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Rural Home Cemetery, Town of Big Flats, Chemung County, NY

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Pages Formatted by Joyce M. Tice
Name of Cemetery:    Rural Home Cemetery
Read By:  Teresa Dean and E. R. Van Etten
Date Read:  From Cemetery Records to 2000 
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  Big Flats NY
Other comments: Death Dates added by Bim VanEtten from Obituaries
Rural Home Cemetery (Big Flats Burial Association) was organized 13 Feb. 1886. It is the largest and only active cemetery (except for the small cemetery at Mt. Saviour Monastery) of seven in the town. It is well maintained by the Association.

It is located on the south side and almost adjacent to Route 17/Interstate 86. It is bounded on the east by Hibbard Rd and on the west by the Big Flats Elementary School.

The 2000 listing was copied by Town Clerk Teresa Dean and Historian E.R. Van Etten from records courteously loaned  by the Association President, Mr. Duane Hills.

D199 D-A-4-1 Wheeler William Oct.24.1965  
B444 B-D-28-5 Wheeler (Infant) James  Sep.14.1928  
B444 B-D-28-5 Wheeler (Infant) Virgil Apr.1.1950  
A216 A-B-34-3 Whilcomb      
B489 B-A-21-6 Whitcomb Diantha Mar.6.1898  
A349 A-C-12-3 Whitcomb Madeleine L. 1985 Oct.30.1985
A349 A-C-12-1 Whitcomb Regal K. Jan.25.1973  
A349 A-C-12-2 Whitcomb Regal K. Jul.28.1950  
D94 D-D-20-2 White Clara B. Jul.9.1989 Jul.12.1989
C775 C-D-2-5 White Earl 1956 Feb.3.1956
D125 D-E-15-1 White Edward W. 1959 1959
B429 B-A-31-2 White Edwin    
D200 D-B-3-3 White Ernest Howard 1990 Apr.12.1990
A248 A-D-29-1 White Erwin 1926 Apr.8.1926
D125 D-E-15-2 White Ethel M. 1972 Jun.20.1973
D94 D-D-20-1 White Floyd W. Jun.11.1966 1966
A248 A-D-29-3 White Fred  1954 Dec.28.1954
C711 C-C-11-3 White Fred 1968 Oct.7.1968
A248 A-D-29-2 White Jennie 1917  
C775 C-D-2-6 White Josephine 1945 oct.23.1945
A248 A-D-29-4 White Lula Faye 1990 May 8.1990
D133 D-A-15-6 White Nathan G. 1959 1959
C711 C-C-11-4 White Pearl 1954 Mar.6.1954
B429 B-A-31-1 White Rachel Jul.13.1891  
D94 D-D-20-4 White Ralph Curtis Oct.28.1966 1966
C711 C-C-11-6 White Rebecca  Mar.21.1922  
C711 C-C-11-5 White William H. 1937 Mar.2.1937
C711 C-C-11-6 (HEAD) White (Infant) James W. 1946 Aug.19.1946
A248 A-D-29-1 (FOOT) White (Infant) Raymond Ervin Mar.14.1931  
D28 D-D-31-5 White Donald B. Jr. Apr.20.1976 Apr.22.1976
D28 D-D-31-6 White Donald B. Sr. May17.1994 May19.1994
A368 A-D-9-6 Whitney Addie 1942 Jul-42
  C-E-26-25 Whitney Franklin Mar.25.1941  
  C-E-26-24 Whitney Mrs. Franklin Mar.31.1937  
A368 A-D-9-5 Whitney Oscar G. Nov.8.1901  
B564 B-D-8-2 Wihn Cora Winfield Dec.9.1940 Dec.12.1940
C702 C-A-13-1 Wihn Edward  1918 Jul.23.1918
B604 B-B-1-3 Wihn Floyd  Jul.19.1957 Jul.22.1957
B564 B-D-8-5 Wihn Herman 1931 Sep.16.1931
A362 A-D-10-1 Wihn John 1888 Jun.25.1888
B604 B-B-1-4 Wihn Ola L. Edger Nov.5.1988 Nov.7.1988
B604 B-B-1-2 Wihn Olive Southard Apr.22.1936 Apr.24.1936
C702 C-A-13-2 Wihn Rebecca  1936 Sep.22.1936
B564 B-D-8-1 Wihn William Oct.1.1900  
A372 A-B-8-4 Wilcox Mabel L. 1923  
D142 D-D-12-3 Wilhelm LaVerne M. Feb.3.1985 Apr.16.1985
D142 D-D-12-1 Wilhelm (Infant) Andrew Charles 1957 Mar.27.1957
C756 C-F-5-2 Williams Donald E. 1990 Jun.3.1990
  C-C-24-14 Williams J. Mar.31.1972  
D134 D-B-14-4 Williams Kathleen 1981 Apr.3.1981
D181 D-A-7-2 Williams Marjorie L. Fitsimmons Mar.7.1993 May 1.1993
  C-C-24-14 Williams Myrtle Mar.31.1972  
D5A D-E-36-3 Williams Robert D. 1989 Aug.1.1989
D190 D-D-4-2 Williams Sadie 1949 Apr.3.1949
E736 E-A-8-7 Williams (Infant) Thomas    
B562 B-B-8-5 Willis Effie Holmes 1898  
D201 D-C-3-2 Wills Ava M. 1951 Jan.2.1951
D201 D-C-3-1 Wills James H. 1951 Jan.2.1952
E750 E-A-6-6 Willson Blanche D. Nov.16.1993 Nov.18.1993
E750 E-A-6-7 Willson Herbert S. Apr.9.1995 Apr.13.1995
D67 D-A-26-6 (FOOT) Wilson Dennis Nov.13.1981 Nov.16.1981
C657 C-E-19-3 Wilson Donald 1935 Jun.3.1935
A414 A-B-1-5 Wilson Dorothy N. 1927  
  F-B-4-1 Wilson Francis W. Jul.8.1996 Jul.11.1996
C657 C-E-19-5 Wilson Harry 1955 Mar.8.1955
D106 D-D-18-1 Wilson Harry H. 1965 Jul.16.1965
C657 C-E-19-4 Wilson Hazel 1981 Sep.21.1981
C657 C-E-19-6 Wilson John Aug.3.1948  
  F-B-6-2 Wilson Joyce E. Jul.8.1998  
A415 A-C-1-5 Wilson Mary M. 1943 Feb.20.1943
D67 D-A-26-6 (FOOT) Wilson Myron 1968 Dec.9.1968
A414 A-B-1-2 Wilson Permelia A. 1986 Jul.11.1986
C657 C-E-19-2 Wilson Phillip 1942 Jul.17.1942
A414 A-B-1-1 Wilson Roger A. 1941 Jun.6.1941
  A-B-1-1 Wilson Mrs. Roger Jul.15.1954  
E771 E-A-3-4 Wilson Stacey Mabel 1989 Nov.22.1989
A414 A-B-1-6 Wilson  Roger A. Jr. 1975 Apr.29.1975
C658 C-F-19-1 Wilson Merritt O. Sr. 1988 Dec.28.1988
A267 A-E-25-5 Windell Rachel Silsbee Jan.10.1911
C649 C-D-20-1 Winder Clayton 1941 Jun.3.1941
C649 C-D-20-2 Winder Emma H. 1956 Dec.27.1956
C649 C-D-20-4 Winder Harry 1953 Feb.14.1953
C649 C-D-20-3 Winder Leo C. 1949 Feb.23.1949
B437 B-C-29-3 Winfield (Infant) Raymond A. 1965  
B457 B-E-25-2 (FOOT) Winfield (Infant) Raymond C. 196?  
D143 D-E-12-4 Winnie Lyla 1954 Dec.1954
D143 D-E-12-3 Winnie Wynant 1970 1970
C661 C-B-18-1 Wise Arthur Oct.16.1963 Oct.26.1963
  C-B-18-1 Wise Arthur Oct.26.1963  
D22 D-D-32-1 Wise Donald A. 1976 Oct.18.1976
C661 C-B-18-2 Wise Inez 1983 May 4.1983
C661 C-B-18-5 Wise Louise A. 1985 May 4.1985
C661 C-B-18-3 Wise Marjory 1930 Dec.2.1930
C661 C-B-18-6 Wise William G. 1990 Apr.29.1990
C661 C-B-18-4 Wise (Child) Beverly Ann 1931 Feb.16.1931

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 11/27/2001
By Joyce M. Tice