Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Listing of All Known Cemeteries and Burial Grounds  in Tioga and Bradford Counties in PA 
and Chemung County in NY
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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This index of the cemeteries of the three counties is a starting point for getting all the cemetery lists online for researchers. It is as complete as our information can make it. Many of the cemeteries have multiple names, so look carefully before assuming a cemetery is not listed here. Please notify me of any cemeteries you know of that are not included.
Procedure for additions and corrections to cemetery lists Procedure for adding your notes and comments and photos and obituaries to cemetery lists 
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See also - Bradford County Cemetery Addresses 1999

Cemetery Name(s)
Macedonia Cemetery Asylum / Bradford MSJ
Mackey Cemetery, private Windham / Bradford fe
Madill* Wysox / Bradford  
Madison Cemetery Tuscarora / Bradford  
Mahood (Joseph and John Mahood, on Ridgebury/ South Creek line) Ridgebury / Bradford  
Main Street Cemetery in Canton Boro Canton / Bradford  
Mainesburg Cemetery 2009 Sullivan / Tioga LCR
Maple Grove Cemetery (Johnson Hollow Cem.) DAR
Maple Grove (Johnson Hollow) MM
Catlin / Chemung (C63) MM / MPC
Maple Grove Cemetery- Tombstone Listing 
Maple Grove Cemetery - Office Records 
Horseheads /Chemung (C64) Records in Office 
Maple Hill Cemetery 1970s
Maple Hill Cemetery 2005
Bloss / Tioga 1
Maple Ridge Cemetery Jackson /Tioga 1DB
Marsh Cemetery(Marsh Meeting House Cem., Bentley's Landing Cem., Old Marsh Cem., Slabtown Cem., Wygant Rd. Cem.) Horseheads / Chemung (C65) BP
Martin's Hill Cemetery (SouthSchool Cem.) Catlin / Chemung LF (C66)
Marvin Cemetery

Kelsey Jones Version

Southport / Chemung 4 MPC
Mathews Cemetery(Youman's Cem.) Catlin / Chemung (C67)
Matteson Cemetery 1970s
Mattison- Hurlbert - Lick Run Cemetery 2009
Gaines / Tioga REL
Maynard Family Cemetery Elk / Tioga  
McCallum Family Cemetery #1 Farmington / Tioga WC
McConnell Cemetery #1 (destroyed) Horseheads / Chemung (C68) MPC
McConnell Cemetery #2 (Lenox Ave. Cem) Cemetery Horseheads / Chemung (C69)
McCumber Cemetery #1 Baldwin / Chemung (C70) BP
McCumber Cemetery #2 (Oak Hill) Baldwin / Chemung (C71) BP
McGovern/ St.Patrick's Roman Catholic Overton /Bradford  
McIntosh Cemetery Ward / Tioga JKJ
McIntyre/ Putnam Farm on Leon Putnam farm at top of Armenia Mountain Armenia / Bradford 3FTM
McClelland Burials Columbia / Bradford JKJ
McKee farm, private

McNett Family Burials
Windham / Bradford
Union / Tioga
Mercur Hill Cemetery Wysox / Bradford  
Merrill family Cemetery

Merritt - Buckbee Burial Ground
Litchfield / Bradford
Farmington / Tioga
Merryall Cemetery (Photos and Plea) Wyalusing / Bradford Photos
Methodist Episcopal Cemetery Jackson /Tioga 7 DB
Methodist/ United Methodist Overton /Bradford PWB
Middlebury Cemetery #3 Richmond / Tioga 4MPC
Middlebury Union Cemetery [1970-1972]
Middlebury Union cemetery [2007]
Middlebury / Tioga 3 HC/REL
Milan Cemetery (East) Ulster / Bradford BPI
Miller Cemetery Ashland / Chemung KJ(C72)
Miller Cemetery Big Flats / Chemung (C73)
Millerton Cemetery (TCCI V. 1 1970s)
Millerton Cemetery (JKJ 1982)
Jackson /Tioga 1DB Photos
Jacob Miller Cemetery Jackson /Tioga 1DB 
Old Cemetery near Millerton (Stewart) Jackson /Tioga 4 MPC
Millport Cemetery (1977)
Millport Cemetery (1998)
Veteran / Chemung CM / JM (C74) 
Mills Cemetery(West Hill Cem.) Big Flats / Chemung (C75) DB
Minier Cemetery (Forsaken Cem.) Big Flats / Chemung (C38)
Miscellaneous Lost Cemeteries Southport / Chemung KJ
Mitchell Cemetery

Mitchell Cemetery
Erin / Chemung

Smithfield / Bradford


Mitchell's Corners Cemetery Erin / Chemung (C77)
Monroeton in Monroe Boro Monroe / Bradford  
Moore Cemetery South Creek / Bradford KJ
Morgan Cemetery (Armenia) Armenia / Bradford FTM
Morgan Cemetery (Austinville) Kelsey Jones Reading Columbia / Bradford JL Photos
Mormon Hill* Ridgebury / Bradford  
Morrell Family Cemetery Jackson / Tioga KJ
Morris Run Cemetery 1970s
 Morris Run Cemetery 2008
Hamilton / Tioga 1BCT/DB
Moses & Elizabeth Woodburn family, private Wysox / Bradford RJM
Mosherville Cemetery Wells / Bradford JKJ
Mott/ McCraney Cemetery LeRoy / Bradford PMg
Mount Hope Cemetery VanEtten/ Chemung (C78)
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery 1970
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery 2010
Morris / Tioga 4 MPC
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery 1970s
Mt. Pleasamt Cemetery 2004
Westfield / Tioga 7 SV
Mt.Pisgah/ Old Cemetery Springfield / Bradford KC
Mt. Savior Monastery Cemetery Big Flats / Chemung (C146)
Mountain Lake Cemetery Burlington / Bradford PR,KC
Mountain View Cemetery(Ashland Cemetery) Ashland / Chemung (C2)
Mountain View Cemetery (Ware or Side of the Road Cem.)partially destroyed Southport / Chemung (C79) KJ
Mourey Cemetery 1970s
Mourey Cemetery 2007
Farmington / Tioga  7RCR / 4MPC A
Neal Family Burial Ground Charleston / Tioga  LCR 2005
Neath Cemetery [2008] Pike / Bradford lr
Nelson Township Cemetery [1971]
Nelson Cemetery [2007]
Nelson / Tioga 2 BCC
New Era Cemetery Terry / Bradford  
New Scotchtown Cemetery Erin / Chemung DA
Newbry Cemetery Rutland / Tioga 3,7 KJ
Newelltown Cemetery 1970s
Newelltown Cemetery 2008
Union / Tioga 1CL
Newton Cemetery(VanDuzen, Sandbank or East Sullivanville Cem.)(Partial) 

Newton Cemetery (Complete)

Veteran / Chemung (C80) MPC
Niles Cemetery Richmond / Tioga  
Niles Valley Family Cemetery 1972 Partial
Niles Valley Cemetery 2005
Middlebury / Tioga 2,3 ALW
Niver Family Plot Clymer / Tioga 5PB
Noah Bowen family Warren / Bradford  
Norconk Cemetery Wilmot / Bradford  
North Chemung Cemetery Baldwin / Chemung (C81) BP Biographies
North Ghent or Trinket Cemetery 1902 (Partial)

North Ghent / Trinket Cemetery (Old) -1999 listing complete

Sheshequin / Bradford PHG
North Orwell Cemetery   (Photos and Plea) Orwell / Bradford Photos
North Rome (Reed family) Rome / Bradford CHB
North Union Cemetery (1970s list)
North Union Cemetery (2001 list)
North Union Cemetery (2001 with additional sources)
Union / Tioga 1CL
North Wells Cemetery Wells / Bradford KJ
North Warren Presbyterian Warren / Bradford 2006 AD
Northrup family Monroe / Bradford  
Oak Grove Hill Cemetery Burlington / Bradford PR
Oak Hill Cemetery (Partial)
Oak Hill Cemetery 2002
Towanda / Bradford JH
Oak Hill Cemetery Troy / Bradford  
Oak Hill Cemetery (McCumber #2) Baldwin / Chemung (C71)
Oak Tree Cemetery (destroyed) Catlin / Chemung (C82)
Oakwood Cemetery (1969 partial)
Oakwood Cemetery (2005 complete)
Richmond / Tioga 1 TW
Ogdensburg Cemetery [Church of Christ] 1970s
Ogdensburg Cemetery, 2008
Union / Tioga 1CL 
Old Bailey farm, (Abraham Parkhurst) Granville / Bradford  
Old Burying Ground* (Rachel Barney interred) Standing Stone / Bradford
Old Catholic*(bodies removed to SS Peter and Paul N. Towanda / Bradford  
Old Charleston Cemetery Charleston /Tioga  
Old Clark Burial Ground Rutland / Tioga KJ
Old Cloos Burial Ground Chatham / Tioga 3BCT
Old Congregational/ East Smithfield Smithfield / Bradford JMT/BP
Old Cooper Cemetery Ridgebury / Bradford Twigs BP
Old Covell Cemetery(William Covel) Ridgebury / Bradford Twigs BP
Old Dodge farm* (removed to Terrytown) Terry / Bradford  
Old Frenchtown (some families were removed to Lower Frenchtown ME Churchyard)  Asylum / Bradford  
Old Methodist Cemetery W.Burlington / Bradford SN
Old Owens/Baldwintown Ridgebury / Bradford BP Twigs
Old Pioneer Cemetery Gaines / Tioga  
Old Scotchtown,see Fairview Cemetery Erin / Chemung (C109) SN
Old Second Street Cemetery Elmira /Chemung SBe
Old Settlers Cemetery (Fitzimmons, Griswold, Pioneer Cem.) Southport / Chemung (C36)
Old Settlers Cemetery 1970s
Old Settlers Cemtery 2007
Covington / Tioga 1EH
Old Shellman Cemetery Chatham / Tioga 7CB
Old Township Cemetery - Roaring Branch 1970s
Old Township Cemetery - Roaring Branch 2008
Union / Tioga 1CL
Old Wilcox/Stephenson

Old Wilcox / Stephenson 1999

Albany / Bradford JH


Orange Hill Cemetery Athens / Bradford DM
Orebed Road Cemetery Richmond / Tioga 3 ALW
Oregon Hill Cemetery Pine / Lycoming 3 LZC
Orwell Valley Cemetery    2008 Orwell / Bradford CS
Orwell Hill/ Old Cemetery of the first Presbyterian Church of Orwell/ Spaulding/ Woodruff's Corners Orwell / Bradford  
Osborn Hill Cemetery Windham / Bradford  
Osceola Cemetery (&Fairview) 1973
Osceola Cemetery & Fairview 2010
Osceola / Tioga REL 5
Overpeck Cemetery Herrick / Bradford SM
Owego-Montrose/ A.Manchester farm Warren / Bradford  
Owen Cemetery Clymer / Tioga 2 ER
Pail Factory/ Willow Grove / Union Bluff N. Towanda / Bradford RJM
Palmer Family Burial Ground Sullivan / Tioga JKJ/JMT
Palmer / Pease Cemetery Farmington / Tioga  7CB
Park Cemetery Canton / Bradford  
Park Cemetery Litchfield / Bradford  
Parkhurst United Presbyterian Church Elkland / Tioga 7 ER
Parson/Gernert families Columbia / Bradford LN / KJ
Parsons Cemetery Veteran /Chemung (C83) MPC
Patterson or Black Cemetery 1902 Listing

Patterson or Black Cemetery 1999 Listing

Sheshequin /Bradford (C83) MPC


Peck Hill Cemetery Windham / Bradford FE2003
Pedrick Cemetery Southport / Chemung (C84) KJ
Pendleton farm* (preserved Buffington, Rev.War soldier) Warren / Bradford  
Peters Cemetery [1972]
Peters Cemetery [2007]
Farmington / Tioga 3 EC
Phillips Farm (Cromwell Child, Rev.War) Smithfield / Bradford  
Phoenix Cemetery 1969
Phoenix Cemetery 2009
Gaines / Tioga 4 MPC
Pierce Cemetery at Beckers Corners Armenia / Bradford FTM
Pine City Cemetery (once known as Judsonville or Pine Woods) Southport / Chemung  (C85)MPC
Pine Glen* (William Avis, soldier Stevens / Bradford  
Pine Grove Cemetery (Vary, Ridge Cemetery)
Ridge Cemetery 1999
Veteran / Chemung (C95)
Pine Valley Cemetery (Partial 1930s) Catlin / Chemung (C86) 
Pine Valley Cemetery (1999/2003) Catlin / Chemung (C86) 
Pioneer Cemetery, Butler Farm Clymer / Tioga  
Pioneer Cemetery, Darrt Settlement Charleston / Tioga  
Pioneer Cemetery, Austinburg Brookfield / Tioga DA 2003
Pioneer Cemetery (Fitzimmons Cem.) Southport / Chemung (C36)
Pioneer Cemetery (Kahler Rd. Cem.)(Sing Sing)

Pioneer Cemetery (Boyd Listing)

Big Flats / Chemung (C87)
Pioneer Cemetery / McCann Farm Overton /Bradford S.E.
Plank Family Cemetery 1970
Plank Cemetery 2009
Brookfield / Tioga 2 DB
Pleasant Valley Cemetery (1972)
Pleasant Valley Cemetery (2007)
Farmington / Tioga  7RCR / 4MPC
Polish Catholic Cemetery - St. Mary's Bloss / Tioga 1JC
Pond Hill Cemetery/Lake Wesauking Wysox / Bradford JH
Porter (on Old Cold Spring Road, one engraved stone for George W Porter son of William A Durnad, Jr who died in 1857). LeRoy / Bradford  
Post Cemetery Sheshequin / Bradford BP
Post Creek Cemetery Catlin / Chemung (C88)D&JB /  LKF
Potter Brook Pioneer Cemetery - 2 (Vol.7)
Potter Brook Cemetery - 1 (Vol.2)
Potter Brook Cemetery (2002)
Westfield / Tioga 7 ER
Potter Familyat Snederkerville Columbia / Bradford LN / KJ
Powell Cemetery (Greenwood) Monroe / Bradford AM
Powell Cemetery 1970
Powell Burial Ground 2008

Powers Cemetery

Union / Tioga

Lawrence / Tioga

Pratt Cemetery Canton / Bradford
Prattville Cemetery Pike / Bradford BC
Price Cemetery #1(Fred Price Cem.) Chemung / Chemung (C89)
Price Cemetery #2 (Harvey& Rebecca Price Cem.) Chemung / Chemung (C90)
Prince Hollow (Cadis Cemetery) Warren / Bradford TR 2003
Prospect Cemetery (partial 1970)
Prospect Cemetery 2005/2006
Richmond / Tioga 1SV
LCR 2006
Prutsman & Hotchkiss Cemetery Tioga / Tioga 1SV
Pumpkin Hill Cemetery Rutland / Tioga KJ Biographies
Quaker Cemetery Deerfield / Tioga 2,3 DW
Quaker Cemetery (destroyed) Horseheads / Chemung (C91)
Quick's Bend Cemetery (Partial 2000)
Quick's Bend Cemetery (Complete)
Wilmot / Bradford  
Quigley Cemetery Catlin / Chemung (C92)
Quinby Cemetery Tuscarora / Bradford  
Ransom Corners (Labbeus Roberts, Rev.War) Orwell / Bradford  
Rain Burial Ground [2008] Union / Bradford LCR
Red Chalk Cemetery(Caywood or Hollenbeck Cem.) Erin / Chemung (C93) RJK
Red School Cemetery Caton / Steuben 4MPC
Red School Cemetery (Hollis Cemetery) Ward / Tioga PNS
Reed Family Burial Ground Rome / Bradford CHB
Reese Hill Cemetery Charleston /Tioga 2,3LZC
Reformatory Cemetery (not accessible to public) Elmira / Chemung (C33)
Relyea Family Cemetery Wells / Bradford KJ
Reniff Cemetery(east of Town of Baldwin)  Barton / Tioga NY (C94)
Rest Cemetery
 also called Old Milltown
Athens / Bradford BCC & EFW
Rev.Joseph Beamon family Columbia / Bradford TF
Reynolds Cemetery Rutland / Tioga KJ
Rice Cemetery Gaines / Tioga 5PB
Richard Benjamin,private Asylum / Bradford SM
Richard Steele farm *,private Wilmot / Bradford  
Ridge Cemetery (partial)(Vary Cem., Pine Grove Cem.)
Ridge Cemetery 1999
Veteran / Chemung (C95)
Ridgebury Catholic / Our Lady of Perpetual Help (PARTIAL)
Ridgebury Catholic 2000
Ridgebury / Bradford Twigs BP
Ridgebury / Centerville Ridgebury / Bradford Twigs BP
Ripley Family Cemetery Richmond / Tioga 1 TW
Riverside Cemetery (partial old Hoagland Listing)

Riverside Cemetery - New Section (1999 listing)

Riverside Cemetery ( Old Section) SOON

Towanda / Bradford JH
Riverside Cemetery 1970s Partial
Riverside Cemetery 2005
Chemung / Chemung (C96) Photo
Riverside Cemetery 1970s rel
Riverside Cemetery 2010 lcr
Deerfield (Knoxville) / Tioga 5 JS
Riverview Cemetery at Potter Brook Westfield / Tioga BC
Riverside Cemeterya.k.a. Glass Factory Cemetery Coviington / Tioga v
Riverside/Old Athens
Old Athens / Riverside LR 2011
Athens / Bradford EFW
Roaring Branch Cemetery [partial 1970s] Union / Tioga 1CL
Griffin Cemetery at Roaring Branch 2008 Union / Tioga LCR
Roaring Branch (Old Township) Cemetery Union / Tioga 1CL
Rogers Cemetery Southport / Chemung KJ
Rogers/ Dickerson Warren / Bradford  
Rome Cemetery in Rome Boro - May 2000 Complete listing
Rome in Rome Boro Partial older Hoagland listing
Rome / Bradford SE
Rosstown Cemetery Southport / Chemung (C146)
Roswell & Polly Russell Farms Orwell / Bradford  
Round Top Cemetery 1975
Round Top Cemetery 2005
Charleston / Tioga 7SV
Roushy Cemetery Ashland / Chemung Biographies(C98) DB Photos
Rowley Hill (family plot Wells / Bradford  
Ruger Cemetery Tuscarora / Bradford CB
Rumsey - Doud Cemetery Sullivan / Tioga 1LN
Rumsey - Getman Cemetery Van Etten / Chemung (C99)
Rumsey-Swartwood Cemetery Van Etten / Chemung
Rumsey-Howland Burials Elk/Tioga LCR 2009
Rural Home Cemetery Big Flats / Chemung (C101)
Rutty Cemetery 1970s  Union / Tioga TCCv1
Rutty Cemetery 2008 LCR
Sabinsville Cemetery 1970s
Sabinsville Cemetery 2010
Clymer / Tioga TCCI Vol 2. 
Sagetown Cemetery (Boyd listing)
Sagetown Cemetery
Southport / Chemung
Salem Lutheran Cemetery (a.k.a. Hart Cemetery) 1970s
Liberty / Tioga TCCIv1 
Sanderson(Peter and Ruth) Pike / Bradford  
Savory Cemetery Catlin / Chemung  
Sayre family (on Eighmey farm) See North Wells Wells / Bradford KJ
Schodac Cemetery (2005)    
Scotchtown (New Scotchtown)
Scotchtown 1999 Reading
Erin / Chemung DA
Scotchtown (Old Scotchtown)See Fairview Erin / Chemung SN
Scott Shedden farm (first marked burials for Hezakiah son f David and Drisslia/ Prissilla Andrus who died 1818 and for Amy wife of Thomas Williams who died 1834); Canton / Bradford  
Scudder Cemetery 1979 kj

Scudder Cemetery 1973 d&jb

Ashland / Chemung 2 - Photos
Searles Farm Cemetery

See Searles farm 1887 Photo with partial burial info on the cemetery

Ashland / Chemung GV
Sebring Cemetery 1970s
Sebring Cemetery 2009
Liberty / Tioga TCCIv1
Seeley Creek Cemetery Southport / Chemung KJ
Seelye Family Burials Sullivan /Tioga KJ
Curren / Seeley Cemetery (TCI V.1)
Seeley Hill Cemetery (TCI v. 4)
Seeley Hill Cemetery (JKJ 1982)
Seeley Hill Cemetery (VanEtten)
Jackson /Tioga 

VanEtten / Chemung



Segur Burial Ground 2008 Ward / Tioga LCR
Selah Arnout Family, private Monroe / Bradford SA
Sellard Cemetery, private Canton / Bradford GMM
Spear/ Westbrook Cemetery Springfield / Bradford  
Shaw Cemetery Richmond / Tioga TCCIv1
Sheshequin Cemetery 1902

Sheshequin Cemetery 1999 

Sheshequin / Bradford PG/Heverly


Shoemaker Cemetery VanEtten / Chemung  
Short Cemetery Chatham / Tioga TCCIv3,5
Shumway Hill Cemetery1970s
Shumway Hill Cemetery 2001
Charleston /Tioga 2 SBr
Silas Bardwell, Rev.War soldier on Crawford Place*. Wysox / Bradford  
Silvara Cemetery Tuscarora / Bradford  
Sing Sing Cemetery (Pioneer Cem.) Big Flats / Chemung (C87)4,MPC
Skinner Cemetery 1970s
Skinner Burial Ground 2007
Clymer / Tioga TCCIv5
Slabtown Cemetery(Marsh Cemetery) Horseheads / Chemung (C65) BP
Sleeper Hill Cemetery Warren / Bradford 2006 AD
small Cemetery below Arthur Upson's on Mosher Hill (Mary J w/o R E Evens) Ridgebury / Bradford  
small Cemetery on Mike Ciprich property destroyed in 1930's). Tuscarora / Bradford  
Smith Burying Ground Deerfield / Tioga TCCIv3
Smith Family Burial Ground Charleston / Tioga LCR 2005
Smith Cemetery Van Etten / Chemung (C115)
Snedeckerville Cemetery Columbia / Bradford
Rev. Sniffen Cemetery Van Etten / Chemung (C116)
Sons of Abraham Jewish Cemetery (Woodlawn Hebrew Cem.) Elmira / Chemung (C117)
Soper Family Cemetery N. Towanda / Bradford  
Soper Family Cemetery Columbia / Bradford KJ
South Herrick Cemetery Herrick / Bradford JH
South Hill Cemetery Orwell / Bradford  
South Litchfield/Bumpville (close to Rome township line) Litchfield / Bradford  
South School Cemetery (Martin's Hill Cem.) Catlin / Chemung (C66)
South Warren Cemetery  Warren / Bradford 2005
Southport Cemetery (Fulton St. Cem.) Southport / Chemung (C41)
Spalding Cemetery Canton / Bradford  
Spaulding Cemetery Pike / Bradford  
Spear/Westbrook Cemetery Springfield / Bradford KC/PR
Spencer Cemetery 1 Union / Tioga TCCIv1
Spencertown Cemetery (2005) Union / Tioga PMG
Spencer Cemetery 2 Union / Tioga 1CL
Spencer Family Burial Ground Chatham / Tioga LCR
SS Phillip and James Roman Catholic Overton /Bradford JF Photo
St John's Lutheran Wilmot / Bradford LS
St John's Cemetery Veteran / Chemung FB
St John's Cemetery
St. John's Cemetery (2002)
Troy / Bradford JMc
St. Andrew's Cemetery 1970 [partial]
St. Andrew's Cemetery 2008
Bloss / Tioga TCCIv1 
St.Francis Xavier Roman Catholic Overton /Bradford 1910 Heverly
St. Joseph's Polish Cemetery 2008 Hamilton / Tioga LCR
St. Luke's Cemetery, Irish Hill Warren /Bradford  
St. Mary's Cemetery Horseheads / Chemung  
St. Michael's in Canton Boro. Canton / Bradford  
St. Pauls Reformed Overton /Bradford S.E.
St. Peter's Cemetery (See Calvary) Wellsboro / Tioga  .
SS Peter and Paul Parish Cemetery N. Towanda / Bradford  (Sarah Edsell - 2002)
St. Peter & Paul Cemetery Elmira /Chemung Lookups by Sharon
Standing Stone ME Church (Hoagland)
Standing Stone Burial Records 1944-2003
Standing Stone Burials to 2003
Standing Stone / Bradford Hoagland
Cemetery Assoc.
Cemetery Assoc.
State Line Cemetery Litchfield / Bradford  
State Road Cemetery Obits Sullivan / Tioga 1 Photos
State Road Catholic Cemetery Standing Stone / Bradford Listing Received 2003
Station Road Cemetery Lawrence / Tioga  
Steam Valley Community Cemetery Cogan House / Lycoming TCCIv3
Stephenson  Cemetery Albany / Bradford KC / PR
Stevens Cemetery 2009 Pike / Bradford LR
Stevens Cemetery / Universalist Church 2000 Standing Stone / Bradford  
Stevensville Cemetery 1998 Stevens / Bradford D&VH
Stewart Cemetery Jackson /Tioga TCCIv4 
Stone Family Burial Ground (1968)
Stone Family Burial Ground [2008]
Delmar / Tioga TCCIv4
Stony Fork Cemetery Delmar / Tioga TCCIv4
Stoor's Farm (Richard Benjamin family) Bradford / Asylum x
Storms Cemetery Southport / Chemung (C118) KJ
Strope (Henry W Strope) Burlington / Bradford PR
Stull Cemetery 1970s
Stull Cemetery 2008
Union / Tioga TCCIv1
Sturdevant family Tuscarora / Bradford  
Sugar Ridge Cemetery (SS Philip & James) Overton / Bradford  
Sutliff Hill Cemetery Athens / Bradford  
Sullivan St. Cemetery Elmira / Chemung (C119)
Sullivanville Cemetery Veteran / Chemung (C120) MPC
Swamp Cemetery [Union Center Cemetery] [2008] Union / Toga LCR
Swamp School Cemetery Hornby / Steuben (C121)
Swartwood FamilyCemetery
Swartwood Cemetery
Van Etten / Chemung (C123) 
Swedish Lutheran Cemetery (1975) in Arnot
Swedish Lutheran Cemetery (2007)
Bloss / Tioga 8
Swimelear Cemetery Westfield / Tioga
Swing Gate Cemetery Chatham / Tioga EE
Sylvan Hill/ Gladding Cemetery Columbia / Bradford BP
Sylvania Cemetery 1985
Sylvania Cemetery 2001
Columbia / Bradford  
Joyce's Search Tip - December 2007 -
Do You Know that you can search just the Bradford County Cemetery Records on the site by using the Cemeteries -Bradford button in the Partitioned search engine at the bottom of the Current What's New Page? If you use that partition follow these steps to search just one cemetery
1. Choose Cemeteries - Bradford. 
2. Enter part of the cemetery name [ie Ballard or Berrytown] AND a surname. 
3. Choose the Find ALL Words option. Then it will find just the pages with that surname in the one cemetery you indicated. 

See also - Bradford County Cemetery Addresses 1999

Tanner Cemetery Wells / Bradford KJ
Taylor Cemetery Columbia / Bradford JPO
Taylor Family Cemetery 1970s
Taylor Family Cemetery 2010
Osceola / Tioga
Taylor family Tuscarora / Bradford  
Teeter Family Albany / Bradford PR
Terrytown Cemetery Terry / Bradford JH 
Thomas/Christian Church 1917

Thomas/Christian Church 1999

Smithfield / Bradford PR
Thompson Hill Cemetery (old listing) (on Phil Inman farm)
Thompson Hill Cemetery (2000)
South Creek / Bradford Twigs BP
Three unmarked graves on the Claude Becker farm Armenia / Bradford  
Tioga County Memorial Gardens (1976)

Tioga County Memorial Gradens (2005)
Charleston /Tioga 8JStr
Tioga Hammond Dam Site Project Richmond / Tioga 8 DB
Tioga Point Cemetery Athens / Bradford  
Tioga Township Cemetery Tioga / Tioga  
Tompkins Corners Cemetery(destroyed) Catlin / Chemung (C124) 4MPC
Towner Hill Cemetery Rome / Bradford JH
Towner Hill Cemetery 2 Rome / Bradford JH
Trinket (North Ghent) Cemeteries 1902 (Partial)

Trinket (North Ghent) Cemetery (Old) - 1999 listing complete

Trinket (North Ghent) Cemetery (New) - 1999 listing complete

Sheshequin / Bradford PHG
Tripp Cemetery Windham / Bradford CJ
Trowbridge Cemetery
Trowbridge Burial Ground (2006)
Gamet / Trowbridge Burial Ground (2006)
Jackson /Tioga
True/ Rulison Green Farm, (on old Calbe C True homestead, home of Rulison Green) Pike / Bradford  
Turner Cemetery Veteran / Chemung (C125) MPC
Turnpike Cemetery Smithfield / Bradford SM
Tutelow/ Todleton/ Tootletown Athens / Bradford  
Tuthill Ridge Cemetery Erin / Chemung (C126)
Tuttle Hill Cemetery (only two Goff Family stones remain) Standing Stone / Bradford Twigs BP - 
Two stones in farm cemetery (Chas.X.Hutchinson interred) Pike / Bradford  
Tyrell Hill Cemetery Windham / Bradford FE2003
Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery 2005 Athens / Bradford  
Ulster Cemetery Ulster / Bradford PR/KC
Ulster Catholic/ Immaculate Conception Ulster / Bradford KC
Union Bluff /Pail Factory/ Willow Grove  N. Towanda / Bradford RJM
Union Cemetery Smithfield / Bradford SLN,PR,KC
Union Cemetery Delmar / Tioga  
Union Church Cemetery 1970s
Union Cemetery 2009
Liberty / Tioga 1ER
Union Center Cemetery [1970s]
Swamp Cemetery [Union Center Cemetery] 2008
Union / Tioga 1
Universalist Church / Stevens Cemetery Standing Stone / Bradford  
Universalist Church at Sheshequin Sheshequin / Bradford PR/KC/CS
Unmarked Burial Locations In Sullivan Sullivan / Tioga JMT
Upper Gillett Cemetery South Creek / Bradford BP
Valley Home Cemetery (2002) Windham / Bradford CHJ
VanDuzen Cemetery (Newton Cem.- Partial) 

Van Duzen Cemetery(Newton Cem - Complete)

Veteran / Chemung (C80) MPC
VanEtten Cemetery VanEtten / Chemung (C127)
VanNess Cemetery - Reynolds Cemetery on VanNess Hill Rutland / Tioga KJ
Vary Cemetery (Partial
Ridge Cemetery 1999
Veteran /Chemung (C95) MM /MPC
Vergason/Vargeson family* on Henderson Roof farm (now David Rinebold farm) Standing Stone / Bradford  
Vroman Hill Cemetery W.Burlington / Bradford  
Walter Newman farm,private Warren / Bradford  
Warburton Hill Cemetery Fox / Sullivan S.E.
Weare Cemetery (Mountain View Cem.) Southport / Chemung (C79) KJ
Warner Cemetery/ Struble Farm Litchfield / Bradford  
Warren Cemetery Chemung / Chemung (C128)
Warren Center Cemetery Warren / Bradford Twigs JH
Warren Flats Cemetery (destroyed) Chemung / Chemung (C129)
Warren Heights*(Clement Coburn, Abraham Whitaker, Rev.War soldiers). Warren / Bradford 2006 AD
Waterman Family Cemetery,private Stevens / Bradford DH 
Watkins Cemetery Rutland / Tioga JKJ
Watrous Family Cemetery Gaines / Tioga 4 MPC
Watrous Town Cemetery
"Ye Old Cemetery by Pine Creek"
Gaines / Tioga 2003
Watson Cemetery 1970s listing

Watson Cemetery Burial Records 1998

Rutland / Tioga 1SV/MPC Biographies
Webber, (Samuel and Polly Webber) Franklin / Bradford  
Webbs Mills Cemetery Southport / Chemung (C130)CG
Weeks Cemetery Covington/ Tioga 4 MPC
Weeks Cemetery Westfield/ Tioga 2 DB
Wells Cemetery Chemung / Chemung (C131)
Wells Cemetery Orwell / Bradford SE
Wells Union Church/ French Mill (Mosherville) Wells / Bradford KJ
Wellsboro Cemetery Wellsboro / Tioga 6 CBPhoto
Wellsburg Cemetery Ashland / Chemung (C132) Photos
Welsh Settlement Cemetery (2005)

Welsh Settlement Cemetery (1970s)
West Beechwood aka Clark Cemetery 2007
Charleston / Tioga 1
West Branch Cemetery 1970s
West Branch Cemetery 2008
Delmar / Tioga TCCI v2
West Family Cemetery 1973
West Family Cemetery 2005
Middlebury / Tioga 5PB
West Franklin Cemetery Franklin / Bradford RW /SV
West Hill Cemetery(Mills Cem.) Big Flats / Chemung (C75) DB
Westbrook Cemetery Van Etten / Chemung (C133)
Wetona  Cemetery Springfield / Bradford KC, PR
Wheeler Cemetery 1970s
Wheeler Cemetery 2005
Charleston /Tioga 2 ER
Wheeler Cemetery Jackson /Tioga 1DB/JKJ
White Cemetery  Van Etten / Chemung (C134)
Whitman Cemetery Erin / Chemung (C135)
Whitney Cemetery Big Flats / Chemung DM (C136)
Whitneyville Cemetery (1970s)
Whitneyville Cemetery (2005)
Charleston /Tioga 1,4 MPC
Whittaker / Jaquish Cemetery (1970)
Whittaker-Jaquish Cemetery (2005)
Richmond / Tioga 2EH
Wilawanna Cemetery  Athens / Bradford DM (C137)
Wilcox Cemetery (destroyed) Catlin / Chemung (C138)
Wilcox Cemetery 

Wilcox (Stephenson) 1999

Albany / Bradford JH 
Wilday (Wildey)Cemetery Catlin / Chemung (C139)
Willey Family Cemetery Franklin / Bradford SV/RW
William Bidlack farm, private Litchfield / Bradford  
William Elliott (Rev.soldier, on Avery Forbes'property) Rome / Bradford
William Pierce Smithfield / Bradford FTM
Willow Grove /Pail Factory/ Union Bluff N. Towanda / Bradford RJM
Wilmot Church/ May (on Carr farm) Wilmot / Bradford LS
Windfall Cemetery Tombstone Reading
Windfall Cemetery Records
Granville / Bradford PWB
Windham Summit Cemetery Windham / Bradford FE
Wisner Park Cemetery Elmira / Chemung (C140) MM
Wolf/ Wolfe Settlement(land originally settled by Michael Wolf/ Wolfe and his wife Elizabeth Furman) Columbia / Bradford JMT
Wood Cemetery Sullivan / Tioga 1JMT Photos
Woodin Burial Ground Van Etten / Chemung (C141)
Woodburn Burials Wysox/Bradford RJM
Woodlawn Cemetery Elmira / Chemung (C142)
Woodlawn Hebrew Cemetery (Sons of Abraham) Elmira / Chemung (C117)
Woodlawn National Cemetery
 Woodlawn (Veteran Burials ONLY) Offsite
Elmira Prison Camp Burials
Elmira / Chemung (C144) Photos
Woodlawn Cemetery - Austinburg 1975
Woodlawn Cemetery - Austinburg 2004
Brookfield / Tioga REL
Wormer Cemetery [1971]
Wormer Cemetery [2006]
Chatham / Tioga 3LC
Wyalusing Cemetery in Wyalusing Boro.
Wyalusing Cemetery 2006
Wyalusing / Bradford Twigs JH
Wygant Road Cemetery(Marsh Cemetery) Horseheads / Chemung (C65) BP
Wynkoop Cemetery Chemung / Chemung (C145)
Wysox Cemetery 1939
Wysox Cemetery 1999
Wysox / Bradford SM
Youmans Cemetery(Matthews Cem.) Catlin / Chemung (C67)
Zadock & Betsey Corson Family Albany / Bradford  PR

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