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Rural Home Cemetery, Town of Big Flats, Chemung County, NY

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Photos  by Joyce M. Tice
Pages Formatted by Joyce M. Tice
Name of Cemetery:    Rural Home Cemetery
Read By:  Teresa Dean and E. R. Van Etten
Date Read:  From Cemetery Records to 2000 
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  Big Flats NY
Other comments: Death Dates added by Bim VanEtten from Obituaries
Rural Home Cemetery (Big Flats Burial Association) was organized 13 Feb. 1886. It is the largest and only active cemetery (except for the small cemetery at Mt. Saviour Monastery) of seven in the town. It is well maintained by the Association.

It is located on the south side and almost adjacent to Route 17/Interstate 86. It is bounded on the east by Hibbard Rd and on the west by the Big Flats Elementary School.

The 2000 listing was copied by Town Clerk Teresa Dean and Historian E.R. Van Etten from records courteously loaned  by the Association President, Mr. Duane Hills.

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File # Lot Description Last Name First Name Death Date Burial Date
B437 B-C-29-5 Malbery  Infant Oct.31.1949  
B437 B-C-29-2 Malburg Christina 1958 Jan.30.1958
B437 B-C-29-1 Malburg John B. 1938 Oct.23.1938
C733 C-D-8-3 Malory Mrs.    
B531 B-A-14-2 Manning Anna Griffin 1966  
A242 A-D-30-5 Manwaring Benjamin 1942 May21.1942
A242 A-D-30-3 Manwaring Edward 1966 Nov.15.1966
C716 C-A-11-4 Manwaring Harlow 1930 Aug.21.1930
B443 B-C-28-6 Manwaring Leon    
B469 B-E-23-3 Manwaring Roy    
B469 B-E-23-1 Manwaring Shirley E. 1936 Jul.21.1936
B469 B-E-23-2 Manwaring Thelma 1990 Apr.25.1990
B443 B-C-28-4 Manwaring Wesley 1946 Apr.8.1946
B443 B-C-28-5 Manwaring Wesley (Carrie) Mrs. 1930 Jul.27.1930
C725 C-C-9-2 Manwarren Julia Webber 1924  
A220 A-F-33-6 Mapes Andrew Q. Apr.13.1924  
A348 A-B-12-6 Mapes Bertha May 30.1909  
A348 A-B-12-1 Mapes David A. Aug.1.1934 Aug.3.1934
A348 A-B-12-5 Mapes Delos Jan.3.1946 Jan.5.1946
A355 A-C-11-4 Mapes Flossie 1899  
D73 D-A-25-5 Mapes Gilbert R Apr.23.1992 Apr.27.1992
C758 C-A-5-3 Mapes Jesse 1956 Jan.14.1956
A348 A-B-12-2 Mapes Luselia 1929 Feb.20.1929
A220 A-F-33-5 Mapes Sarah E. Aug.10.1935 Aug.13.1935
A355 A-C-11-1 Mapes William    
A355 A-C-11-3 Mapes William M. Dec.7.1888  
B507 B-A-18-2 Marcy George 1959 Jun.9.1959
B507 B-A-18-3 Marcy Olive 1966 Jul.16.1966
B507 B-A-18-1 Marcy Wilton 1936 Apr.5.1936
B509 B-C-17-5 Markell Allie Jul.11.1902  
B509 B-C-17-6 Markell Beatrice  1984 Apr.19.1984
A400 A-F-3-4 Markell Bessie L. 1967  
B509 B-C-17-AISLE Markell Claude S. Jun.23.1978 Jun.26.1978
B510 B-D-17-1 Markell George 1909  
A400 A-F-3-3 Markell James A. Nov.8.1987  
B510 B-D-17-3 Markell Leona 1899  
B509 B-C-17-4 Markell Oliver Mar.7.1923  
B510 B-D-17-2 Markell Sally 1904  
A301 A-C-20-6 Markle Angeline Jan.16.1904  
A300 A-B-20-2 Markle Anna F. 1919  
C699 C-E-19-6 Markle Arthur  1954 Sep.8.1954
B494 B-F-19-2 Markle Bertha White 1914  
A300 A-B-20-1 Markle Charles 1951 Mar.13.1951
B494 B-F-19-6 Markle Clarence L. Nov.9.1918  
C737 C-A-8-2 Markle Dudley Aug.19.1979 Aug.22.1979
A282 A-B-23-3 Markle Earnest 1958  
B509 B-C-17-2 Markle Ella 1958 Dec.27.1958
D131 D-E-14-2 Markle Emily R. 1958 Aug.26.1959
A284 A-D-23-5 Markle Emma 1930 Jan.24.1930
C699 C-E-13-4 Markle Flora P. Miles 1941 Jul.8.1941
A301 A-C-20-2 Markle Frances J. Jan.24.1912  
A301 A-C-20-1 Markle Frank H. 1929 Dec.13.1929
C699 C-E-13-5 Markle Ida May Spearman 1929 Oct.19.1929
A301 A-C-20-5 Markle Jacob Oct.26.1901  
A283 A-C-23-3 Markle John  1944 Jan.21.1944
B509 B-C-17-1 Markle John 1928 Oct.3.1928
B510 B-D-17-6 Markle Mary 1928 Jul.19.1928
D131 D-E-14-3 Markle Norman R. 1977 May 10.1977
B494 B-F-19-1 Markle Wallace E. 1949  
D131 D-E-14-1 Markle Warren H. Mar.4.1971 1971
A300 A-B-20-3 Markle Infant Daughter 1910  
A403 A-C-3-6 Markle Eugene B. Dec. 1936  
A403 A-C-3-5 Marllett Florence J.    
D154 D-D-10-2 Marquardt Ruth S. 1976 May 11.1976
D154 D-D-10-1 Marquardt Steven John 1956 Jun.30.1956
D89 D-E-21-2 Marriott Earl A. 1966 1966
D82 D-D-22-2 Marriott Gary L. Mar.11.1982 May 4.1982
D82 D-D-22-5 Marriott Jack F. Apr.11.1996 Apr.15.1996
D89 D-E-21-1 Marriott Nellie C. 1981 Nov.25.1981
D82 D-D-22-3 Marriott Steven E. 1967 Dec.8.1967
D82 D-D-22-4 Marriott Jack F. Jr. 1968 Apr.29.1968
B534 B-D-13-3 Marsh Bernett Mathews 1931 Feb.4.1931
C683 C-C-15-3 Marsh Harry 1977 Apr.11.1977
C683 C-C-15-1 Marsh Harry E. Jul.7.1993 Jul.9.1993
B534 B-D-13-4 Marsh Hugh 1952 Feb. 1952
C683 C-C-15-6 Marsh John Charles 1937 Apr.21.1937
B534 B-D-13-2 Marsh Rachel 1933 Dec.14.1933
B534 B-D-13-1 Marsh Thomas 1948 Jun.19.1948
D192 D-F-4-2 Martin Martha A. 1961 1961
D192 D-F-4-1 Martin Newell O. 1948 Jan.28.1948
D51 D-C-28-6 Martin Ray A. 1973 Jun.11.1973
D51 D-C-28-5 Martin Ruth J. 1973 Dec.13.1973
  C-B-13-5 Mary Earl  May 15.1927  
C689 C-B-14-1 Mason James W. Dec.7.1965  
C689 C-B-14-6 Mason Richard J. 1936 Oct.20.1936
  B-D-26-6 Mason (Child) Richard J. 1936  
B433 B-E-29-2 Mathews Abraham    
B561 B-A-9-3 Mathews Abraham K. Jun.13.1926  
B466 B-B-24-1 Mathews Alanson Mar.27.1913
B569 B-C-7-6 Mathews Blanche 1985 Apr.24.1985
C640 C-B-21-3 Mathews Charles 1933 Jun.16.1933
B527 B-C-14-5 Mathews Ella Nellie 1929 Mar.17.1929
B561 B-A-9-1 Mathews Ira    
B569 B-C-7-2 Mathews Ira Nov.28.1982 Dec.2.1982
B561 B-A-9-2 Mathews Mary Elizabeth 1891  
B466 B-B-24-2 Mathews Matilda J. Apr.8.1903  
B569 B-C-7-4 Mathews (Infant) Walter L. 1919  
E659 E-A-19-7 Mattison John 1985 Dec.19.1985
D128 D-B-15-5 Mattison Ruth 1983 Apr.5.1983
E659 E-A-19-6 Mattison Ruth R. 1989 Aug.7.1989
D209 D-E-1-4 Mattoon Bettie Mar.15.1994 Apr.27.1994
D209 D-E-1-3 Mattoon Deo Roy Jul.5.1979 Jul.7.1979
C608 C-F-29-4 May Florence L. 1988 Sep.8.1988
D121 D-A-17-3 May Francis Glen 1967  
D121 D-A-17-4 May Lois L. 1988 Sep.19.1988
D63 D-C-26-2 Mayer Betty J. 1972 Jun.19.1972
D63 D-C-26-1 Mayer, Sr. Francis C. Apr.2.1996 Apr.6.1996
D149 D-E-11-1 Maynard Mark J. 1953 Aug.27.1953
B424 B-B-31-1 Mayo C. M.    
E659 E-A-19-1 McBlane William 1977 Apr.1.1977
C749 C-F-6-3 McChesney Donald  May 29.1996 Jun.3.1996
D104 D-B-19-3 McChesney Patrick 1968 Jun.13.1968
E771 E-A-3-6- (FOOT) McChesney William E. (Infant)   Aug.10.1999
A218 A-D-34-1 McCoid      

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 09/02/2001
By Joyce M. Tice