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  Elkland Township (extinct) & Borough
in Tioga County,
Elkland Township / Borough Histories
Elkland Township was formed from Delmar in 1814
Elkland Borough was Formed May 1850 from Elkland Township which no longer exists
Elkland History 1883
Biographies 1883
Elkland History 1897
Biographies 1897
Elkland-Osceola 1976
Newspaper Abstracts
Elkland Journal 1880s
Elkland Journal 1890s
Elkland Journal 1900 - 1905
Elkland Journal 1906 - 1910
Elkland Articles
Misc. Elkland Clippings
1892 - Pioneer Life in the Cowanesque Valley
Elkland Postcards & Photos
Houses of Elkland (Michael)
Post Offices
Elkland PO
Villages Past & Present
Elkland Township / Borough Census Records
1800 Census, Tyoga Township, Lycoming County
1820 Elkland Township Census
1830 Elkland Township Census
1840 Elkland Township Census (Need Volunteer)
1850 Elkland Census (FM)
1850 Elkland Census (REL)
1860 Elkland Census
1870 Elkland Census
1880 Elkland Borough Census
1900, 1910, 1920, 1930 (Volunteers Needed)
Elkland Directories
1899 Elkland Borough Directory 1908-09 Tioga County Directory - Elkland Borough Pages
Elkland  Tax Records
1812 Delmar Taxables
Elkland Cemetery Records
GPS coordinates are included in the top title of each cemetery page
Rathbun Family Burial Ground Parkhurst United Presbyterian Church (1970s)
gps 41.98722 -77.31699
Highland Cemetery (1970s)
gps 41.99351-77.31139
Highland Cemetery Obituaries
Highland Cemetery (2011) (2256 burials)
Elkland Schools
Elkland High School 1912-16 - The Boys
1913 - Elkland School Elkland High School Alumni 1880 - 1963
1900 Elkland Teachers & Drirectors 1901 Elkland Teachers & Drirectors
1902 Elkland Teachers & Drirectors 1903 Elkland Teachers & Drirectors
1904 Elkland Teachers & Drirectors 1905 Elkland Teachers & Drirectors
1907 Elkland Teachers & Drirectors
Elkland Borough Business Histories & Photos
1899 Elkland Business Directory
Hotels in Elkland
Hotel Signor, Elkland
Elkland Township / Borough Organizations
1899 Elkland Societies 2002 Valley Community Ambulance
1875 New G.A.R. Post formed at Elkland 2002 Elkland Fire Department
Elkland Churches
Histories, Records, Photos
1899 Church List From Directory
Elkland Churches:
1) Elkland's Congregational Church became the Elkland Presbyterian church, now called Parkhurst Memorial Presbyterian Church. 
2) St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church;
3) First Methodist Episcopal Church of Elkland, now the Elkland United Methodist Church; &
4) New Fellowship Ministries Free Methodist Church.
Elkland Family Bible Records
Seeley - Kelsey Bible Records
Elkland Borough Families & Individuals,
Genealogies, Photos
Elkland Marriage Page
Elkland Resident Photo Album
Adelaide Eggleston  & John Hammond Elizabeth Irons & Reuben Hammond
Sarah F. Harding & John W. Hammond Myra B. Hammond & Mildred G. Hammond
Edith May Hammond
Township Diaries & Letters 
Elkland Township Wills, Deeds, Legal Documents 
John Ryon Pension Papers
Township Military Records
Township Sports
Population Statistics of Elkland
1887 Elkland Borough = 470
1891 Elkland Township (s/b/ Borough) = 1006
Both of the above taken from Smull's Legislative Handbook ... 1887 and 1891
1900 Elkland Borough = 1109
County Population Statistics 1810 - 1992
Subj:  Elkland page postcard...
Date:  10/25/2003 9:29:55 PM Eastern Standard Time
Hi joyce...
 The post card on the Elkland page shows on the left the western part of the Ryon House... It is now the P and J restaurant... Concealed to its east is the rest of the Ryon home which later became the town Honor roll, Wynkoops grocery, the Golden Thimble Craft store, and now some law offices.  Also WIC.  the Ryon home was the very FIRST to be built within what we know as the borough... the town was practically built around it...  Across the street we see what is now Rainbow rose and also the Hotel Signor.Michael Little
Article on Cabbage Row and the 1920 Elkland Census