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Rural Home Cemetery, Town of Big Flats, Chemung County, NY

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Photos  by Joyce M. Tice
Pages Formatted by Joyce M. Tice
Name of Cemetery:    Rural Home Cemetery
Read By:  Teresa Dean and E. R. Van Etten
Date Read:  From Cemetery Records to 2000 
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  Big Flats NY
Other comments: Death Dates added by Bim VanEtten from Obituaries
Rural Home Cemetery (Big Flats Burial Association) was organized 13 Feb. 1886. It is the largest and only active cemetery (except for the small cemetery at Mt. Saviour Monastery) of seven in the town. It is well maintained by the Association.

It is located on the south side and almost adjacent to Route 17/Interstate 86. It is bounded on the east by Hibbard Rd and on the west by the Big Flats Elementary School.

The 2000 listing was copied by Town Clerk Teresa Dean and Historian E.R. Van Etten from records courteously loaned  by the Association President, Mr. Duane Hills.

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File # Lot Description Last Name First Name Death Date Burial Date
D7 D-A-36-3 Eckel Dana A. Sep.11.1978 Sep.18.1978
D7 D-A-36-4 Eckel Donald Dec.22.1973 1973
D162 D-F-9-3 Edger Clifford John Mar.7.1969 1969
C783 C-E-1-2 Edmister Genevieve 1964  
A335 A-A-15-4 Edmister George S. 1967  
A400 A-F-3-1 Edmister Isaac  1942 Aug.29.1942
A400 A-F-3-2 Edmister Julia 1956 Apr.25.1956
A335 A-A-15-3 Edmister Mary M. 1965  
A783 C-E-1-3 Edmister Maurice 1967 March 1967
C663 C-D-18-5 Eggleston Perry 1952 Aug.4.1952
C663 C-D-18-6 Eggleston Robert 1936 Jun.16.1936
A366 A-B-9-6 Eland Anna M. 1970  
A366 A-B-9-5 Eland Peter 1955 Jun.29.1955
  -25 Eldred Alton Dec.13.1952  
D24 D-F-32-2 Elford Grace D. 1983 Sep.1.1983
D24 D-F-32-1 Elford Wilbur C. 1972 Nov.22.1972
A380 A-D-7-6 Elliott Burr 1950 Aug.2.1950
B435 B-A-30-2 Elliott Emma 1916  
C720 C-E-10-2 Elliott Ida 1932 Sep.8.1932
A380 A-D-7-5 Elliott Ina M. Feb.18.1971  
B435 B-A-30-1 Elliott James F.    
B435 B-A-30-5 Elliott Martha 1935 Sep.28.1935
B519 B-A-16-2 Elliott Matilda Dec.24.1909  
B492 B-D-20-2 Elliott Nellie 1934 Jan.28.1934
C720 C-E-10-1 Elliott Orin 1940 Nov.17.1940
B435 B-A-30-6 Elliott Warren  1920  
B492 B-D-20-3 Elliott William     
B519 B-A-16-3 Elliott William H. W. Aug.16.1913  
  C-D-25-23 Ellis Burt Aug.29.1953  
D29 D-E-31-3 (Head) Ellis Burton M. 1989 Dec.18.1989
B593 B-C-3-1 Ellis Charles 1936 May 6.1936
B593 B-C-3-5 Ellis Douglas O. 1986 May 7.1986
  C-D-25-22 Ellis Nellie Jun.19.1941  
B593 B-C-3-3 Ellis Raymond L. Aug.13.1973 Aug.15.1973
B593 B-C-3-2 Ellis Ruth  1929 Apr.6.1929
A412 A-F-1-4 Elston Craig A. Nov.1.1959  
B502 B-B-18-5 Elwood Anastasia 1930 Sep.10.1930
C640 C-B-21-6 English Ervin C. 1932 Apr.18.1932
B492 B-D-20-4 English Ruby Mabel 1927 Aug.31.1927
C655 C-C-19-3 Ernst Helen 1977 Aug.9.1977
C655 C-C-19-1 Ernst Henry L. 1941 Jul.30.1941
C655 C-C-19-2 Ernst Lillian M. 1932 Aug.12.1932
D43 D-A-30-6 Esposito Adam 1972 Apr.15.1972
D101 D-E-19-6 Evans Margaret H. 1972 Mar.31.1972
C650 C-E-20-2 Evans Thelma P. Sep.25.1940  
D101 D-E-19-5 Evans William E. Jul.23.1993 Jul.27.1993
D55 D-A-28-4 Evenden Richard R. 1971 Oct.4.1971
C643 C-E-21-2 Eyre Wayne M. Aug.19.2000 Aug.22.2000
B453 B-A-27-1 Fagar George Dec.22.1911  
B453 B-A-27-2 Fagar Rosine Jul.26.1909  
D87 D-C-22-4 Fairbrother Hazel N. 1973 Mar.16.1973
D184 D-D-5-1 Fales Alanson G. 1948 Jun.22.1948
B529 B-E-13-1 Farmer William 1945 Apr.24.1945
B442 B-B-28-2 Farr Anna C. 1933 Jun.7.1933
A390 A-B-5-6 (foot) Farr Christine E. Jan.26.1993 Jan.30.1993
B536 B-F-12-4 Farr Elizabeth Feb.20.1997 1997
B522 B-D-15-2 Farr Emeline 1922  
B536 B-F-12-6 Farr Emily May 1914  
B536 B-F-12-2 Farr Fannye E. 1977 Nov.5.1977
  A-F-14-2 Farr Frederick H. Jun.11.1908  
B536 B-F-12-5 Farr Frederick  1922  
A334 A-F-14-1 Farr Frederick H. 1938  
B442 B-B-28-3 Farr Henry V. 1985 Apr.16.1985
B536 B-F-12-1 Farr Israel L. 1961 Jul.21.1961
    Farr James  Sep.2.1979  
A328 A-F-15-1 Farr James E. Jun.16.1910  
B522 B-D-15-5 Farr Lillian Young Apr.6.1961 Apr.10.1961
A328 A-F-15-2 Farr Minerva E. 1911  
C697 C-C-13-6 Farr Rosa Mae Havens Jan.7.1998 Jan.12.1998
A390 A-B-5-4 Farr Samuel W. 1977 Jul.25.1977
B522 B-D-15-1 Farr Walton K. 1902  
B536 B-F-12-3 Farr Walton W. 1969 Nov.1.1969
B442 B-B-28-1 Farr William E. 1947 Jan.18.1947
B442 B-B-28-6 Farr (Infant) William H.  1930 Apr.9.1930
A390 A-B-5-6  Farr, Jr. Rowland W. Sep.2.1989 Sep.4.1989
B522 B-D-15-6 Farr, Sr. Rowland W. 1954 Dec.3.1954
  C-C-26-13 Farrell Bertha Mar.24.1934  
C762 C-E-4-3 Farrell Donald L. Mar.20.1996 Mar.24.1996
D55 D-A-28-2 Farrell Dora May 1984 Sep.5.1984
D55 D-A-28-1 Farrell James Perry 1987 Apr.23.1987
  C-C-26-14 Farrell Matt Dec.17.1932  
B422 B-F-31-3 Farrington Guy W. Jun.23.1965 Jun.26.1965
C710 C-B-11-2 Fasick Harold Sep.12.1997  
C710 C-B-11-1 Fasick Juanita Sep.27.1995  
A336 A-B-14-3 FATHER      
B433 B-E-29-6 Fay Jacob, Mrs.    
C676 C-C-16-1 Ferguson Ernest 1945 Dec.11.1945
C676 C-C-16-4 Ferguson Laurance 1936 May 5.1936
C676 C-C-16-3 Ferguson Robert 1936 May 5.1936
C676 C-C-16-2 Ferguson Ruth (Ruah) M. 1953 Nov.14.1953
C642 C-D-21-6 Fields Alice M. 1938 Dec.2.1938
D208 D-D-1-1 Finch Roscoe E. Aug.16.1970 1970
C649 C-D-20-5 Finnerty Margaret  1963 May 27.1963
C770 C-F-3-4 Fish Ethel    
C770 C-F-3-4 Fish Frederick Apr.17.1944  
D192 D-F-4-5 Fisher Frederick Allison Jun.1.1984  
D99 D-C-20-1 Fitzsimmons Andrew 1976 Apr.26.1976
D99 D-C-20-2 Fitzsimmons Elizabeth M. Jan.18.1993 Jan.21.1993
D181 D-A-7-1 Fitzsimmons Fred 1951 Oct.25.1951
  C-A-9-2 Flasphaler Augusta Feb.22.1943  
  C-A-9-1 Flasphaler Fred Dec.13.1937  
B486 B-D-21-5 Flasphaler Henry 1938 May 5.1938
C730 C-A-9-4 Flasphaler Mattie 1966  
B486 B-D-21-6 Flasphaler Nancy McCumber 1964 Jan.17.1964
  C-A-9-3 Flasphaler William D. Sep.5.1965  
C634 C-C-22-1 Fleming Burt J. Sep.20.1936  
C634 C-C-22-2 Fleming Mary M. 1978 Apr.12.1978
C751 C-A-6-2 Flink Katherine Hogencamp 1972 Jun.15.1972
C720 C-E-10-3 Foles Martha 1923  
A347 A-A-13-6 Folks George W. 1912  
B502 B-B-18-2 Ford Alice E. 1953 Oct.31.1953
B464 B-F-24-2 Ford Alice K. 1937 Sep.26.1937
D112 D-D-17-2 Ford Doris E. Storms 1991 Apr.2.1991
B502 B-B-18-1 Ford Edgar T. 1918  
C700 C-F-13-1 Ford Frank S. 1990 Apr.10.1990
B502 B-B-18-3 Ford Harold Elwin Jan.10.1940  
B464 B-F-24-1 Ford Walter S. 1956 Jul.15.1956

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 09/02/2001
By Joyce M. Tice