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Rural Home Cemetery, Town of Big Flats, Chemung County, NY

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Photos  by Joyce M. Tice
Pages Formatted by Joyce M. Tice
Name of Cemetery:    Rural Home Cemetery
Read By:  Teresa Dean and E. R. Van Etten
Date Read:  From Cemetery Records to 2000 
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  Big Flats NY
Other comments: Death Dates added by Bim VanEtten from Obituaries
Rural Home Cemetery (Big Flats Burial Association) was organized 13 Feb. 1886. It is the largest and only active cemetery (except for the small cemetery at Mt. Saviour Monastery) of seven in the town. It is well maintained by the Association.

It is located on the south side and almost adjacent to Route 17/Interstate 86. It is bounded on the east by Hibbard Rd and on the west by the Big Flats Elementary School.

The 2000 listing was copied by Town Clerk Teresa Dean and Historian E.R. Van Etten from records courteously loaned  by the Association President, Mr. Duane Hills.

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File # Lot Description Last Name First Name Death Date Burial Date
D93 D-C-21-4 Langert Anna T. 1988 Jul.9.1988
D93 D-C-21-3 Langert Edward  1968 May 28.1968
B584 B-F-4-6 Larring Lawrence L. 1939 Jan.23.1939
D26 D-B-32-3 Larsen Blanche Nov.25.1996 Nov.29.1996
D152 D-B-11-2 Lauper Marquerite 1984 Apr.19.1984
D152 D-B-11-1 Lauper Rudolph C. 1984 Apr.19.1984
D152 D-B-11-6 Lauper Baby 1956 Nov.26.1956
C788 C-C-1-3 Law Alice 1933 Jul.8.1933
C788 C-C-1-2 Law Hollis 1963 Jan.14.1963
D19 D-A-34-6 Law William H. 1976 Jun.2.1976
D183 D-C-6-4 Leavenworth Bernice A. 1988 Jul.6.1988
D183 D-C-6-1 Leavenworth Carl L. 1948 Oct.22.1948
D183 D-C-6-6 Leavenworth Carol G. 1962 Oct.14.1962
D183 D-C-6-3 Leavenworth Henry C. 1975 Sep.17.1975
D183 D-C-6-2 Leavenworth Mary E. Mar.1.1974 Mar.4.1974
A398 A-D-4-4 Lee Charles Wesley 1981 Apr.2.1981
A398 A-D-4-5 Lee Dorothy Marie 1982 May 5.1982
A325 A-C-16-6 Lentz Fred C. Nov.11.1969  
C746 C-C-6-6 Leo Wallace L. 1984  
B567 B-A-8-2 Leonard Eliza A. DeWitt Jul. 1898  
B567 B-A-8-1 Leonard John K. 1918  
B568 B-B-7-2 Leonard Rose 1891  
A250 A-F-28-2 Leonard Susie C. 1953 Nov.5.1953
A250 A-F-28-1 Leonard Willis B. 1933 Nov.10. 1933
D53 D-E-27-3 Leroy Marion Apr.12.1997 Apr.14.1997
C667 C-A-18-5 Lescovec Emily Goss 1989 Aug.23.1989
  C-E-17-4 Lewis Catherine Feb.4.1974  
C671 C-E-17-5 Lewis Harley Harmon May 15.1996 1996
D113 D-E-17-3 Lewis Marie R. 1969 1969
  B-E-18-2 Lewis W. Oct.12.1955  
  B-E-18-1 Lewis W. E. Jan.13.1930  
  B-E-18-2 Lewis William Oct.12.1955  
  C-E-18-5 Lewis William F. Oct.12.1955  
  C-E-18-6 Lewis William, Mrs. Sep.11.1944  
B481 B-E-21-4 Lewis, Jr. William 1975 Nov.11.1975
B549 B-A-11-1 Lindsey David M. Apr.2.1901  
B549 B-A-11-3 Lindsey Edgar E. Jul.2.1855  
B549 B-A-11-2 Lindsey Emeline Jul.21.1889  
B549 B-A-11-4 Lindsey J. M. Oct.19.1897  
C738 C-B-7-3 Link Bert  1932 Nov.21.1932
C738 C-B-7-4 Link Charles W. 1991 Sep.14.1991
C738 C-B-7-5 Link Frances M. Feb.2.1997 Feb.6.1997
C738 C-B-7-2 Link Maria A. 1928 Jan.21.1928
B594 B-D-3-3 Livingston Ellen 1929 Jul.12.1929
  A-E-10-5 Lloyd Frank Jan.15.1941  
  C-B-10-3 Lloyd (Infant) Donald Oct.21.1928  
B499 B-E-18-4 Lockner Amelia Keller 1925  
A420 A-B-1-5 Lockner Bernice 1983 Apr.11.1983
A420 A-B-1-1 Lockner Carl 1969  
A420 A-B-1-3 Lockner Carl H. 1944  
D87 D-C-22-1 Lockner Caroline K. 1971 Sep.13.1971
A420 A-B-1-4 Lockner Edward A. 1983 Apr.11.1983
A420 A-B-1-2 Lockner Helen Nov. 27.1996 Dec.2.1996
D202 D-D-2-1 Lockner Henry E. 1951 Apr.17.1951
D202 D-D-2-2 Lockner Louise F. 1984 May 12.1984
D41 D-E-29-4 Loid Beatrice M. Dec.12.1991 Dec.15.1991
A391 A-C-5-6 Loid Daniel 1951 Oct.27.1951
D41 D-E-20-3 Loid Fenno F. 1979 Jul.14.1979
A357 A-E-10-4 Loid Frank Jan.13.1941  
A357 A-E-10-6 Loid Helen Aug.17.1911  
A357 A-E-10-1 Loid Henry Jan.28.1903  
A357 A-E-10-2 Loid Maria  1920  
A391 A-C-5-5 Loid Mary D. 1944 Dec.28.1944
A381 A-E-6-5 Loid Mary W. 1967  
A381 A-E-6-6 Loid Roy 1983 May25.1983
A357 A-E-10-5 Loid Susie  1968  
  -10 London Anna  Aug.19.1952  
C648 C-C-20-1 Long Ben 1947 Jun.23.1947
D162 D-F-9-5 Long Cleaoral 1982 Oct.14.1982
C648 C-C-20-4 Long Clinton Carl 1952 Sep.13.1952
D162 D-F-9-6 Long Clyde F. 1963 1963
C648 C-C-20-3 Long Dorothy C. 1959  
C648 C-C-20-2 Long Mary 1937 Mar.20.1937
C648 C-C-20-6 Long Mary Margaret 1975 Dec.18.1975
B526 B-B-14-2 Longcoy Isaac C. Feb.18.1900  
B526 B-B-14-1 Longcoy Nathaniel    
B526 B-B-14-3 Longcoy Nathaniel 1893  
B526 B-B-14-4 Longcoy Susan Sep.11.1902  
C693 C-F-14-2 Loomis Betty J. Jul.5.1995 Jul.8.1995
D196 D-D-3-4 Loop James Richard 1978 Oct.11.1978
D8 D-B-35-5 Losey Gertrude 1990 Jan.18.1990
D8 D-B-35-6 Losey Walter N. Jun.30.1979 Jul.2.1979
D48 D-F-28-2 Lott Alice L. 1962 1962
E613 E-A-27-2 Lott Andrew D. Sep.21.1996 Sep.23.1996
D-48 D-F-28-1 Lott Arthur H. 1967 1967
D48 D-F-28-4 Lott Doris E. Feb.14.1968 Feb.17.1968
D48 D-F-28-5 Lott Richard R. Feb.14.1968 Feb.17.1968
D48 D-F-28-3 Lott Steven Paul Feb.24.1965 Feb.27.1965
D146 D-B-12-4 Loveland Luella 1959 1959
D146 D-B-12-3 Loveland W. R. 1977 Sep.23.1977
D50 D-B-28-2 Lovell Cleoral A. Apr.30.1997  
D50 D-B-28-1 Lovell Edward J. 1970 1970
A310 A-F-18-2 Lowe Alice M. Dec.17.1959  
A310 A-F-18-4 Lowe Charles 1966  
A310 A-F-18-1 Lowe Charles A. 1934 May23.1934
A309 A-E-18-3 Lowe Charles B. 1967  
A304 A-F-19-2 Lowe Cynthia Feb.19.1919  
D15 D-C-34-6 Lowe Debra Kay Sep.15.1993 Sep.17.1993
A310 A-F-18-3 Lowe Harriett C. Nov.14.1965  
A309 A-E-18-2 Lowe Henrietta (Hattie) 1954 Dec.29.1954
A304 A-F-19-1 Lowe Joseph R. Aug.14.1895  
A304 A-F-19-3 Lowe Julia Ann Mar.18.1919  
A309 A-E-18-1 Lowe Nathan J. Jan.11.1944  
  A-D-18-3 Lowe Norton 1966  
A274 A-F-24-6 Lowsaw Daniel Nov.1.1893  
D90 D-F-21-1 Lund Luella B. Jan.18.1961 1961
A260 A-D-27-3 Lydkey Bertha 1933 Jun.1.1933
A260 A-D-27-2 Lydkey Emily  Dec.26.1934  
A260 A-D-27-1 Lydkey Herman F. Dec.30.1919  
C740 C-D-7-6 Lynch Harriett  1933 Feb.14.1933
E659 E-A-19-2 Mac Blane Sylvia J. Oct.20.1995 Oct.23.1995
D167 D-E-8-2 Mac Dougall Satie R. 1961 Dec.21.1961
D167 D-E-8-1 Mac Dougall William 1951 Jun.26.1951
E757 E-A-5-6 Madden Jo Anne Edith 1988 Oct.26.1988

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 09/02/2001
By Joyce M. Tice