Ross 1933 Oct.14.1933
A312 A-B-18-6 Inscho Thelma L. Jan.17.1908  
B597 B-A-3-4 Jackel Myrna Silsbee 1941 Mar.18.1941

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 09/02/2001
By Joyce M. Tice