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Rural Home Cemetery, Town of Big Flats, Chemung County, NY

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Photos  by Joyce M. Tice
Pages Formatted by Joyce M. Tice
Name of Cemetery:    Rural Home Cemetery
Read By:  Teresa Dean and E. R. Van Etten
Date Read:  From Cemetery Records to 2000 
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  Big Flats NY
Other comments: Death Dates added by Bim VanEtten from Obituaries
Rural Home Cemetery (Big Flats Burial Association) was organized 13 Feb. 1886. It is the largest and only active cemetery (except for the small cemetery at Mt. Saviour Monastery) of seven in the town. It is well maintained by the Association.

It is located on the south side and almost adjacent to Route 17/Interstate 86. It is bounded on the east by Hibbard Rd and on the west by the Big Flats Elementary School.

The 2000 listing was copied by Town Clerk Teresa Dean and Historian E.R. Van Etten from records courteously loaned  by the Association President, Mr. Duane Hills.

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File # Lot Description Last Name First Name Death Date Burial Date
A276 A-B-24-3 Morse Clarence J. 1976 Mar.24.1976
A276 A-B-24-5 Morse Hattie B. 1955 Jan.3.1956
A276 A-B-24-6 Morse Phineas Aug.12.1920  
D95 D-E-20-6 Morton Anna O'Brien 1974 Dec.23.1974
D204 D-F-2-4 Mose Geraldine Tymeson Mar.16.2000 May 3,2000
D104 D-B-19-6 Mosher (Infant) Colin Andrew 1981 Sep.24.1981
D136 D-D-13-6 Moshier Samuel  Jan.31.1959 Feb.2.1959
D113 D-E-17-2 Moss Margaret E. 1974 May 2.1974
D113 D-E-17-1 Moss Rozell 1959 Jan.19.1959
A336 A-B-14-4 MOTHER      
B539 B-C-12-3 Moulthrop Dora 1933 Oct.26.1933
B539 B-C-12-4 Moulthrop Harry A. 1945  
B539 B-C-12-2 Moulthrop Horace 1938 Jul.28.1938
B539 B-C-12-6 Moulthrop Horace 1945 Feb.3.1945
B539 B-C-12-5 Moulthrop Lillian 1861  
B539 B-C-12-1 Moulthrop Rilla Jul.20.1911  
  C-C-24-15 Moulthrop Sarah Jun.6.1949  
A287 A-A-23-3 Mowray Michael S. 1994 1994
A353 A-A-12-3 Mull (Baby) Leone Johnson Apr.21.1962  
D166 D-D-8-5 Mullen Hazel G. 1988 Oct.27.1988
D166 D-D-8-4 Mullen Raymond R. 1952 Mar.16.1952
B484 B-B-21-1 Munger Marquerite C. Oct.25.1901  
A417 A-E-1-2 Munson Ethel A. 1981 Nov.9.1981
A417 A-E-1-1 Munson Louie Sep.18.1968  
D150 D-F-11-6 Murray Emma S. 1953 Aug.20.1953
D196 D-D-3-5 Murray Grace M. 1977 Nov.28.1977
C772 C-A-3-6 Murray Ida 1937 Jan.14.1937
C772 C-A-3-3 Murray John H. 1964 Mar.10.1964
D196 D-D-3-6 Murray Leo W. 1959 Apr.10.1959
C772 C-A-3-5 Murray William 1944 Oct.10.1944
D96 D-F-20-4 Musto Chester E. 1972 Sep.20.1972
D96 D-F-20-5 Musto Grace M. 1965 Jul.4.1965
B609 B-A-1-1 Myers Charles E. 1964 Jan.2.1965
B609 B-A-1-2 Myers Emma Jean 1990 Dec.17.1990
B609 B-A-1-3 Myers Herbert C. 1937 Nov.27.1937
A281 A-A-24-3 Nares Floyd C. 1966  
A281 A-A-24-5 Nares Floyd C. Jan.20.1915  
A281 A-A-24-4 Nares Grace C. 1969  
C737 C-A-8-6 Naylor Edna A. 1991 Aug.5.1991
B514 B-B-16-6 Neilhardt Alvan E. 1927 Apr.12.1927
B514 B-B-16-2 Neilhardt Christenna Nov.10.1894  
B514 B-B-16-1 Neilhardt Christian Jan.21.1895  
B514 B-B-16-5 Neilhardt Ella A. 1921  
D87 D-C-22-2 Neilitz August M. 1971 Oct.25.1971
D87 D-C-22-3 Neilitz Gertrude B. Nov.27.1994 Nov.30.1994
D137 D-E-13-4 Nelson Charles J. 1962 Dec.24.1962
D137 D-E-13-3 Nelson Marjorie H. 1958 Jun.24.1958
D3A D-C-37-6 Nemier Anna  1988 Nov.14.1988
C705 C-D-12-2 Nettles Nellie 1955 Jun-55
C634 C-C-22-5 Norman William C. Jr. May 17.1996 May 20.1996
B588 B-D-4-1 Norris Benjamin 1931 Apr.27.1931
B439 B-E-28-1 Norris Glen 1947 Nov.19.1947
B540 B-D-12-4 Norris James    
B540 B-D-12-6 Norris James    
A274 A-F-24-5 Norris John H. Aug.17.1897  
D3A D-C-37-1 Norris John H. 1983 Apr.18.1983
B439 B-E-28-6 Norris Kate Jun.30.1928  
B540 B-D-12-5 Norris Mary     
B439 B-E-28-2 Norris Mattie Nov.19.1917 1918
D40 D-D-29-2 Norris Minnie 1973 Aug.20.1973
B439 B-E-28-4 Norris  Child    
B439 B-E-28-5 Norris (Child) George Washburn   Jun.9.1927
B439 B-E-28-3 Norris  Infant    
E638 E-A-22-7 Nye Arlton Apr.10.1996 Apr.15.1996
D77 D-E-23-5 Oakley Bessie W. Jul.24.1979 Jul.27.1979
D77 D-E-23-1 Oakley Warren 1969 1969
D77 D-E-23-4 Oakley, Jr. Walter W. 1967 Jun.9.1967
D77 D-E-23-6 Oakley, Sr. Walter W. 1976 Oct.30.1976
D95 D-E-20-5 O'Brien A. J. 1947 1947
E785 E-A-1-5 Ochab Charles 1990 Oct.23.1990
A334 A-F-14-2 O'Hanlon Elizabeth Farr Oct.16.1958  
A327 A-E-15-5 O'Hanlon George  May 29.1956  
A334 A-F-14-3 O'Hanlon George E. Jun.26.1962  
A334 A-F-14-4 O'Hanlon James F. May 24.1968  
A334 A-F-14-5 O'Hanlon Julia H.    
A327 A-E-15-6 O'Hanlon Rosa Alzamora Feb.3.1956 Feb.6.1956
A328 A-F-15-5 O'Hanlon, Jr. James Farr Nov.27.1942 Nov.30.1942
D93 D-C-21-5 O'Rourke Andrew D. 1969 1969
B420 B-D-32-6 Ousterout Franklin    
A405 A-E-2-5 Owen Ethel A. 1943 May 24.1943
B529 B-E-13-1 Owen Kate    
  C-D-24-17 Owens Ruby Williams Feb.1.1943  
C727 C-E-9-2 Padgett Dora 1959  
C727 C-E-9-1 Padgett Lawrence 1971 Aug.4.1971
C727 C-E-9-3 (FOOT) Padgett Infant 1928 Jun.14.1928
C727 C-E-9-5 Padgett Infant 1988 Jun.10.1988
C727 C-E-9-4 Padgett, Jr. Lawrence 1980 Dec.1.1980
B583 B-E-4-3 Palmer Arthur W. May 6.1959  
D44 D-B-29-2 Palmer Clayton Arthur 1989 Jul.30.1989
D65 D-E-25-2 Palmer Harold H. Jan.14.1993 May 11.1993
B583 B-E-4-2 Palmer Kate Upson 1927 May 15.1927
D65 D-E-25-1 Palmer Lydia Grace Mar.12.1994 Apr.26.1994
D130 D-D-14-3 Palmer Percy K. Mar. 1.1993 May 8.1993
B583 B-E-4-4 Palmer Virtice M. Taggart 1982 Apr.27.1982
B583 B-E-4-1 Palmer Welcome 1943 Feb.11.1943
A342 A-B-13-2 Park John E. 1893  
A342 A-B-13-1 Park Nettie 1934 Mar.8.1934
D157 D-A-11-5 Parker Alice Nov.25.1991 Nov.27.1991
D157 D-A-11-2 Parker Arthur W. Mar.15.1999  
D157 D-A-11-2 (HEAD) Parker Evelyn J. Aug.17.1992 Aug.19.1992
D157 D-A-11-6 Parker Lawrence Jun.13.1955  
C787 C-B-1-3 Parrish David Timothy 1967  
C787 C-B-1-1 Parrish Lloyd L. Jul.22.1996 Jul.26.1996
C787 C-B-1-4 Parrish (Infant) Edward 1951 Mar.1.1951
A286 A-F-22-3 Parson Bennie A. Apr.11.1938  
C700 C-F-13-4 Parson Earl Sep.22.1992 Sep.24.1992
D30 D-F-31-6 Parson Kermit D. 1972 Jan.12.1972
A288 A-B-22-4 Partridge Harry S. 1940 Dec.19.1940
A288 A-B-22-5 Partridge Leah C. 1966 Apr.30.1966
D128 D-B-15-3 Paul Douglas 1960 Jun.15.1960
C625 C-A-24-2 (FOOT) Paul Rose 1992 May 9.1992
C625 C-A-24-4 Paul William Earl 1976 Mar.16.1976
D21 D-C-33-2 Pawlak Audrae Jun.19.1993 Jun.23.1993
B482 B-F-21-2 Payne Abbie Updike Graham 1938 May 16.1938
  C-B-26-8 Payne Clayton L. Apr.24.1957  
  C-B-26-7 Payne Melnina Jun.28.1943  
B482 B-F-21-1 Payne Milo Oct.22.1915  
D4A D-D-36-AISLE Paynter Scott A. Jul.16.1977 Jul.31.1977

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 09/02/2001
By Joyce M. Tice