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The killdeer eggs I have been mowing around for three weeks hatched on Saturday. I did not see the chicks because the parents took them away immediately, as usual for killdeer, and I missed it. At least now I can mow in that part of the lawn without upsetting my ring necked neighbors. 
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06 JUN 2005 Schodac Cemetery 2005
Biles Cemetery 2000
07 JUN 2005 1890 Troy Band
1908 Elmwood Avenue Baptist Church
08 JUN 2005 Cherry Flats (Methodist) Cemetery 2005
Lewis Farm Cemetery 2005
Bowen Family Cemetery 2005
Stone Cemetery 1968
Niles Family Cemetery (1970s) (Partial Duplicate of Dailey Cemetery already on site)
09 JUN 2005 Please Note - If you have used the two 1969 Cherry Flats Cemetery listings on the site, please be aware that I had the Methodist and Baptist cemetery listings completely reversed. They are now corrected so that the Baptist and Methodist burials are correctly identified. We also have a new 2005 Methodist listing and the 2005 Baptist listing in preparation.
10 JUN 2005 Additions to the Hancock Family Report
1857 Letter from  Mingos to Blois
11 JUN 2005 LeRoy Heritage Museum will hold a work bee this Saturday at the museum building on Mill Street in LeRoy, Pa. This will be Phase 2 of our lath and plaster demolition. Many hands make light work so please come out and join us that day. Besides just the lath and plaster, there are several hundred nails to be pulled, so there is a job for everyone. The day will start at 8 a.m. and conclude at 12 noon with lunch. Please bring a dish to pass. If you plan on coming, please respond to this email and let us know.

We will probably hold various work bees through out this year, in an effort to get the building at least partially open by next Spring/Summer. There is much to do!

Also, we will hold our first fundraising dinner of the year at the Canton Firemans Hall, Springbrook Drive, Canton, Pa. on June 18. If you are interested in either volunteering to help serve, or to just attend, email me for further details, and I will let you know when we know.

Matt Carl -

12 JUN 2005 1872-1895 Wellsburg Church of Christ Records
Ta Da!! At Long Last !!! South Warren Cemetery - Thank you, Phil.
Marshall-Ducotey-Kendig photos
13 JUN 2005 Hello Ms. Tice,
I  am writing to invite you to the 175th Anniversary Celebration of the Wellsboro Borough's Incorporation.  The event will take place on the Green across from the Courthouse on Monday evening, 13 June at 6:00 p.m.I have enjoyed your website and admire the quality of work that has gone into it.
Thanks.Susan Stephens, Secretary/Treasurer, Wellsboro Borough
15 JUN 2005 2005 Hilton Cemetery
2005 Maple Hill Cemetery
1870 Litchfield Township Census
1900 Pond Hill School
16 JUN 2005 Genealogy Group - Bradford County Library at Burlington - 6:30 PM. Joyce M. Tice speaker
17 JUN 2005 HUGE YARD SALE June 17 & 18 TROY FARM MUSEUM GROUNDS. Rt 14 N Troy, Pa. Items are now being accepted. Call 297-4458 or 297-3371 for pickup. Proceeds going to support museum projects and utilitiy expenses
18 JUN 2005 LeRoy Heritage Museum will hold a Benefit Dinner, June 18, 2005, 4:30 to ? at the Canton Fireman’s Building, Springbrook Drive, Canton, Pa. $7 per person - TAKEOUTS AVAILABLE - Sloppy Joes, Potato Salad, Orange Tapioca Salad, and more! Homemade apple pie with a dip of ice cream for dessert!
19 JUN 2005 History of the Main Street Cemetery
1893 - Jackson train Wreck on Way to Columbian Exposition in Chicago - Local People involved
20 JUN 2005 1935 - Comparing the Lifestyles of Eleanor Roosevelt (first lady) and Nora STONE Smith (farmer) of Rutland
21 JUN 2005 Some Town of Erin Marriage Certificates
22 JUN 2005 1926 Clippings from Erin and Ashland
ca 1961 - Pine City Fire Department Parade
24 JUN 2005 2005 Cherry Flats Baptist Cemetery
1860 Warren Township Census
27 JUN 2005 1880 Will of Cynthia Johnson of Standing Stone
29 JUN 2005 1918 Directory First Church of Christ, Elmira NY
01 JUL 2005 Reindexed PICO Search Engine - 13360 pages
Tri-Counties Ninth Birthday Postcard Blitz. - Next month will commemorate the ninth anniversary of the founding of Tri-Counties Genealogy & History Site. During that period countless individuals have shared their family and community artifacts and resources with us, and also countless volunteers have given their time and skills supporting our project. To show appreciation to them and to commemorate this entirely unplanned for event (Believe me, I never could have anticipated I'd continue this so long or so extensively) I'd like to initiate a postcard blitz. Send a postcard representing your state, county or city (or country if outside U.S.) To Joyce M. Tice, 2068 Shaw Road, Mansfield PA 16933. These will be arranged into a display in the Sullivan Township Museum where our local volunteers can see them and see the appreciation all of you have for the site. If you have any kind remarks to make about our site or its volunteers, please include them on the card. Be sure to include your address (at least City, State) and your email address. It will be a fun commemoration of the years of effort that have gone into developing the site and a continued motivator and show of appreciation for those who have invested so much of their time making it possible. It will be interesting and rewarding to see how far our efforts have extended in bringing you, our guests and fellow volunteers and contributors, the history of this area and the interconnections of its people. 
02 JUL 2005 Hilliker-Dusenbury Bible of Breesport
Bradford County Death Records 1893-1901 - Project Started December 2002 and finished today. We are all grateful to Pat SMITH Raymond for taking on this and so many other Tri-County Projects. She has been a dedicated volunteer for Tri-Counties for many years and has tackled countless jobs too difficult for others. She will do the hard stuff that I can't ask anyone else to do. Take a minute to drop a note to her at Tell her she is wonderful, because she is. 
Troy PA 2005 - Moving the Merchant's Building AND photos of the FANTASTIC Carriage collection it will hold. Don't miss this one !!! Visit the Collection this summer !!
03 JUL 2005 1870 Wells Township Census
04 JUL 2005 Aerial Photos of Morris Farms, Mansfield, added to exisiting page.
04 JUL 2005 Monday, July 4, 2005
LeRoy Old Home Day will be held at the LeRoy Community Grounds on Mill Street from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. The day will feature a parade, games, raffle, fun, food, and fellowship. A dedication ceremony will be held at 11 a.m. for the new recreation field and several other improvements. The LeRoy Heritage Museum will have a portion of its building open for visitors to see the work completed in the last year. Stop by and support the museum and community association. Hope to see you there! Questions may be directed to
Page 221 of Clippings - The Hazel FRANKLIN "Potter" scrapbook
07 JUL 2005 Our friend Dave in Australia continues to send in Southport Fire Department patches and pictures from our namesakes. So far he has NC, FL, CT, ME, Queensland. He is expecting another from UK. What fun!!
The Ninth Anniversary Postcards started coming in today. Maine - one, Maryland - one, New York - Two. Thanks, This is fun, too. 
08 JUL 2005 1904 Sullivanville Baseball Team
Five postcards today (one person sent two) Florida, New York, Washington, and Texas. Thanks
09 JUL 2005 One NY postcard today !! Thanks. We are all the way up to nine. With over a thousand people on the mailing list, and hundreds more using the site, this is indeed a slow start. I remain optimistic that the show of support and appreciation will not turn out to be an embarrassment to us. 
10 JUL 2005 Stone House at Farmington - Photos
Parsons Cemetery 2005
11 JUL 2005 1900, 1938, 1975 The Wedding Dress of Bessie Pomeroy Lee of Troy for three generations.
A NEW Mystery Marker for the Flagholder Section. Any ideas? 
VanDuzer (Newton) Cemetery 2005
Churches in the Town of Veteran - A photo collection
Postcard Blitz is finally getting into motion. Eight received today from Idaho, Missouri, Nebraska, New York(2), Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia. Thanks so much for these treasured gestures of friendship. One of them is a homemade card, and that is a suggestion I was going to make. I will be completely happy with a piece of cardboard to fit in the album with your name, note, city and state. Print a picture, draw a picture, send your own, or your house's or your dog's picture. It is the friendship that means so much to us after all these many years, not whether you found the Perfect postcard. They are all perfect. . 
1915 Ulster Eighth Grade Photo
12 JUL 2005 Mike's Database of Elmira Diners
Colorado, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Iowa and Missouri cards arrived today. Thanks so much. With 1000 people on the main mail list and hundreds more using the site we will keep reminding our guests until we have at least 800 postcards to celebrate our nine years of development and friendship building. We have 22 so far from 14 states. 
13 JUL 2005 1865 Letter from Oliver Hilfiger
14 JUL 2005 Ridge Road Women 1945
16 JUL 2005 Photos of Hammond in Middlebury Township and Photos of the Barnes-Starkey Family of Hammond
17 JUL 2005 Postcard Shower for our Ninth Anniversary - So far we have heard fom Fifty People in 18 states and one foreign country (Australia). New York is way in the lead with 19 people sending greetings. I have sent thank you notes via email to all who included an email address on the card, although a couple of them bounced. Be assured, I am appreciative and have personally thanked all I could reach.
LOTS MORE Middlebury Township Photos
18 JUL 2005 Spencertown Cemetery - Complete listing
19 JUL 2005 40 Post cards in the mailbox yesterday and a couple from Florida hand delivered theirs as well as a nice big map for the museum. Total - 92 postcards from 26 states and one out of country. TheNinth Anniversary memory book is building nicely now. Thanks. 
20 JUL 2005 Announcing a new book about the history, ancestors, and descendants of James HOLTON and his wives Mary Ann CRUMB  and Abby Ellen BENSON, scheduled for release in early September:

From Tingewick to Tioga: A History of James Holton (1831-1917) and His Family 1759-2004, Recorded by His Son, Joseph T. Holton, 1917, edited by Jan Ezell Anderson and Mary Holton Robare with research and annotative assistance by Su Floyd. The approximately 200 page book presents an annotated and referenced transcription with historic illustrations; providing a priceless snapshot of the lives, locales, and times of our ancestors.

Based upon a handwritten journal of family history describing the emigration of the author's father from England to the U.S., its contents include a transcription of the journal annotated with 224 footnotes of research, over 120 photos,  the Civil War memoirs of Medal of Honor recipient Philip Petty, a 10 generation genealogical chart containing nearly 2,000 people, and references to 391 surnames of English and American families related to the journal's author.  The most prominently mentioned names are Holton and Crum (or Crumm/Crumb) along with Allen, Banks, Boyer, Cadd, Churchill, Corey, Crippen, Cunningham, Ezell, Farr, Gee, Hyde, Johnson, Linford, Meads, McIntyre, Miller, Minturn, Mitchell, Moss, Nash, Oldroyd, Petty, Read, Smith, Sturdevant, Updike, Van Zile, Wheeler, and Wright. 

For more information, or to order at the special pre-publication price, please contact the publisher: 
Creative Continuum, Inc.
1045 N. Armando St. Suite G., Anaheim, CA 92806
714-630-2960 or (toll free) 866-799-2738 

21 JUL 2005 Thursday, July 21, 2005, at 6:30 PM, at the Bradford County Library, Rte. 6, Burlington World War II letters, American and Japanese will be read by Mary Beth Voda, at the meeting of the Genealogy/Local History group. If you have not yet mailed your Ninth Anniversary Postcard to Joyce for Tri-Counties you can hand it in to Pat SMITH Raymond at the meeting with your note of greeting on the back. 
Today's Mail is in. We have heard from a total so far of 143 in 32 states. The postcards and other cards are absolutely beautiful. Those of you who get to look at this Ninth Anniversary Album will certainly enjoy the beautiful cards and the very nice message. Thanks so much. I needed a BOOST after these nine years, and this is a big help. 
24 JUL 2005 Our Ninth Anniversary Memory book now has over 174 postcards from a few less people than that (some send several) from 36 states. They are all wonderful, very creative and we are enjoying them very much. Thanks, 
What's in a Name? Gillett or Gillette by Sylvia DENTON Smith
1932 Town of Veteran Kids from Walt Samson
25 JUL 2005 1911 Swing Gate School
31 JUL 2005 So far we have well over 250 postcards from 43 states, D.C., Australia, Belize and British Columbia, Canada. 
States we have not heard from include Delaware, Hawaii, Kansas, Louisiana, North & South Dakota, West Virginia. We still have not heard from a Wyoming resident. New Jersey has sent only one emailed card and I know we have many guests in New Jersey. 
I have been sending thank you emails until the last few days. House guests have thrown me out of my routine so I don't even know where I left off. 
The cards and greeting are wonderful and the Ninth Anniversary Commemorative album is even nicer than anything I imagined before we started. Thanks so very much to all of you. Hearing from our many long time guests as well as new ones is very rewarding.  It is so nice to know that so many of those who started with us many years ago are still using the site. 
It is very good for me to be reminded how many great people use the site and how important it is to you. Joyce M. Tice
  Ninth Anniversary Postcard Shower Update - I will post here a daily tabulation by state and country the number of postcards we receive to help us celebrate this event. We'll also let the Star-Gazette and other papers know if it turns out to be the success we hope for. We want to make our local people more aware how widely used the site is throughout the country and world. Maybe we'll even be able to recruit some new cemetery reading local volunteers if we can make a big splash of this postcard celebration. We need local attention and media coverage to get our resident people to participate in site work that can only be done here. Let them and us know you use it and value it by sending in your state-county-city postcard. Details here if you missed that annnouncement
Big Flats
N. Towanda
S. Waverly
South Creek
Standing Stone
W. Burlington
Remember that the site is arranged PRIMARILY around the Eighty Township Pages, and they all link from the sidebar at the right of the page. Subject areas link both from the sidebar at the left and from the icons below. My mail tells me that many long time site guests are very unaware of many of its special features. Open every window so you don't miss any.
Future Local Events of Interest to Historians
LOCATION: (Same as the past 5 years) COWANESQUE LAKE,   IROQUOIS PICNIC SHELTER IN SOUTH SHORE RECREATION AREA on Rt. 49,  between Nelson & Lawrenceville, PA.
TIME: Gathering begins at 10:00 am, come early and get acquainted with those relatives you may never have met or only see at the reunion. Bring a dish to pass, your own table service and soft drinks.   A great time planned with food, games & fellowship.  Bring a wrapped gift for the white elephant sale to help provide funds for reunion expenses.   Group pictures will be taken after dinner. If you have photos of your ancestors and family stories to share with others please bring them.   Sally Close Meabon is creating a photo/story book and needs scanned copies of ancestors and family photos.    Send your updates on your family birth, deaths and marriages to Sally at email to:   ANY DESCENDANTS OF NEWBURY & ESTHER CLOOS - COME JOIN IN  FESTIVITIES - MEET YOUR RELATIVES !
10-11 SEP 2005 175th Annversary of First Christian Church of Alba (TGR 07 APR 2005)
21 SEP 2005 Archie's Meeting

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